Bluetooth Keyboard & Mouse v6.1.1 MOD APK (Pro Unlocked)

Last Updated on Feb 09, 2024
Turn your device into a serverless Bluetooth keyboard and mouse - no additional software needed!
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Feb 09, 2024
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Bluetooth Keyboard & Mouse MOD APK (Pro Unlocked)

Download The Latest APK Version of Bluetooth Keyboard & Mouse MOD APK. An Android Tools App this MOD comes with Pro Unlocked Available download Yours Now.

In the realm of digital connectivity, an instrumental apparatus emerges, facilitating the interlinking of your Bluetooth-enabled contrivance. This sophisticated application orchestrates the nexus between your apparatus and the computational entity.

This tool, quintessential for users seeking to amalgamate their peripheral devices such as mice and keyboards, grants dominion over these devices from any spatial vantage point. The initiation of connection is an effortless endeavor – a mere depression of the power interface and a seamless affiliation is established.

Further, the user can calibrate the extent of this connection, ensuring an optimal and robust linkage. With optimal functionality, it ensures the perpetual readiness of your computational companion.

What distinguishes the Bluetooth Keyboard & Mouse is its universality across an array of computing platforms and devices. Leveraging this technology confers myriad benefits upon the user, fostering a symbiotic relationship between the Bluetooth apparatus and the computer.

Additionally, the application, when dormant, relegates your device into a standby mode. Upon resumption of interaction in the computational realm, the application seamlessly re-establishes the connection. This autonomous connectivity obviates concerns regarding link stability and battery longevity.

Bluetooth, an eminent wireless technology paradigm, initially conceived to interconnect computers and printers, has undergone metamorphosis, evolving into an indispensable tool. The expansive scope now encompasses integration with smartphones and tablets, making it an invaluable adjunct to these devices. Through the Bluetooth conduit, textual input and email dispatch from the smartphone become eminently feasible.

The ergonomic variety of the Bluetooth Mouse further amplifies its utility, catering to diverse sizes tailored for multifarious applications. This facilitates cursor manipulation on the smartphone display, allowing for intricate control.

Moreover, the mouse harbors the capability to concurrently connect with multiple devices, endowing it with versatile functionality. Possessing a Bluetooth-enabled mouse imparts control over the smartphone, extending the boundaries of computational governance.

Features of Bluetooth Keyboard & Mouse MOD APK

Works with all apps supporting Bluetooth

Embarking upon the utilization of this application, you find yourself endowed with the capability to transform your Android apparatus into a remote keyboard and mouse, seamlessly extending its functionality to your Smartphone, Tablet, Computer, or even your Android TV.

This avant-garde application seamlessly integrates with all programs that embrace the mantle of Bluetooth support, encompassing the likes of web browsers, interactive games, video playback tools, auditory symphony conduits, and an array of other multifarious applications.

The application, namely the Bluetooth-enabled keyboard and mouse utility, stands as an adaptable companion, harmonizing effortlessly with any application that boasts Bluetooth connectivity. Its compatibility extends beyond the realm of traditional software, impacting services like YouTube, Google Docs, Gmail, Netflix, Spotify, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Discord, and Slack, to name a few.

Enabling a tactile connection, this application establishes a Bluetooth conduit to your Android device. The procedural simplicity unfolds as you activate the Bluetooth functionality on your Android device, effortlessly aligning with the Bluetooth Keyboard & Mouse application. Subsequently, the panorama of supported applications unveils itself for your exploration and utilization.

Supports all Bluetooth-enabled devices

Facilitated by this application, you have the facile ability to employ your Android apparatus as a distant keyboard and cursor for your Smartphone, Tablet, Computing device, or Android Television. Effortlessly input text on your mobile screen and dispatch your textual missives sans any encumbrance.

Through the utilization of this application, you gain the adeptness to seamlessly manipulate your computing device or Android Television via your mobile gadget. Command your domicile’s amusement framework, inclusive of your Chromecast, Roku, Apple Television, Amazon Fire Stick, and analogous entities.

Moreover, your Android device assumes the role of a keyboard for your Personal Computer, Mac, Chromebook, Laptop, and so forth. This versatility extends to an array of electronic platforms.

Connect your Android device to any computer and use it as a keyboard or mouse

Convert your Android device into a remote keyboard and mouse so that you can easily use it on your computer, tablet, smartphone, or Android TV. With the help of this cutting-edge software, you can connect your Android mobile to any computer and use it as a keyboard or mouse.

Empower yourself to govern the movements of your computer’s mouse cursor and input keyboard commands swiftly and effortlessly using your Android device. This not only enhances typing speed but also streamlines the overall process. The app enables you to commandeer your computer’s mouse cursor and keyboard keys through your Android device, ensuring a more efficient and expedited typing experience.

Noteworthy is the app’s complimentary nature, available for use with a vast majority of Android devices. Experience the fusion of convenience and versatility as you navigate your computer’s interface with ease, all made possible by this free and widely compatible application.

Remote control apps for your computer

Unlock the potential of the Bluetooth Keyboard & Mouse application for Android, empowering you to oversee your PC/Mac with unparalleled ease via your Android device. This robust remote control software caters to Windows/Mac/Linux computers, offering a potent tool for seamless control.

Harness the capabilities of this application to govern your PC/Mac by transforming your Android device into a remote keyboard and mouse. The symbiotic connection ensures a dynamic and efficient interaction between your Android device and computer systems, providing an intuitive remote control experience.

In addition to its primary functionality, this application elevates your Android device into a multifaceted remote control. Employ your Android device not only as a remote keyboard and mouse but also as a comprehensive remote control, expanding the scope of control and convenience.

Experience the convergence of technology as your Android device becomes a versatile tool for navigating and controlling your computer systems, courtesy of the Bluetooth Keyboard & Mouse app.

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What's new

- Added Delete key to PC keyboard
- Improved full screen behavior
- Fixed a reconnection issue when reopening the app

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