File Manager Pro Android TV v5.4.5 MOD APK (Paid Unlocked)

Last Updated on Feb 09, 2024
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AnExplorer Pro, a robust and feature-rich file manager with a sleek, intuitive interface. Designed for all Android devices, including Phones, Phablets, Tablets, Watches, TVs, and Chromebooks, AnExplorer Pro simplifies managing and transferring files across internal storage, USB storage, SD cards, network storage, and cloud storage. With support for RTL languages and folder size display, it's the ultimate file management solution.
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Feb 09, 2024
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File Manager Pro Android TV MOD APK (Paid Unlocked)

Download The Latest Version of File Manager Pro Android TV MOD APK. An Android Tools App comes with a Paid Unlocked MOD Available to download.

In the realm of Android file management, there exists a paramount entity, File Manager Pro Android TV. This software not only navigates the labyrinth of files and directories on your device but elevates the intricacy and diversity of your digital terrain.

Its operational brilliance is veiled in a cloak of user-friendly sophistication, allowing for the expeditious management of a myriad of files and folders, an expedition through a plethora of functions tailored to your needs.

Behold the efficacy of File Manager Pro Android TV, a veritable ally in your digital conquests. Navigating the vast expanse of files and folders becomes a seamless experience, as the interface unfurls a tableau of information, from folders to individual files, meticulously presented for your perusal.

Simplicity and operability converge in this application, obviating the need for labyrinthine maneuvers. Basic tasks such as file addition, deletion, and the creation of backups are executed with effortless finesse, affording a simplistic yet powerful file management experience.

Unveiling itself as a robust arbiter of the file system, File Manager Pro Android TV emerges as a quintessential tool for cinephiles and gamers navigating the realms of the Android TV box. The facility it provides in managing the content of an Android TV transcends mere utility; it is an orchestrator of seamless digital symphonies.

In the realm of Android TV utilization, this application stands as an unparalleled facilitator, streamlining the process of watching movies, playing games, and managing diverse media. It assumes the mantle of a potent file custodian, enabling swift file transfers between the Android TV box and a PC, a time-saving maneuver of paramount significance.

The tapestry of possibilities woven by File Manager Pro Android TV extends beyond file logistics, ushering in a realm where video playback, music serenades, and more unfold with consummate ease. The connectivity it affords between the Android TV box and a PC is a testament to its versatility, a conductor seamlessly orchestrating the symphony of content within the Android TV box.

Under the aegis of this application, file transfer metamorphoses into an intuitive dance, a search for specific files a scholarly pursuit. File Manager Pro Android TV emerges as an indispensable curator of the Android TV box’s content, managing its voluminous repertoire with consummate finesse.

Features of File Manager Pro Android TV MOD APK

Supports RTL languages

The application endorses languages following the right-to-left (RTL) orientation, encompassing Arabic, Hebrew, Urdu, Farsi, Persian, Kurdish, and additional variants. Serving as a streamlined, swift, effective, and petite file steward, it adeptly oversees the myriad files and folders nestled within your Android device.

Traversing the roster of folders and files occurs seamlessly, offering you the liberty to arrange them as you see fit, complemented by an intuitive drag-and-drop functionality.

Diversifying its utility, the application facilitates an array of file manipulations, including but not limited to copying, relocating, deleting, renaming, compressing, decompressing, encrypting, and decrypting files, folders, and the SD card.

Facilitating a nuanced search capability, you can pinpoint specific files or folders through criteria such as name, type, date, size, modification time, and more. Moreover, executing batch operations becomes a breeze, allowing simultaneous copying, moving, renaming, deleting, compressing, and decompressing of multiple files or folders.

Beyond these functionalities, the application boasts advanced attributes encompassing the sorting and filtering of folders and files. It extends the canvas of user customization by enabling the creation of bespoke views and sorting paradigms, enriching the user experience.

