dB Meter frequency analyzer v1.5.6 MOD APK (Pro Unlocked)

Last Updated on Feb 13, 2024
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Feb 13, 2024
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dB Meter frequency analyzer MOD APK (Pro Unlocked)

Download The Latest APK Version of the dB Meter frequency analyzer MOD APK. An Android Tools App this MOD comes with Pro Unlocked Available download Yours Now.

In the realm of professionals, indispensable instruments manifest as frequency analyzers. These devices serve the purpose of scrutinizing the intricate nuances within soundscapes. Venturing beyond mere auditory perception, frequency analyzers delve into the very essence of sounds.

A luminary in the domain of frequency analysis is the dB Meter, a product celebrated for its multifaceted utility in the expansive field of audio engineering. This innovative app boasts a built-in speaker dedicated to the meticulous measurement of sound frequencies, employing a microphone as its auditory medium. The microphone’s frequency range spans from the lower echelons at 10 Hz to the higher frequencies culminating at 20 kHz.

Divided into numerous sections, the range’s segmentation is contingent upon the microphone’s sensitivity. The dB Meter, a paragon for engineers, extends its prowess beyond mere frequency measurement. This tool metamorphoses into an invaluable asset for scrutinizing the auditory landscape and dissecting the intricate layers of audio signals.

Serving as a stalwart guardian of audio integrity, the dB Meter assumes the role of a utility, scrutinizing the frequency spectrum inherent in audio signals. The distortion of sound becomes palpable, revealing the application’s preeminence in ensuring optimal auditory experiences.

Particularly efficacious in the realm of noisy audio signals, the dB Meter becomes an arbiter in discerning signal distortion levels. The juxtaposition of frequency spectra, coupled with auditory analysis, facilitates a comparative assessment of sound quality, discerning nuances imperceptible to the unaided ear.

The application’s interface, characterized by its unassuming simplicity, assuages any apprehension users might harbor. Eschewing the need for extensive user knowledge, the dB Meter simplifies the user experience. A mere drag of the slider bar unveils comprehensive results, revealing the undulating sound waves inherent in the audio file.

Volume modulation, an effortless feat achieved through slider manipulation, empowers users to tailor their auditory experience to their discerning preferences.

Features of dB Meter frequency analyzer MOD APK

Calibrated dB meters with frequency analysis of the sounds

In the domain of acoustics, behold a sophisticated sound gauge adorned with an integrated frequency dissection apparatus. This application bestows upon you a lucid and meticulous assessment of decibel-infused auditory landscapes, alongside a comprehensive exploration of the sonic frequency panorama. This distinctive attribute facilitates the expeditious identification of environmental noise pollution.

This software meticulously scrutinizes decibel magnitudes within the expansive spectrum of 0 to 140 dB. Moreover, the decibel gradation seamlessly transmutes into the tangible echelons of actual sound pressure.

The application boasts a comprehensive audio analyzer, replete with multifaceted functionalities. It empowers you to gauge frequencies spanning from 20 Hz to 20 kHz. The analyzer facilitates an intricate dissection of frequencies, culminating in the computation of both the mean and apex frequencies within the auditory realm. It is a tool not just for measurement but for a nuanced comprehension of the sonic fabric that envelops your surroundings.

Accuracy up to 2 decimal places

In the realm of precision sound quantification, it becomes paramount to attain exactitude in sound-level metrics. Enter dB Meter, adorned with a professional-grade decibel gauge meticulously designed for sound level calibration. This inherent capability renders dB Meter adept at furnishing precise sound level assessments sans the necessity for external calibration procedures.

This versatile tool extends its utility to measure the auditory output of diverse devices, ranging from smartphones and headphones to loudspeakers and beyond.

dB Meter stands as a comprehensive dBA sound level meter, distinguished by its exclusive precision in sound frequency measurements, meticulously aligned with the standards set by a professional decibel meter.

The app, a bastion of features, permits the assessment of sound levels emanating from an array of audio sources encompassing music, movies, games, TV, radio, podcasts, and more. Employing a sophisticated audio measurement system, the dB Meter app ensures accuracy up to two decimal places.

Beyond mere measurement, this application unfolds a suite of potent functionalities. These include an automated sound level measurement feature, a visual representation through frequency graphs and sound pressure curves, and the capability to record sound levels for further analysis.

In essence, the dB Meter emerges not just as a tool for measurement but as a comprehensive auditory exploration apparatus, redefining the parameters of sound analysis in the digital landscape.

Measurements in dB and A-weighted decibels

Presenting a feature-rich dBA sound level meter, synonymous with a noise meter, boasting unparalleled precision in sound frequency measurements meticulously aligned with the standards set by a professional decibel meter.

This app stands as a swift and user-friendly tool, designed for facile measurement of both decibel (dB) and A-weighted decibel (dBA) levels corresponding to the auditory stimuli encountered.

To measure the decibel level of ambient noises, one simply positions the phone proximate to the noise source—be it a TV, radio, music player, air conditioner, vacuum cleaner, car engine, motorcycle, or the like. The dB meter, calibrated in tandem with a professional decibel meter (noise level meter), guarantees the accuracy of the obtained results.

Moreover, this app extends its functionality to gauge the decibel level of sounds perceived when holding the phone adjacent to the ear. Once again, the dB meter, calibrated in unison with a professional decibel meter (noise level meter), ensures the precision of the recorded results.

In essence, this application emerges not just as a utilitarian tool for measurement but as a conduit to effortlessly delve into the intricate nuances of sound, offering an accurate and comprehensive auditory analysis experience.

Measurement of background noise

Introducing a pioneering application that transcends the conventional scope of audio loudness measurement by venturing into the realm of background noise assessment.

Distinguishing itself, this application harbors a distinctive functionality known as ‘measurement of background noise,’ empowering users to precisely gauge the ambient noise levels in their surroundings.

Through this innovative feature, one can meticulously calculate the ambient noise levels and juxtapose them against the application’s predefined reference values. The flexibility to tailor measurement parameters and intervals further enhances the precision of the assessment.

Additionally, the application facilitates a comparative analysis by allowing users to contrast the results with the average background noise level. This nuanced feature provides a comprehensive understanding of the ambient auditory landscape.

Furthermore, users can seamlessly monitor the real-time noise values in decibels (dB) directly through the application’s interface. This real-time feedback ensures a dynamic and informed engagement with the ambient acoustics.

In essence, this application transcends the ordinary, offering a holistic approach to noise measurement by delving into the intricate tapestry of background noise, thereby providing users with a nuanced and accurate depiction of their auditory environment.

Support for various measurement modes

dB Meter’s frequency analyzer stands as a comprehensive dBA sound level meter, a noise meter of extensive capabilities, boasting unmatched precision in sound frequency measurements meticulously aligned with the standards set by a professional decibel meter.

Within the application’s interface, you have the flexibility to measure sound levels utilizing the integrated microphone, headphones, or earphones. Furthermore, the option extends to conducting noise level assessments, employing either the built-in microphone or the sound level meter paired with an external microphone.

This application, replete with features, functions as a robust dBA sound level meter, ensuring exclusive accuracy in sound frequency measurements, all meticulously calibrated in synchronization with a professional-grade decibel meter.

The versatility continues within the app, allowing users to choose from various input sources for sound level measurement, including the built-in microphone, headphones, or earphones. Additionally, the tool accommodates noise level measurement options, utilizing either the device’s integrated microphone or an external microphone paired with the sound level meter.

In essence, dB Meter’s frequency analyzer epitomizes a powerhouse of auditory analysis, offering users a multifaceted and precise approach to sound level measurement across various input channels.

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