Droid Tesla Pro v6.24 MOD APK (Paid Unlocked)

Last Updated on Feb 13, 2024
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DroidTesla is a simple and powerful circuit simulator.
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Vladimir Djokic Djole
Feb 13, 2024
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Droid Tesla Pro MOD APK (Paid Unlocked)

Download The Latest APK Version of Droid Tesla Pro MOD APK. An Android Tools App this MOD comes with Paid Unlocked Available download Yours Now.

Droid Tesla Pro serves as an avant-garde electronic circuit emulator, facilitating the envisagement and verification of electronic schematics. Its quintessence lies in offering a straightforward yet efficacious means for the ideation and materialization of electronic frameworks.

Marked by its simplicity and accessibility, it stands as an indispensable instrument for neophytes embarking on the journey of circuit design. Droid Tesla Pro, laden with myriad functionalities, transcends mere simulation to become a crucible for testing electronic blueprints. Paramount is the adherence to congruence between the theoretical design and its practical counterpart when deploying Droid Tesla Pro.

Embodied within Droid Tesla Pro is a synthesis of simplicity and potency, rendering it an exemplary tool for a spectrum ranging from novices in the domain of electronics to aficionados and professionals seeking a nimble, yet proficient, computational ally for electronic circuit design computations.

Droid Tesla emerges as a formidable circuit emulator, adept at mimicking the operation of electronic circuits. This virtualization not only illuminates the circuit’s functionality before its physical assembly but also sheds light on its operational efficacy.

Executed in real-time, this simulation offers a glimpse into the circuit’s dynamics, available as a gratuitous offering on Android platforms.

Features of Droid Tesla Pro MOD APK

Simulate circuits quickly and easily using your finger

Droid Tesla Pro unfolds as a complimentary circuit emulation application, empowering users to swiftly and effortlessly simulate electronic circuits with a mere swipe of their digit.

Crafting a circuit becomes an intuitive endeavor, with users deftly sketching interconnections among components using their fingertips.

DroidTesla excels in its capacity to emulate and elucidate circuit analysis outcomes instantaneously.

This capability enables users to employ DroidTesla to observe their circuit’s responsiveness under varied scenarios and discern the impact of diverse components within their circuit.

Measure current and voltage

Droid Tesla Pro emerges as an uncomplicated yet potent circuit emulator, ideal for neophytes venturing into the realm of electronics circuit design and assembly, enthusiasts engaging in DIY projects, and even adept professionals in search of a swift, convenient instrument for executing electronics circuit design computations.

The application accommodates an array of electronic elements including resistors, capacitors, inductors, diodes, transistors, and operational amplifiers, among others.

Droid Tesla Pro is equipped with dual functionalities for gauging current and voltage, accessible via the plus icon situated in the upper-right quadrant of the display.

The inaugural function, dubbed Current View, facilitates the measurement of current traversing a designated circuit. This process involves choosing a resistor from an enumerated selection of frequently utilized resistors, inputting the requisite value in the provided text box, and initiating the calculation with the Calculate button.

Conversely, the second functionality, known as Voltage View, permits the assessment of voltage over a particular circuit. This operation is executed by selecting a battery from a catalog of commonly employed batteries, specifying the intended voltage value in the allocated text field, and pressing the Calculate button to commence the analysis.

Graphical representation of circuits

Droid Tesla Pro stands as a circuit simulation tool anchored in the widely acclaimed Arduino platform, crafted to endow users with a straightforward yet potent interface for rapid circuit simulation.

This tool facilitates the graphical depiction of a circuit’s electrical components (including resistors, capacitors, inductors, transistors, diodes, LEDs, and more) in diverse representations.

Circuits can be visualized by linking component terminals with lines, offering the option to illustrate the circuit as a schematic or in a graphical format.

Moreover, the process of circuit construction is made intuitive through a drag-and-drop mechanism for placing components onto the board.

Upon the completion of the circuit design phase, users can export their creations to the Arduino Integrated Development Environment (IDE), enabling the transfer of their design onto Arduino hardware.

Export designs to various formats

Leveraging the Droid Tesla Pro application, you are empowered to export your schematics as a singular image, an individual SVG file, or a sole PDF document. Additionally, the facility to conserve your circuit blueprints as a unique .txt file is provided.

Moreover, the app offers the capability to export your circuit layouts as images. This is accomplished simply by choosing your preferred export format from the “Export” menu.

Should you wish to distribute your circuit design documents, Droid Tesla Pro also facilitates exporting them to Google Drive and Dropbox, or directly saving them onto your device’s SD card.

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