Day R Premium MOD APK 1.754 (Unlimited Craft)

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Day R Premium MOD APK (Unlimited Craft)

Download The Latest APK Version of Day R Premium MOD APK. An Android Role Playing Game this MOD comes with Unlimited Craft Available download Yours Now.

Description of Day R Premium MOD APK

Day R Premium MOD APK an survival-based RPG developed by the developer tltGames. You’ll have to apply every aspect of math as well as physics, chemistry and geography, biology, your determination, patience and courage to get through and uncover the mystery around you.

Story of Day R Premium MOD APK

The game is set in a future that is fictional, in which the world was destroyed due to the nuclear wars which suddenly appear out of thin air. Imagine you wake up and seeing all around you was destroyed. You don’t have any memories of it , just faint memories. The only thing on your head right now is to locate your spouse and children.

With nothing but an unknown future to look forward, you have to travel through the wilderness and attempt to get through the suffering in the post-apocalyptic future. On the other side, your family members are still in the wilderness, so no one knows if they’ll be in a position to survive the events.

As the world is split in two, the lives of people on Earth are at risk from the deadly radiations and toxic viruses that are causing many deaths. The likelihood of your family members surviving isn’t very great, you’re determined to locate them.

Keep yourself nourished by looking for food and other necessities in abandoned buildings and shelters. Make sure you have weapons available so that you’re prepared in the face of creatures and foes. Beat the terrible diseases, alleviate your appetite, and so on.

Explore the structures and facilities looking for items, and make use of your crafty skills to create useful materials. Create a variety of items from equipment, weapons, to vehicles. In this time, you’ll discover that the knowledge you gained from Chemistry, physics and maths in high school may prove useful.

Prepare to begin your journey across the vast land that were devastated by the USSR. Learn the secret behind the catastrophes and discover your forgotten memories.

Interesting plot and interesting opening

The events in Day R Premium are similar to the Day R Survival game. The game was set in Russia in 1985 in the exact moment that the nuclear war began. Russia was in the midst of war and had suffered from dozens of atomic bombs. Many had been affected by radiation and turned into mutants, which is the most horrific zombie type I’ve encountered in games for mobile devices. You’re among the lucky ones. But sometimes, life can be more difficult and brutal than death. In order to survive in any situation you must travel around to find food, water and objects to build weapons to defend yourself, and fighting constantly against various beasts and horrifying mutants that are out there.

Your objective is to not only fight and survive but also to find the answer to the root cause of this catastrophe (by yourself or with other players in online games). Additionally, you have to bring together survivors and guide them on their journey to restore the condition of Russia. First, you need to assist yourself in locating your memory to find out what transpired in your journey across Russia.

Day R Premium starts with a greyish-brown background the form of sketches and sad music. It has a lot of intrigue and danger. The main character is sitting between a deserted road with a stiff body. He is the one who is unable to comprehend the events that have occurred. You are here. When you are ready to stand up, press”Stand up” or the “Stand up” button. If you are unable to stand your head with pain and are still looking around you can press”Look around” or tap the “Look around” button. The entire story is an open and well-constructed plot that it makes the narrative exciting and thrilling.

Experience the ultimate survival experience by playing in-depth

The first time ever, Android players are able to play this thrilling life-threatening survival game. Get yourself immersed in the vast and dangerous world. You can spend your time gathering and locating all the necessary things you need to sustain and equip yourself.

Are you in the midst of all sorts of difficulties. From the hunger and cold of Post-apocalyptic Russia to the deadly infected zombies that are constantly circling you. And the deadly radiations that are still around and could cause severe damage on your body. This isn’t a joke since you’ll have a hard time to get your body moving.

What’s new with the Premium version?

In comparison to the previous game, Day R Premium has numerous modifications and new features. The aim is to provide as much fun and convenience to players as is possible.

