Critical FPS Shooters Game v3.6 MOD APK (God Mode)

Last Updated on Dec 30, 2023
Do you like anti-terrorist commando shooting games? If yes then this Critical Gun Shooting Strike 2020 game is for you in which you will use military weapons to counter against the terrorists of the country. In this glorious commando shooter action gun game, you are an elite force commando and when duty calls, you stand second to eliminate the enemies. Your mission is to lead the battle and become the best shooter and sharp sniper man.
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Dec 30, 2023
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Critical FPS Shooters Game MOD APK (God Mode)

Download The Latest APK Version of Critical FPS Shooters Game MOD APK. An Android Adventure Game this MOD comes with God Mode download Yours Now.

The Critical FPS Shooters Game stands as a venerable classic within the shooting game genre. Your survival hinges on the relentless discharge of projectiles, making each level a litmus test for your prowess.

Vigilance becomes your ally in this digital battlefield, where the imperative is to amass coins for the procurement of avant-garde weaponry and sundry equipment. The specter of demise looms as time inexorably elapses. The game unfolds through the lens of a first-person shooter, offering an arsenal of firearms to obliterate adversaries.

Comprising a formidable array of 50 levels, the game demands the swift extermination of zombies. The ascent through levels is met with a crescendo of difficulty, manifesting in augmented hordes of zombies and formidable impediments.

Prudence dictates a wary navigation to sidestep insidious traps, employing your acumen to dispatch foes. Augmenting your gaming acumen involves the acquisition of new-fangled gear. Coins serve as the currency to elevate the caliber of your weaponry and equipment.

Critical FPS Shooters Game propounds a solitary gaming odyssey. It presents an eclectic assortment of shooting games, each a unique tapestry interwoven with distinct narratives, melodies, and visuals.

Players can revel in the tapestry of shooting games at their leisure. The game pivots on the sniper archetype, inviting players to embark on a solitary odyssey. Moreover, it metamorphoses into a collective shooter experience, fostering camaraderie amongst friends in the digital expanse.

Features of Critical FPS Shooters Game MOD APK

High-quality graphics and sound effects

The realm of Critical FPS Shooters Game, where the zenith of visual splendor and auditory opulence awaits, fostering an unrelenting exhilaration that pervades the entire gaming tapestry.

As an esteemed operative within the elite echelons, your prowess becomes the linchpin in the orchestration of triumphant missions. Donning the mantle of a precision gunner, your mandate is clear  safeguard the innocent populace from the malevolent clutches of nefarious terrorists.

The immersive tapestry of this gaming opus unfolds, granting you access to an expanse of superlative graphics and resonant soundscapes. Assume the role of the elite commando, entrusted with the solemn task of eliminating enemy combatants and dismantling menacing choppers.

Navigate the perilous terrain with meticulous care and acute discernment, for survival hinges on your ability to wield the mantle of a razor-sharp sharpshooter and executioner

Use a variety of military weapons in this game

The domain of Critical FPS Shooters Game, a diverse arsenal awaits your strategic deployment, featuring an array of military implements, including assault rifles, sniper rifles, submachine guns, pistols, shotguns, and a plethora of others.

Each weapon boasts a distinctive firing prowess and a suite of unique features. The quintessence of the game revolves around the noble pursuit of rescuing civilians and neutralizing terrorist threats. Your inaugural task involves the judicious selection of your preferred weapon, meticulously situating it in the optimal position for maximum efficacy.

Subsequently, precision becomes paramount as you align your sights and unleash upon the designated targets. Exercise caution, for the game unfurls in a high-speed modality, demanding an unwavering accuracy that leaves no room for missed shots.

Advancing through the game’s labyrinthine challenges bequeaths unto you not only more potent armaments but also an augmented arsenal of ammunition and financial resources.

This currency, a token of your virtuosity, affords you the means to procure superior weapons and augmentative accessories, ensuring an upward trajectory in your quest for virtuosity.

Multiple maps to play

The expanse of the Critical FPS Shooters Game unfolds across a myriad of landscapes, including mountains, deserts, forests, cities, and an array of captivating locales that serve as the battleground for this novel commando shooter experience.

Within this dynamic gaming milieu, you shall encounter an array of formidable challenges.

Earn achievements

Embark on a quest for accolades within the gripping expanse of the commando shooter realm. In the Critical FPS Shooters Game, a plethora of missions, challenges, and assorted tasks await, paving the way for the attainment of lofty high scores.

These endeavors become the crucible for accumulating points within the game, a testament to your prowess as a player. Attain the pinnacle of achievement by deftly leveraging your skills, directing bullets with precision, and navigating the nuanced challenges strewn across your path.

Your virtuosity will be the arbiter of the best scores, etching your name in the annals of the game’s elite.


Immerse yourself in the immersive realms of Critical FPS Shooters Game, a dynamic 3D action extravaganza where the relentless pace of war unfolds, demanding your adeptness in thwarting terrorists.

Within this high-stakes game, you assume the mantle of a commando, armed with a diverse arsenal tailored for the obliteration of terrorists and the rescue of hostages.

Deploy your precision as a marksman across diverse combat scenarios, fortifying victims against assailants and orchestrating the liberation of hostages. The crux of your mission lies in navigating the tactical intricacies presented, wielding an array of weapons with finesse to accomplish each assignment.

Engage in the theatrics of war within the Critical FPS Shooters Game, where the war zone becomes the battleground against adversaries.

Employ your gun-shooting prowess with surgical precision, eliminating terrorists and effecting the liberation of hostages, all in the pursuit of a singular mission to save lives and emerge victorious against the forces of malevolence.

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What's new

- Tank Mode
- Optimisation
- Extreme Guns
- Bomb Diffuse Missions
- New Jet mission
- Muzzle flash and Bullet Trial in all guns
- Fixed Ads Issue
- Gunship Helicopters
- Boss Missions
- Minor Fixes
- Jump Button
- Prisoner Rescue
- Survival Mode
- Offline battle Maps
- Snatch Terrorists Weapons
- Auto Weapons Pickup
- Health Refill
- New Sniper Shooting Missions
- Diffuse Bombs Missions
- Auto-shoot Functionality
- Grenade and Automatic Guns
- Flying Drones
- Rescue hostages

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