BuzzKill Notification Superpowers v20.3 MOD APK (Patch Unlocked)

Last Updated on Feb 27, 2024
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BuzzKill allows you to see the notifications you want to see when you want to see them and filter out those you don't. Here is just a taste of what BuzzKill can do:
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Feb 27, 2024
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BuzzKill Notification Superpowers MOD APK (Patch Unlocked)

Download The Latest Version of BuzzKill Notification Superpowers MOD APK. An Android Tools App comes with Patch Unlocked MOD Available to download.

Introducing an apparatus devised for the cessation of unwarranted calls and bothersome SMS messages. Its functionality extends beyond the mere prevention of intrusive calls and messages, offering the capability to automatically dispatch a response to the unwelcome communicator.

The simplicity of blocking undesired numbers is encapsulated in a mere click of a button. Compatible with the entire spectrum of Android devices, BuzzKill beckons users to embark on a journey of enhanced communication management.

For the initiation of this transformative tool, the pivotal step involves the installation of the application. Once installed, the realm of silent communication unfolds, enabling users to effortlessly thwart undesired calls and messages by configuring the frequency of notifications. Vigilance is maintained as the system issues warnings against repeat attempts at contact.

Behold Buzzkill an application wielding the power to eradicate auditory emissions from your mobile device. For those seeking respite from specific auditory stimuli such as calls, text messages, or notifications, this application is the conduit to auditory serenity.

Augmenting its utility is the empowerment to dictate the volume of your device. The application’s raison d’être lies in the suppression of unwarranted sounds and the modulation of device volume. It extends its prowess to quelling the device’s vibration and suppressing auditory cues, offering a streamlined solution effortlessly installable on your smartphone.

Behold a modest yet powerful application, one that facilitates the blockade of auditory stimuli on your phone. This application grants users the capacity to seamlessly adjust sound levels, tethered only to Wi-Fi connectivity.

It emerges as the quintessential solution for those yearning to extricate themselves from the cacophony of their mobile devices. Positioned as a vanguard in sound management, this application enables users to selectively silence specific auditory stimuli, standing as a valuable asset effortlessly installable on your smartphone.

Features of BuzzKill Notification Superpowers MOD APK

See what you missed with a glance

Embarking on the role of a notification observer, this tool grants you the ability to effortlessly survey missed occurrences with a cursory glance. It unveils a comprehensive array of notifications emanating from all your applications, encompassing those you have expressly authorized.

This application meticulously tailors its showcase to align precisely with your preferences, presenting only the content that resonates with your desires. When you find yourself prepared, a simple tap on the notification ushers you into the application’s realm, or, should you wish to abstain, a nonchalant swipe dismisses it.

Offering prompt accessibility to vital information precisely when the need arises, this application introduces a rejuvenated outlook on your notifications.

Buzzkill, a gratuitous application, extends an invitation to unlock enhanced functionalities through in-app acquisitions.

Unread message count

Providing a quantitative insight into the volume of unread messages residing within your Gmail inbox, this tool proves instrumental in maintaining organizational prowess. It equips you with a precise gauge, enabling you to ascertain the extent of time required for email management.

No more clutter

Presenting itself as a potent and aesthetically pleasing application, this tool catalyzes eliminating the deluge of superfluous notifications that have amassed on your mobile device.

Crafted with a singular purpose, the app endeavors to guide you back to the essence of life by sieving through and discarding extraneous notifications and diversions. It grants you the power to exclusively engage with the notifications aligned with your preferences, while systematically excising the surplus.

Hide any message you want

Tailored to seamlessly integrate with your phone’s notification infrastructure, the BuzzKill App is meticulously crafted to empower users in managing incoming notifications. Upon receiving a notification, you wield the option to conceal the message.

Opting to hide a message triggers the app’s adept filtering mechanism, effectively sieving out messages deemed non-essential. The consequence? Only messages of utmost importance gracefully grace your screen.

Alternatively, choosing to retain visibility for a message prompts the app to furnish you with insights on whether the message has previously crossed your gaze. This feature acts as a fail-safe, ensuring that crucial messages remain conspicuous, and minimizing the risk of oversight.

Create rules for yourself and others

Functioning as a versatile tool, this application empowers you to assert control over your phone’s actions, allowing you to tailor its behavior according to your preferences.

In essence, it provides a platform for the creation of personalized rules, both for yourself and others, dictating the nature of notifications you wish to encounter and those you prefer to avoid. Think of it as your perpetual ally, resembling a personal assistant constantly attuned to your needs.

These rules extend beyond mere notification management, enabling you to orchestrate a structured and productive routine. For instance, you can establish rules to maintain organization and enhance productivity, such as setting alarms for every instance you succumb to the allure of the snooze button.

Add apps to your custom list 

BuzzKill offers you the flexibility to incorporate apps into your personalized list. This entails the addition of apps you currently utilize, those you anticipate finding beneficial, or even those currently in vogue. Subsequently, the application curates a daily digest, delivering the latest news and articles spanning all the apps on your list, ensuring you remain abreast of noteworthy developments.

Furthermore, the app extends the capability to augment apps to your customized list, affording you the liberty to include applications based on utility, personal preference, or current trends. This dual functionality ensures a tailored and comprehensive approach to staying informed and engaged.

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What's new

Add option to cancel alarms after 15 & 30 seconds
Fix privacy mode not triggering on create rule screen
Do not trigger reminders whilst on a call
Add app shortcut to restore batched notifications

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