Show the size of folders across the storage

Through the file explorer, gauging the dimensions of folders throughout the storage infrastructure becomes a seamless endeavor. This functionality proves instrumental in the streamlined organization of your files.

Unveiling the size of folders is effortlessly achievable by leveraging the ‘Size’ option within the folder view. This feature empowers users to discern the spatial footprint of each folder, facilitating informed decision-making in the file management realm.

Furthermore, customization takes center stage as users gain the ability to set the size parameters of individual folders within the designated folder view. This level of granular control enhances the user experience, providing a tailored approach to organizing and managing files with precision.

Fully designed with material design

Crafted with the aesthetics of Material Design, File Manager Pro TV USB OTG offers a comprehensive solution for seamlessly perusing your device’s contents. This encompassing feature set spans contacts, text messages, files, music, photos, videos, and applications. The intent is to streamline your experience by consolidating diverse content into a singular platform, eliminating the need to toggle between multiple applications.

Tailored for Android TV, File Manager Pro ensures optimal performance with its smooth and swift operation, facilitating effortless exploration of your device’s multifaceted contents. Its optimization is not solely confined to speed but extends to robust security measures, assuring a highly secure environment for users. The user-friendly interface further enhances accessibility, making navigation and interaction with the application an intuitive and pleasing experience.

Supports all Android devices

AnExplorer File Explorer stands as the singular file manager expressly tailored for TV and Watch file management. Embodying simplicity, compactness, speed, and efficiency, it carves a niche as an unparalleled File Explorer.

Remarkably, it holds the distinction of being the exclusive file manager supporting Right-to-Left (RTL) orientation and providing an insightful display of folder sizes within the storage spectrum. Universally designed, it caters to the gamut of devices, embracing Phones, Phablets, Tablets, Watches, and TVs, all seamlessly enveloped in the contours of Material design.

This File Explorer allows you to browse through your device’s content repository without restriction with access to all of your files and directories. You have access to basic file operations like copying, moving, deleting, renaming, zipping, and unzipping files and folders. Its adaptability also includes compatibility for a large number of file formats, guaranteeing a thorough file managing encounter.

The connectivity options are equally expansive effortlessly peruse your phone’s files by linking it to the TV through USB or Bluetooth. Facilitating seamless file transfer between your Android device and PC, it also empowers users to transfer files directly to the SD card, enriching the spectrum of data mobility.

Automatically organize the files by size

Boasting a straightforward and user-friendly interface, File Manager Pro Android TV emerges as the optimal choice for individuals seeking an adept file manager for their smartphones or tablets.

File Manager Pro Android TV encompasses a diverse array of features, including a tree view, folder view, file list, and detailed file information. Notably, it incorporates a file search bar, facilitating the swift and precise location of any desired file.

Navigating through your device’s folders, managing storage space, and executing file operations like copying and deletion become effortlessly expedited through File Manager Pro Android TV. The utility extends to the creation of folders and subfolders, accompanied by the convenience of drag-and-drop functionality for files, folders, and assorted items within them.

Additionally, File Manager Pro Android TV empowers users to peruse external storage and SD cards, augmenting the breadth of accessibility and control over their digital content. This amalgamation of features positions File Manager Pro Android TV as a versatile and indispensable tool for efficient file management.

Search and filter by file name, size, extension, date modified

File Explorer Pro is a pillar of support for search and filter features on Android TV. It provides a range of features, including file name, size, extension, date created, date edited, date accessed, file type, and folder location.

One unique feature of File Explorer Pro Android TV is its ability to search files based on a wide range of parameters, including name, size, extension, date changed, date created, date accessed, file type, and folder location. This comprehensive search capability ensures a nuanced and efficient exploration of digital content.

The process of searching by name, size, extension, date modified, date created, date accessed, file type, and folder location is seamlessly streamlined, adding a layer of accessibility and user-friendliness to the file exploration experience. File Explorer Pro Android TV thus stands as a facilitator of effortless and precise navigation within the Android TV file ecosystem.

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