Custom Search Bar Widget CSBW v2.1.5 MOD APK (Pro Unlocked)

Last Updated on Feb 01, 2024
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Feb 01, 2024
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Custom Search Bar Widget CSBW MOD APK (Pro Unlocked)

Download The Latest APK Version of Custom Search Bar Widget CSBW MOD APK. An Android Personalization App this MOD comes with Pro Unlocked Available download Yours Now.

The Custom Search Bar Widget CSBW stands as an avant-garde manifestation in the realm of search bar widgets, offering a canvas for your customization desires. This innovation transforms your search bar into a unique and captivating visual spectacle. As a personalization tool, CSBW becomes the conduit through which you mold your search bar into an entity of allure and individuality. Its simplicity and user-friendly interface position it as an uncomplicated yet powerful app, effortlessly augmenting the aesthetic appeal of your search bar.

Deploying the CSBW is a seamless endeavor; with ease, you can incorporate this widget onto your home screen. The addition of an extra search bar to your home screen becomes a reality, expanding the avenues for quick and customized searches. The inherent capability of this widget allows for a nuanced customization of your search bar, ensuring a superior user experience. The allure of a more captivating and unique search bar beckons as you install the CSBW on your home screen.

The Custom Search Bar Widget is not merely a widget but a transformative addition to your home screen. Its facile installation process and the ability to customize your search bar with widgets expedite information retrieval. This diminutive yet potent tool eliminates the need for rooting or jailbreaking, providing an efficient and unencumbered search experience. A simple search and installation suffice to elevate your search bar aesthetics.

Delve into the widget to unearth optimal results. Navigate through your preferred topics and peruse your search history, with the added option to download and preserve your findings. The search bar functionality extends beyond the ordinary, incorporating Google, Wikipedia, and YouTube searches seamlessly. The versatility of this widget is amplified by its compatibility with both iOS and Android, ensuring that whether on an iPhone or iPad, your search for everything you desire finds its culmination in the CSBW.

Features of Custom Search Bar Widget CSBW MOD APK

Custom search bar widget with a custom icon drawer

The Custom Search Bar Widget CSBW offers the flexibility to transform the aesthetics of your search bar. This application empowers users to redefine the visual presentation of their search bar by modifying elements such as icons, text color, size, and more. Furthermore, it allows for the personalization of icons, text, and the color scheme within the drawer.

Within the realm of Custom Search Bar Widget CSBW, users possess the capability to finely adjust the search bar. This encompasses the ability to alter the icon, text color, size, and other parameters. The search bar’s placement can be seamlessly shifted to either the left or right side of the screen, providing users with a versatile display. Additionally, users have the option to select between a standard or rounded corner configuration, enhancing the customization possibilities for their digital interface.

Add a custom icon drawer with up to 30 icons

The Custom Search Bar Widget CSBW stands as a fully modifiable search bar widget complete with a personalized icon drawer. This widget presents users with a plethora of customization options to harmonize with the existing theme of their device. The drawer itself incorporates editable icons, enabling seamless switches between search engines, swift access to apps, and the execution of functions like copy and paste.

Within the domain of the custom search bar widget, users gain the ability to integrate a personalized drawer housing up to 30 icons. This innovative feature facilitates effortless access to search engines, copy/paste functions, and other applications that typically remain concealed within the search bar.

Switch between Google, Wikipedia, and Wikipedia mobile

The Custom Search Bar Widget CSBW emerges as a fully customizable search bar widget, featuring an exclusive icon drawer tailored to individual preferences. This widget offers a multitude of alteration options to seamlessly align with the ongoing theme of your device. The drawer, an integral part of the widget, incorporates editable icons, facilitating effortless transitions between search engines, providing swift links to apps, and executing functions like copy and paste.

CSBW goes beyond accommodating any preferred custom search engine. As an illustration, avid Wikipedia users can activate the Wikipedia option, utilizing it as a gateway to search for articles with utmost convenience.

Change icons in the drawer to match your device’s current theme

The drawer within the widget boasts complete editability, providing you the flexibility to adjust icons according to the prevailing theme of your device. The default drawer comes equipped with a diverse selection of 18+ icons, and for added customization, you have the option to select any icon from the extensive library.

For those inclined to maintain the search bar in its pristine state, the widget allows for the display of a blank search bar.

The Custom Search Bar Widget CSBW extends an expansive library encompassing over 600 icons. This vast repository enables you to tailor the drawer meticulously, aligning it with the present theme of your device. Leverage these icons to showcase a spectrum of elements, ranging from links to apps to shortcuts for various functions. The capacity to modify the color, size, and shape of the icons within the drawer provides a nuanced touch, ensuring seamless integration with your device’s current theme.

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