Altimeter professional v4.9.7 MOD APK (Pro Unlocked)

Last Updated on Feb 10, 2024
The professional altimeter with automatic altitude detection that works even without an internet connection!
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Feb 09, 2024
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Altimeter professional MOD APK (Pro Unlocked)

Download The Latest APK Version of Altimeter professional MOD APK. An Android Tools App this MOD comes with Pro Unlocked Available download Yours Now.

Altimeter Professional serves as an elite instrument for the ascertainment of elevation, its raison d’être being to furnish a straightforward and facile approach to determining the stature of entities. Functioning as a digital Altimeter Professional, it harnesses GPS technology to enable precise measurements of an object’s altitude with an accuracy of up to 10 meters.

The act of gauging altitude permits the localization of the object. This apparatus is adept at evaluating the loftiness of edifices or constructs, as well as appraising the height of arboreal growths or flora. It is equally efficacious in ascertaining the elevation of mountainous terrains or depressions, proving its utility across a myriad of scenarios where such measurements are requisite.

Utilizing this device, one can gauge the altitude of an object with remarkable precision. Its user-friendly interface ensures ease of operation; simply adhere to the provided guidelines, and the outcome will be promptly displayed on the screen, facilitating the measurement of the object’s altitude.

Beyond its primary function, Altimeter Professional doubles as a navigational companion, equipped with an integrated GPS tracker to aid users in pinpointing their current locale. Subsequently, it enables the tracking of other individuals’ positions.

This application is instrumental in locating acquaintances and kin. It further enhances social connectivity through the provision of creating collectives of companions, allowing for the addition of users to such groups with members’ statuses being automatically refreshed.

The geographical positions of all group participants enable the effortless exchange of communiqués and imagery, obviating the necessity for permissions to transmit messages or share photographs. Moreover, it facilitates the monitoring of those individuals held in high regard.

In essence, Altimeter Professional is an instrument of professional caliber that simplifies the process of locating oneself and others. It streamlines the task of monitoring the whereabouts of friends and family, fostering easy communication and sharing amongst peers. When the need arises to ascertain someone’s location, a swift verification of friends’ positions is achievable.

Additionally, Altimeter Professional enhances its offerings with the capability to establish circles of friends, inviting the inclusion of companions to such groups, with automatic updates of member statuses, epitomizing its role as a tool for both altitude measurement and social interaction.

Features of Altimeter professional MOD APK

Very accurate altimeter

The Altimeter Professional Application excels in its precision, offering measurements with an accuracy reaching up to 10 meters. This app stands as an indispensable resource for gauging the elevation of edifices and constructions, proving exceptionally beneficial for assessing the stature of towers or skyscrapers. Furthermore, its utility extends to the appraisal of arboreal or vegetative heights.

Its functionality shines when applied to the task of evaluating the altitude of mountains or depressions. Through the act of altitude measurement, the precise coordinates of an entity can be ascertained. This instrument is versatile, accommodating the measurement of diverse objects including automobiles, vessels, aircraft, and beyond, utilizing elevation data to pinpoint their exact locations.

Calibrate the altitude with the settings panel

Within the configuration dashboard, the opportunity to fine-tune the altitude readings of your apparatus emerges. This adjustment can be initiated both through the application’s menu and the device’s settings, relying on the barometric values for precision.

The process of calibration is accessible directly from the app’s menu. It involves the selection of the barometric sensor coupled with the geographical positioning of your device to ensure accuracy.

Upon completing the calibration, the feature to document elevation readings becomes available, alongside the capability to observe the elevation’s progression over time.

Additionally, nestled within the app’s menu, exists the functionality to capture photographic evidence of the altitude, enhancing the user experience and utility of the application.

Records the maximum altitude reached

The Altimeter Professional application possesses the capability to document the zenith of altitude attained by the user. This functionality emerges as particularly invaluable during outdoor activities such as hiking or mountain climbing. It facilitates the user’s ability to gauge the extent of their ascent, offering a comparative perspective against antecedent elevations.

Such a feature proves instrumental in elucidating the variance in altitude. Should the user ascend a noteworthy elevation, this newly achieved pinnacle can be meticulously juxtaposed with prior achievements, enabling a comprehensive understanding of one’s climbing endeavors.

Monitor and keep check of the battery Health

The application features a battery health monitor, an invaluable tool designed to effortlessly convey the current state of your device’s battery. This utility simplifies the process of monitoring your battery’s condition, allowing for a straightforward glimpse into the remaining power of your device.

Configuring the notification interval is a breeze, enabling you to determine how frequently the app alerts you regarding your battery’s status. Should the battery level diminish, the application ensures you’re promptly informed. This feature eliminates any guesswork involved in ascertaining the battery’s status, providing a hassle-free method to stay informed about your device’s energy level.

View the real-time altitude and the trend of the measurement

Altimeter Professional empowers users with the ability to observe altitude in real-time as well as track its measurement trends. This sophisticated instrument allows for the precise determination of an object’s elevation above sea level.

Upon engaging with the interface of this tool, you are presented with the immediate elevation data of the object under scrutiny. For those keen on understanding the progression or patterns in altitude changes, the ‘Trend’ feature is just a click away, providing a graphical representation of the altitude’s fluctuations over time. Similarly, a simple tap on the ‘Altitude’ button reinstates the focus on the specific elevation metric of the chosen object, ensuring a seamless transition between viewing modes.

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What's new

- new graphs on the route (speed, average speed indicators, increase in altitude and percentage of activity performed)
- saving routes with all data (altitude trend, map positions, average speed data, altitude variation)
- added satellite histogram chart
- Bugfixes and optimizations

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