Edge Card Launcher Side Panel v4.7.7 MOD APK (Pro Unlocked)

Last Updated on Jan 11, 2024
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Jan 11, 2024
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Edge Card Launcher Side Panel MOD APK (Pro Unlocked)

Download The Latest Version of Edge Card Launcher Side Panel MOD APK. An Android Productivity App comes with a Pro Unlocked MOD Available to download.

The Edge Card Launcher Side Panel represents an application meticulously crafted to enhance your home screen with icons, seamlessly achieving organizational prowess. This straightforward utility simplifies the incorporation of app icons onto the home screen through an effortless drag-and-drop mechanism.

Additionally, it broadens the capacity to integrate shortcuts for swift access to frequently used applications. The Edge Card Launcher stands as an unassuming yet indispensable tool, streamlining the management of your app experience.

For enthusiasts of Samsung devices, the side panel undeniably epitomizes the pinnacle of convenience, encompassing a plethora of practical functionalities such as camera controls, flashlight operation, and music playback. Nevertheless, the side panel simultaneously imposes a substantial spatial overhead, necessitating its frequent toggling.

Introducing the Edge Card Launcher, an application poised to alleviate the quandary associated with side panel utilization. It enables users to personalize the side panel’s visual attributes, including dimensions, hues, and contours. This application seamlessly facilitates the expeditious transition between diverse applications.

In essence, the Edge Card Launcher emerges as an uncomplicated yet formidable application, meticulously designed to provide an optimal user experience. This innovative tool empowers users to harness the potential of the side panel without the perpetual need for manual invocation, elevating it to the zenith of your phone’s functionality.

Features of Edge Card Launcher Side Panel MOD APK

Add multiple applications to the home screen

Amidst the intricate tapestry of your domicile display, the Edge Card Launcher emerges as the virtuoso conductor, deftly orchestrating the harmonious arrangement with an amalgamation of simplicity and convenience. Imprint the insignia of this application onto your domicile display through the fluid ballet of drag-and-drop maneuvers.

Furthermore, imbue vitality into this symphony by integrating shortcuts, providing swift access to frequently utilized applications. The Edge Card Launcher, an unassuming yet priceless implement, enables the proficient stewardship of your array of applications.

Organize your apps in a clean and easy way

The Edge Card Launcher, a humble yet vital instrument, streamlines the scrupulous organization of your applications. This straightforward application bestows the freedom to sculpt a domicile display embellished solely with icons, enabling the clutter-free orchestration of your digital domain with seamless ease.

The incorporation of shortcuts for rapid entry to frequently employed applications introduces an additional layer of finesse. The Edge Card Launcher stands as an unassuming yet essential companion in the governance of your applications.

Add a shortcut to the home screen

The Edge Card Launcher empowers the augmentation of shortcuts onto the domicile screen, executing a seamless maneuver of dragging and dropping the application emblem. This facile and uncomplicated application streamlines the stewardship of your domicile screen, transforming the addition of a shortcut into a task of sheer simplicity.

To integrate a shortcut onto the domicile screen, elegantly glide the application emblem to the edge of the screen. Its emblem takes residence on either the left or right periphery of the domicile screen. The option to modulate the emblem’s size introduces an additional layer of ergonomic comfort.

Add or delete the icon to the home screen

Incorporating a minimalist design, this software streamlines the process of adding or removing emblems from the home screen. Effortlessly relocating any chosen emblem is achievable through the smooth maneuver of drag and drop. The integration of shortcuts, ensuring rapid access to frequently used applications, stands out as an inherent feature.

The ambiance of the home screen undergoes a notable transformation with a palette adjustment, executed through the modification of the wallpaper. The tint of the emblem undergoes a synchronized shift in harmony with the alteration of the icon’s color. The software’s visual allure is entirely customizable, offering the flexibility to adjust the hue of the icon.

Add a shortcut to open frequently used apps

The Edge Card Launcher, a simplistic tool, bestows the capability to embed emblems onto the home screen. It is a user-friendly application that simplifies the arrangement of your home screen with sophistication and straightforwardness.

The application emblem claims its spot on the home screen through the tangible finesse of drag and drop. Additionally, shortcuts for prompt entry to frequently utilized applications can be seamlessly incorporated. The Edge Card Launcher stands as an unpretentious yet essential ally in the management of your applications.

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What's new

4.7 - Major release!
● NEW: Accent colors for the launcher window!
● NEW: Keep the launcher open after use
● NEW: Show or hide any panel
● NEW: Show the last active panel when launched
● NEW: Media player panel with details and album art! (pro feature)
● NEW: Show date/time in the header (pro feature)
● UPDATE: Refreshed design with more rounded corners
● FIXED: Extra launcher restarts when some settings are changed
+ more fixes and improvements. Thank you for downloading!

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