Zoomquilt Live Wallpaper v3.2 MOD APK (Paid Unlocked)

Last Updated on Nov 24, 2023
ZOOMQUILT, the original infinite zoom artwork. Experience hypnotizing infinite zoom art as your phone's animated Live Wallpaper. These mesmerizing visually stunning artworks keeps on zooming endlessly, revealing worlds within worlds. Included are a total of 5 huge endlessly zooming worlds (two free and three paid artworks) to decorate your phone. Check it out and download the app now! Absolutely ad free!
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Nov 24, 2023
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Zoomquilt Live Wallpaper MOD APK (Paid Unlocked)

Download The Latest APK Version of Zoomquilt Live Wallpaper MOD APK. A Personalisation App It Comes With Paid Unlocked.

Zoomquilt emerges as an extraordinary application for embellishing your digital canvas. It boasts a distinctive attribute enabling users to amalgamate their photos and images, elevating their visual allure. The outcome transcends mere images; it evolves into a magnum opus that seamlessly integrates into your living space. This avant-garde tool proves to be an inventive approach to adorning your walls, providing a dynamic platform to showcase your artistic ingenuity.

Delving into the realm of Zoomquilt, one encounters an artistic panorama, an infinite expanse where visual stimuli unfold endlessly. The application bestows upon users an unparalleled journey through a cosmos of perpetual zoom. The malleability of the observed world’s dimensions adds an exhilarating layer to the experience. Zoomquilt further extends its artistic allure by presenting a diverse array of artworks, enabling users to curate their mobile interface with aesthetic finesse. Elevate your appreciation for art with this unique application.

Zoomquilt Infinite Wallpaper stands as an indispensable tool for image refinement, affording users effortless editing capabilities. Within its interface lies a repertoire of filters, each poised to enhance the visual resonance of your photographs. This application serves as an exceptional conduit to infuse vitality into your device, allowing for nuanced adjustments in color, luminosity, saturation, and beyond.

Moreover, a distinctive facet beckons, enabling users to metamorphosize their device’s backdrop. An array of patterns and backgrounds beckons, offering a myriad of choices to tailor the visual ambiance. The option to seamlessly integrate personal images and photos into the background augments the uniqueness of this application. Truly, it stands as a singular offering suitable for the entire familial cohort.

Feature of Zoomquilt Live Wallpaper MOD APK

Embarking on an odyssey through the boundless intricacies of fantastical dream realms

For those seeking an aesthetically pleasing and serenely immersive experience on their Android devices, the installation of the Zoomquilt application is highly recommended. This avant-garde application affords users the opportunity to behold extraordinary artistic marvels, gracefully adorning the screens of their mobile devices.

Zoomquilt stands as the progenitor of the Infinite Zoom artistry. Immerse yourself in the entrancing world of infinite zoom artistry, dynamically unfolding as your phone’s animated Live Wallpaper. These visually captivating masterpieces persistently unfurl, unveiling realms nested within realms. The application encompasses a grand total of 5 colossal, boundlessly zooming worlds (comprising two complimentary and three premium artworks) to embellish your phone. Don’t hesitate; delve into this ad-free marvel and download the application posthaste!

Unceasing progression through vast expanses

While myriad applications boast noteworthy features, the Zoomquilt app distinguishes itself prominently with its capability for an unbounded scroll.

Zoomquilt emerges as a multifaceted application, with its paramount feature being the capacity for an infinite scroll. This translates to an uninterrupted scrolling experience, bereft of any discernible endpoint. As you navigate through your device, the artwork continuously unravels, exposing more facets of these awe-inspiring worlds.

This application ensures limitless amusement and exhilaration, particularly as each scroll introduces novel landscapes. The ability to seamlessly zoom in and out of these visuals amplifies the allure. So, what are you waiting for?

Seamless zoom sans any abruptness or irregularities

Exclusive to Zoomquilt is its status as the sole live wallpaper offering a flawlessly smooth zoom, devoid of any juddering or abrupt movements. Leveraging OpenGL for graphic rendering, Zoomquilt achieves an exceptional degree of power efficiency, rendering it ideal for protracted usage as a live wallpaper.

Envision the sheer magnificence of smoothly zooming into the stellar expanse while beholding the moon, or zooming out to survey the cosmos. This immersive experience is yours to relish without any fiscal investment. Now, that’s truly captivating!

Tailor with diverse color effect filters

In a realm teeming with live wallpapers, ZOOMQUILT stands out by granting users the autonomy to craft personalized live wallpapers.

ZOOMQUILT boasts a design featuring myriad color effect filters. Each artwork can be subject to modification with color filters, allowing users to craft bespoke live wallpapers.

Feel free to personalize your live wallpapers with an array of color effect filters, including sepia, monochrome, black and white, grayscale, and more. Additionally, select from varied speed and direction controls, ranging from slow/fast to stop/go and even random.

Exemplary smoothness with minimal impact on battery life

Zoomquilt, as a Live Wallpaper application, prides itself on delivering a remarkably smooth and energy-efficient performance. The application undergoes optimization to curtail resource consumption, ensuring users can savor the most mesmerizing artistry without enduring a drain on battery life.

Boasting an exceptionally fluid performance, the application offers configurable settings to utilize either the GPU or CPU, tailoring the experience to the nuances of the device.

Furthermore, the application incorporates an optimized iteration of the open-source libcaca library, expanding compatibility across a diverse spectrum of devices and hardware configurations.

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What's new

Major Release!
--- Two new artworks "Infinite Flowers" and "Hydromeda"
--- Higher resolution for all artworks
--- New random wallpaper feature

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