The first thing to mention is weapons. there are an explosives fuses inventory of 2,500 you just need to gather and keep them. The map is clearer and sharper than ever before. You are able to go to every destination shown on the map, and not as restricted as in the past.

The next, and most noticeable are the improvements that have been made Online mode. You can now chat with your friends in a way that is not limited and exchange resources freely with your teammates whenever you need to.

Our character isn’t all on her own, but has a pet, known as Raven. Raven isn’t going to be much help to your travels however, Raven makes you feel less lonely. Being with a sweet friend is much better than being on your own surely?

The menu contains items that have been that are crafted or collected while playing. They are classified as follows the categories of Survival, Cooking, Chemistry Sewing, Mechanics Blacksmithing. In this version, the Blacksmithing part is new in the Premium version. In these warehouses that are classified, you can keep items for your character with no fear of losing the items.

Get the most realistic experience immersive experience with interactive environments

With a huge environment and a myriad of interactive features, the developers at tltGames have transformed the game from a basic survival game to an incredibly exciting survival game. In addition players will be exposed to various elements like the seasonal changes, huge maps that have hidden locations, deep environments, and much more.

With more than 2700 cities and towns to visit You’ll be able to explore that vast Russian Empire in many ways. Be aware of the animals that surround you, for in this apocalyptic world even a tiny rat could cause injury to you.

Does Day R Premium make it difficult to play?

It’s not easy to play, and it ranks as one of the hardest-core games. There are many challenges waiting for players in the game, including hunger, disease and radioactive poisons, zombies enemies, extreme weather and wild animals… There’s a lot to be worried about. player’s scattered memory can make things complicated, as if you were surrounded by fog that is thick and dense.

Explore the endless possibilities of crafting tools

It’s normal for you to be a bit knowledgeable about crafting when you’re in the midst of a chaotic environment. In Day R Premium, players are able to utilize their creative abilities to create amazing stuff.

With the variety of materials can be found in all sorts of places players can design amazing items that can help in the war-torn world. This being said you can discover the infinite possibilities of Day R Premium and create many different kinds of art. Discover hundreds of fantastic crafting recipes, improve your skills and unlock more crafting possibilities, and so on.

If it’s this hard, is it worth investing so much time in?

Yes, indeed. The feeling of being alive in the game has increased tremendously greater than zombie survival games that you’ve played before. The danger, the unpredictable and the challenge come in a slow manner. It’s not enough to just survive by speed or the use of many guns. In out of fighting, there are a myriad of things to accomplish to live your life in this harsh world.

Begin a thrilling journey across the world

As they enter the dark side the players will travel across a variety of lands within the huge Russian. Begin to meet new friends and get involved in their tales and explore a variety of exciting adventures and assist your friends. Perhaps you will require their assistance in the near future, if you’ve been able to make acquaintances with them. Read the compelling stories as you slowly uncover the mysteries of your fractured memories.

What are you able to do to ensure your survival?

Don’t be concerned since the game comes with an draft level, which I’ve mentioned earlier. Once you’re comfortable that you have the skills, you can advance to the more challenging game modes. Even if it’s challenging, don’t lose hope. On Day R Premium you’ll find plenty of things to do that you can use on the road. When you encounter these materials, you’ll notice that your player appears in the position of “You are looking for them.” …”. The materials used are used to create weapons. The character has a variety of unique abilities and the most extensive arsenal of ammunition. The character is able to create 1001 things by himself including tools, weapons, medicine and chemical experiments to all sorts of machines. Very godly.

Build your character and increase his abilities.

Additionally it is essential for players to be exceptionally skilled in more than just the expertise but also in the way you apply them. Therefore, if you’d like to improve your performance in the game it’s essential to improve your skills by putting them into practice. Furthermore, you’ll require to master all the necessary skills required for you to be able to survive in the wilderness.

Learn how to be mechanic so you can build amazing structures or even a vehicle that can swiftly transport you to various places. You can become a blacksmith and learn to build powerful tools and weapons to aid you on your survival journey. You can also use the chemistry and physics skills that you’ve acquired throughout the years of high school.

