Booster & Phone cleaner v11.0 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

Last Updated on Feb 28, 2024
Your software need help❓ Do you need to fix phone, repair android system or boost mobile? 🚀 Are you constantly running out of memory and need to delete files from time to time? The gadgets constantly give a "system error" and new bugs appear? Are you already annoyed by all these lags? Try our wireless tools and utilities!📱
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Feb 28, 2024
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Booster & Phone cleaner MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

Download The Latest Version of Booster & Phone Cleaner MOD APK. An Android Tools App comes with Premium MOD Available to download.

Booster & Phone Cleaner emerges as a potent instrument for cleansing your Android device. A plethora of applications in the market proffer akin functionalities, yet this one stands apart. Employ Booster to refine your device, eliminating redundant artifacts such as extraneous files and superfluous messages, rendering it aesthetically pleasing.

In the realm of Booster & Phone Cleaner, concerns regarding your device’s spatial constraints become obsolete. The architecture of the program is intricately fashioned to discern dispensable files and expunge them, thereby liberating valuable space. Immerse your device in a comprehensive purging to elevate its visual allure. Booster, characterized by its uncomplicated nature, necessitates no specialized prowess for utilization. A mere installation and a swift initiation suffice to commence the cleansing process. Deploy it on your device, and initiate the purification ritual to optimize and refine your Android phone.

Features of Booster & Phone Cleaner MOD APK

Clean Junk

A utility par excellence, Clean Junk proves to be an indispensable asset for your phone. This Booster & Phone Cleaner application is adept at purging all the detritus and superfluous files inhabiting your device, encompassing temporary files, cache remnants, and downloaded applications. Additionally, it possesses the prowess to expunge temporary files, serving the dual purpose of conserving storage space and averting potential crashes.

Boost Mobile

In quest of augmenting mobile velocity and procuring an augmented pace? Verily, this is the apt locale for such aspirations. Behold the magnificence of Booster & Phone Cleaner—an exclusive application fashioned explicitly for the amplification of your Android device’s celerity.

This unique application orchestrates a manifold enhancement, delving into the realms of RAM augmentation, purging the superfluous detritus, and invigorating the longevity of your phone’s battery. Moreover, it unveils insights into your device, proffering sagacity on how to optimize its functionality. So, eschew hesitation and embark upon the exploration of this application, for it assures an unprecedented acceleration, propelling your phone into realms of swiftness heretofore uncharted.

Lag Fix

Would you like to rectify the lag affecting your Android phone or tablet? Is the enigma of dwindling battery life causing you distress? Does the specter of memory depletion cast its ominous shadow too frequently? If so, the Android lag remover, meticulously curated for your benefit, emerges as the optimal solution to vanquish these predicaments. It stands as the quintessential panacea to elevate your device’s performance.

This application offers a straightforward and expeditious avenue to expunge the irksome lags plaguing your Android phone. The lag remover, nested within the Booster & Phone Cleaner app, acts as a beacon of simplicity and swiftness, serving as a conduit to identify and obliterate the laggy impediments besieging your device. It epitomizes efficiency, tailor-made to enhance the functionality of your Android phone. Embrace this tool, bidding adieu to the hindrances that impede your device’s seamless operation.

Device Manager

The device manager functions as an informant, offering insights into the prevailing state of your phone. It provides a comprehensive overview, divulging details such as battery level, available storage space, network connectivity, RAM utilization, and various other pertinent metrics.

RAM Cleaner

The RAM Cleaner stands as a simplistic yet potent instrument, enabling you to reclaim a noteworthy 25% of your device’s RAM. This Booster & Phone Cleaner app employs a distinctive algorithm, not only enhancing the speed of your device but also purging the dormant segments within your RAM.

Upon installation of RAM Cleaner on your device, it seamlessly initiates an automatic scan of your RAM, diligently cleansing the unused portions. Subsequently, you gain insights into the available RAM and its current utilization. The RAM Cleaner perpetuates its function, autonomously purifying the RAM with each device reboot, ensuring optimal performance.

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