Darkest AFK MOD APK 1.1.21 (Unlimited Money)

Last Updated on Aug 20, 2023
Welcome to Darkest AFK, a colorful RPG offline game with an amazing turn-based strategy adventure. With lots of mobile levels in fantasy IDLE games, this game will keep you entertained for hours. Summon a team of heroes and champions and embark on a journey among monsters and enemies in free offline games. In the RAID, you will encounter dangerous gnomes, unfriendly orcs, bands of pirates, raise elves, bloody vampires, and fiery demons! Hundreds of legendary monsters, a huge map, survival, interesting quests, and much more await you in our free RPG adventure games offline. Combat in the PvP arena with multiplayer and powerful brawls. Explore all the edges of the dungeon where you will encounter PvE role-playing offline games.
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Three wishes slot machines game studio
Aug 20, 2023
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Darkest AFK MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Download The Latest APK Version of Darkest AFK MOD APK. An Android Role Playing Game this MOD comes with Unlimited Money Available download Yours Now.

Description of  Darkest AFK MOD APK

Darkest AFK -idle RPG Heroes are role-playing games that combine action and role-playing to make them even more appealing. You will have the most amazing experiences, even if you choose a dark color. Because it is somewhat random, it creates an entertainment sense and can give you equally frightening and creepy moments.

To play role-playing games, you need to be able to concentrate and fight monsters as well as solve difficult quests. Have you ever considered playing an inactive role-playing game? Please join Darkest AFK APK if you don’t know the answer or have any ideas.

Darkest AFK was the latest product from Three wishes slot machines studio. Although they only released an early access version, the game quickly gained a lot of popularity and was downloaded over 100 thousand times.


You won’t believe it but Darkest AFK gameplay is not unlike other strategy-fighting games. To be loved, it must have something unique and different that is not available elsewhere. The manufacturer was meticulous in designing and building scenes that will bring an unique feeling and attraction to players.

You will become brave warriors as you embark on a quest to discover the existence of ancient monsters. There are hundreds of challenges to conquer and dangers to be aware of. You must find and defeat the enemies who are trying to stop you from achieving valuable rewards and attractive prizes.

Gameplay of Darkest AFK APK MOD

Red Hook Studios released Darkest Dungeon in 2016 for PC. Although I’m not sure if they have any connections, it seems that they are very similar.

Darkest AFK can be considered a remake, but the gameplay is simpler. It allows players to control their characters to defeat monsters and protect the world. Instead of having to control each character individually and set each action for them, players can now tap the screen periodically to activate the skill. The character will then automatically detect and fight the enemy, and move accordingly. This is also a characteristic in idle games.

Darkest AFK has a storyline that you will discover in your turn by completing quests. Although there is no introduction to the game, it does provide some context. However, you will be passing points along the long path that leads to a grand battle with the most powerful boss. This journey will bring you new people, including teammates who can fight alongside you.

Win More Rewards

The system will display a large map of the world and give you details about each level and the battles you’ll be participating in. After choosing your character, and equipping the necessary weapons, you can begin fighting. You can use the controls on the screen to move your character or launch attacks against the enemy by touching the screen. It may seem easy but the enemy is extremely powerful and formidable. You need to devise the best strategies.

You will be rewarded with exciting and appealing rewards if you win each level and complete all tasks correctly. Because you put so much effort into defeating monsters, it is well worth it. It may be a weapon, or a bonus that allows you to unlock new characters. You will also receive rare items that are hard to find. However, they won’t appear very often and only occasionally.

Diverse character systems

Darkest AFK is home to dozens of characters. There are three characters you can choose to battle together. As mentioned above, each character is individually designed. Each character has their own unique abilities and combat skills. Learn about the battle and the enemies to help you choose the best characters. Before you begin the battle, the system will show you stats that compare your party’s strength to the enemy. You can adjust the members of your team to make them stronger.

When they earn experience points during battle, characters can level up. Your stats will rise, making them stronger. New character abilities will be available at the same time.


The game supports online PvP so that you can play with your friends and share in the fun. You can play with your friends and also chat with other players around the world to gain more combat experience. You can also explore the vast PvP arena and possibly become the best player.

Weapons are essential in fighting games. They are crucial to your victory. Although you have many weapons to choose from, the first few will be easy to use. To increase your damage, you will need to spend the money earned.

Items of Darkest AFK 

You can also develop your character through levels. Each character can have 4 types of equipment: the main weapon, armor and gloves, as well as the secondary weapon. Each equipment has bonus stats like speed, defense and aggression, strength, accuracy, etc. Special or upgraded equipment will also increase the overall probability of achieving a certain percentage unit. You can get a 10% defense boost or a 7% increase in strength. These equipment are available when you fight, complete quests or open special gift boxes.


  • You are invited to enter a dangerous world in which evil characters have been reincarnated, and want to invade it.
  • To fight the bad guys, gather all your heroes together and defend the peace.
  • For players with limited time, idle gameplay can offer certain conveniences.
  • To help you fight evil, many maps have been created.
  • Beautiful graphics that are of the highest quality. The manufacturer is dedicated to achieving the best possible graphic quality.

Graphics of Darkest AFK MOD 

Darkest AFK has successfully portrayed a dark and dingy scene where evil is destroying it. Characters of classic appearance but with great courage. Fungous, ferocious monsters that wield sharp weapons and fangs. They fuse together to create a fierce battle full of blood, fire, and flame.

Darkest AFK might disappoint those who love 3D graphics and a background with sharp backgrounds. This is because the game doesn’t really stand out when there are only 2D images. Darkest AFK is able to beat other games in this genre with details such as character expressions, lighting effects, or mixing colors.


The screen interface will display a map at the start of the game to indicate the levels and specific battles. Next, you will see the character selection grenade and the associated weapons. Below the screen, shortcut buttons will be displayed that show the character’s attack type according to a set time. You simply need to control your character to move, and then use reasonable tactics to defeat the monster. You will be rewarded with a variety of useful items after you have completed the quest. You can accumulate these items and use them for skills upgrades, weapons and specials to unlock the next character. You can then create an AFK team of epic heroes to raid dangerous dungeons.

Download Darkest AFK APK for Android

Darkest AFK will offer you the most intense battles. You can summon the most powerful heroes and fight against monsters and powerful bosses by joining this game. These bosses can be destroyed to bring peace to the world and also give you valuable equipment and rewards.

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What's new

A brand new update has entered the Darkest world. Learn about the new features below.
- New hero: Azarellia
- New adventure — Ja Van
- New Rare Larion’s appearance — the Forest Guardian
- New Global PvP season is coming
- Fixed display of signature weapon on the hero icon.

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