Game modes of Day R Premium APK MOD

Day R Premium features 4 game options: Sandbox, Real Life, Super Hard, and Online.

Sandbox is an apprentice mode, where you are able to barely die, which is perfect for those who are new to the game.

Real-life scenarios is more challenging. Just like in the real world, and with one bad decision you could end up paying for it with your life. The space around you alter with the seasons. As one by one you’ll traverse all the maps of the Soviet Union with more than 2700 towns and cities both smaller and larger. This game is suitable for players who have experience.

The Super hard mode The title says it all. Only experts in the field would dare to experiment with it. Perhaps you could attempt it as well. Why not try to find your limitations?

When you play in Online Mode, join with other players online to fight for survival and victory in the world of youkai.

Experience the thrilling online game

To make the game more thrilling, players are also introduced to thrilling and addictive online gaming. In addition, you can play in the fun cooperative mode along with your buddies. Get together and take on the scary monsters and zombies which are in danger of in your path.

To help you out, Day R Premium also includes online chat that allows players to easily chat with one another in battle. Additionally, you can swap your items to ensure that you both make the most of the resources you have. Discover the massive multiplayer game of survival in Day R Premium.

If you’d like playing against other gamers online in thrilling survival battles. Compete against the best survival experts in the world.

Sound and graphics OF Day R Premium 

Music that is featured in Day R Premium is quite odd for post-apocalyptic games. It’s low, sad and even a little cruel. With such a background, you are aware of there are many dangers to be aware of. The sound that is generated when objects are collected are well-designed which increases your enjoyment greatly. These sounds are an act of spiritual encouragement that can help people who are in a state of despair.

As with the music, the graphics seem sad tiny bit, especially when they’re nostalgic brown images, as well as 2D drawings. The game’s items are precise 3D models. As you upgrade yourself as well as your equipment with a variety of important and powerful items The drawings will slowly replace normal, high-quality 3D graphics. They’ll help you to keep your energy up I’m sure. You’ll be amazed at how the character’s appearance shift step by step, and experiencing the power and strength that he slowly gains as he completes the various quests within the game.

Play for free and without restrictions by playing our mods

For those who want to keep the game within their control The Day R Premium MOD APK is sure to please you. Get the game downloaded and installed onto your device at no cost. In addition you will be able to play free and unlocked game with Mods. You can purchase everything you want without spending a dime. Accelerate your game experience and enjoy more of the story.


In the world being in conflict and a world full of dangers and a myriad of difficulties that are threatening to bring us all to death, we do not always think we’ll end up dying at any moment. In this moment, it isn’t easy to endure these difficult and difficult days. You must endure and accept the hunger. But, not only that, you will also be confronted with dangersome creatures, zombies and monsters. You’re thirsty for water and constantly want someone to provide you with water, and you always wish it rains. There are a lot of people suffering from numerous illnesses and the scars that are caused by them are inadequate. Always keep an attitude of determination and fight through a myriad of difficulties.

Mod APK of the Day R Premium

MOD features of Day R Premium MOD APK

  • Unlimited Money
  • Many Items

Download Day R Premium Mod APK latest 1.712 Android

For fans of the genres of survival games, Day R Premium could very well be your top Android game due to its thrilling and addictive gameplay. In addition, our modified version of the game can dramatically enhance your gaming experience. Take a break and enjoy yourself in the universe that is Day R Premium.

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What's new

✔️️Search for the Easter Bunny in the settlements and get festive tasks from him;
✔️️New enemies in the game: an aggressive rooster faction of mutants who are holed up in lairs and guarding their nests;
✔️️Exchange colored eggs for resources and rewards;
✔️️A unique Easter costume at the end of the main task - go through and pick it up first!
And also:
✔️️Some technical improvements;
✔️️Fixed the latest bugs.

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