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Last Updated on Mar 08, 2024
Zombie Hunter Offline Games, an action-packed game that will keep you on the edge of your seat! And if you’re looking for shooting zombie game to play anytime and anywhere, without the internet, without paying to win, why don’t try our ZOMBIE HUNTER - Offline Games?
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Mar 07, 2024
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Download The Latest APK Version of ZOMBIE SURVIVAL MOD APK. An Android Action Game this MOD comes with Unlimited Gems/Money Available download Yours Now.

In the world of virtual amusements, “ZOMBIE SURVIVAL,” a brainchild of Blue Whale Studio and disseminated by Big Fish Games, stands as a colossus amongst its peers within the survival horror genre.

Embarking on a valiant odyssey, participants assume the mantle of a purveyor of destruction against the undead, traversing through a dystopia infested with three distinct classifications of the reanimated: the commonplace undead, the anthropomorphic undead, and the formidable uber-zombies.

Survival hinges on the eradication of these malevolent entities. The armamentarium at the disposal of the player is diverse, setting the stage for a struggle where precision, strategy, and evasion are paramount for continuance.

“Zombie Hunter: Offline Games” marries the thrill of adventure with the intensity of action, propelling the participant into a realm filled with daunting tasks. The quest for armaments and munitions is crucial, as these tools are instrumental in the vanquishing of the undead menace.

A plethora of undead varieties await, from the mundane to the superhuman, demanding that the combatant is well-armed and vigilant. The ultimate objective is not just to survive but to navigate the labyrinth to the portal of salvation. Enriched with a narrative tapestry, the experience is immersive.

For aficionados of the adrenaline-fueled and the macabre, “ZOMBIE SURVIVAL” emerges as a quintessential choice. Its landscape is replete with a myriad of content and personages, ripe for collection and deployment in the theater of war against the undead.

Each persona brings a unique skill set to the fray, be it marksmanship, sniping proficiency, or medical expertise, allowing for a multifaceted strategy in the extermination efforts. Yet, caution is advised, for the stakes are life itself.

With its accessibility and intuitive design, “ZOMBIE SURVIVAL” is both an entry point for novices and a realm of engagement for the seasoned. Its interface, devoid of complexity, ensures engagement is uninterrupted, permitting play in any setting, be it solitary or in the company of peers, without the necessity of digital connectivity.

Varied modes of play, including the narrative-driven campaign, the endurance test of survival, and the relentless onslaught of the zombie mode, enrich the game’s offering, making it a comprehensive package that is effortlessly learned yet endlessly captivating.


More than 100 missions to complete

“ZOMBIE SURVIVAL” unfolds a saga of over a hundred quests, each meticulously crafted to ensnare your attention and tether you to your device.

Embellished with stellar visuals, auditory marvels, and a gameplay experience that is nothing short of enthralling, navigating through the game’s campaigns becomes an endeavor filled with ease and excitement.

Hence, the clarion call is made. Embark on this virtual odyssey and cement your legacy as the supreme zombie eradicator on the global stage.

More than 50 different types of weapons

Within the realm of “ZOMBIE SURVIVAL,” an arsenal of over fifty distinct armaments awaits your selection, encompassing sniper rifles, assault rifles, shotguns, and machine guns, among others.

Each armament possesses distinct traits, empowering you to select the weapon that resonates most profoundly with your preferences. A standout feature of this zombie-centric endeavor is the ability to personalize your weaponry with various attachments, enhancing their functionality. Furthermore, you have the liberty to alter the hues of your armaments, ensuring they reflect your aesthetic.

Choose from 5 different classes

If your experience spans other offline zombie shooting ventures, you’re likely familiar with their structure, typically offering five distinct classes from which to choose. Each class is uniquely defined by its attributes, abilities, and armaments.

“ZOMBIE SURVIVAL” necessitates strategic selection aligned with the specific variant of the zombie shooter experience you’re engaging in. For instance, should you delve into a sniper-centric zombie game, options available include sniper, shotgun, and assault, among other classes, allowing for a tailored approach to your undead confrontation.

Collect upgrades to improve your skills

“ZOMBIE SURVIVAL” is centered around the accumulation and enhancement of your armory, gear, and capabilities. It also pits you against an array of challenges and facilitates confrontations with fellow participants in the game.

Enhancements to your weaponry and equipment can be achieved through the amassment of coins, which are garnered through gameplay. This endeavor is dynamic, with fresh content being continually infused.

Participants have the liberty to select from a roster of characters, engaging in matches. Moreover, the game enables players to pit their prowess against friends via online leaderboards, fostering a competitive spirit.


“ZOMBIE SURVIVAL” is maneuvered via the mouse, presenting a singular objective for precision targeting. The game unfolds across varied stages, each with its degree of challenge and distinct zombie adversaries.

Within each stage, you’re allocated a specific quantity of ammunition, necessitating strategic shots at the undead to neutralize them. Each discharged bullet diminishes your stockpile, urging judicious management and utilization of your ammo.

Zombies will besiege you from every conceivable direction, demanding vigilance. Upon the emergence of a new target, engaging the mouse button allows you to aim.

Targets are visible, allowing you to align your shot meticulously. Precision is paramount, given the finite arsenal at your disposal. The trajectory of your bullets is also visible, enabling the avoidance of inadvertent harm to non-combatants.

“ZOMBIE SURVIVAL” delivers a brisk-paced action experience, enveloped in an immersive atmosphere. It offers the flexibility of engaging in a campaign mode or embarking on missions in a random sequence, with the liberty to select the level of difficulty.

Progression through the game unlocks additional levels and grants access to a diverse arsenal for combating the zombie horde.

Character customization options allow for variations in appearance and weaponry. Moreover, a multiplayer facet permits online confrontations against other participants, amplifying the competitive element of the game.

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