Zombeast v0.36.1 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Last Updated on Mar 07, 2024
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Mar 07, 2024
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Zombeast MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Download The Latest APK Version of  Zombeast  MOD APK. An Android Action Game this MOD comes with Unlimited Money download Yours Now.

“Zombies,” an enthralling, complimentary action escapade, thrust participants into the role of a protagonist embroiled in combat against the undead.

As adventurers delve deeper, they encounter a crescendo of challenges, each mission escalating in complexity. Its acclaim stems not only from its riveting gameplay but also from its visually arresting aesthetics.

The narrative unfurls around John, once human, now turned undead by a sinister bite. His quest to vacate the metropolis and unearth a remedy to reverse his morbid fate weaves a tale replete with peril and impediments. The Odyssey mandates navigational prowess to flee the urban confines.

Combat with the undead is inevitable, demanding strategic confrontation. The arsenal at one’s disposal is varied, offering choices from an array of firearms – from handguns and automatic weapons to shotguns, precision rifles, and even explosive ordnance.

The journey through “Zombeast” is marked by an array of missions, each a stepping stone towards the finale, challenging the participant to master the art of survival against an onslaught of zombies. The game prides itself on a diverse weaponry cache and abundant ammunition, ensuring preparedness for the battles that lie ahead.

Advancement through levels is rewarded with experience points and valuable items, facilitating weapon enhancements. Such upgrades are pivotal, as the arsenal’s efficacy is paramount in the quest for survival.

Moreover, the game’s universe is teeming with monstrous adversaries, each encounter enriching the player with monetary gains. These funds are crucial for augmenting one’s armamentarium and sustaining the relentless struggle against the horde.

In essence, “Zombeast” offers a complex tapestry of survival, strategy, and the unyielding human spirit’s quest for salvation amidst an apocalypse.

Features of Zombeast MOD APK

Various maps and enemies to fight

Within the intricate realms of “Zombeast,” explorers are greeted by a plethora of landscapes and a diverse cadre of adversaries. The spectrum ranges from the languidly advancing undead to swift, formidable chieftains, ensuring a visually rich experience.

Vigilantes of the zombie apocalypse are tasked with the arduous challenge of combating relentless waves of the reanimated, endeavoring to persist in a world awash with carnage and despair.

Collect loot to improve your weapons

In “Zombeast,” the arsenal at your disposal can be augmented through the acquisition of loot dispersed across the environment. Each artifact garnered serves to bolster your avatar’s attributes and amplify your armaments’ potency. Advancing through the game unlocks an array of new weaponry and gear, enriching your combat capabilities.

Different types of ammunition

“Zombeast” stands as a solitary survival encounter, abundant in ammunition, catering to the player’s strategic predilections with five distinct varieties of ammunition at their disposal. Each ammunition type boasts unique statistics and characteristics, necessitating judicious selection to align with your tactical approach.

Numerous achievements and unlockables

“Zombeast” is replete with an array of achievements waiting to be unlocked and numerous treasures to unearth. The game offers the opportunity to team up with a companion or engage in competition against peers in multiplayer mode.

It is equipped with an arsenal of firearms, enhancements, and artifacts to bolster your defenses against the zombie onslaught. Furthermore, the game provides the facility to fashion your personalized weaponry through the gathering of diverse materials and components. Elevating your avatar and skill set is crucial to transforming into the ultimate zombie eradicator.


Embark on a journey of survival in the ruthless terrain of a zombie apocalypse presented in “Zombeast.” Your mission: eradicate every zombie in a single session. This demands mastery in shooting, stealth, and timely ammunition replenishment. Brace yourself for an onslaught of the undead, preparing for all contingencies.

Upon commencement, the game unveils its map, delineating all critical locales and missions. A race against time ensues to fulfill your objectives and scavenge essential survival items.

The undead adversaries vary greatly — from the sluggish, easily dispatched foes to their swift and perilous counterparts. Proficiency with your arsenal is vital to avoid harm while conserving ammunition.

“Zombeast” offers an extensive selection of weaponry — from handguns and shotguns to assault and sniper rifles, supplemented by grenades, knives, and shurikens for varied combat strategies.

Leverage unique abilities to dispatch zombies innovatively: grenades for explosive crowd control, knives for distraction, or traps for strategic eliminations.

Scattered throughout are items to augment your combat efficacy, enhance health, and secure additional ammunition.

The game enables the acquisition and enhancement of armaments through the currency obtained from your endeavors.

Progression unveils advanced equipment and new battlegrounds, introducing novel zombie classes. “Zombeast” accommodates both offline and online gameplay, offering a dynamic and immersive post-apocalyptic experience.

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What's new

1) Gun Perks.
From now on, majority of the guns have acces to special perks.
They increase stats of the guns and add different effects.
2) Bug fixes.

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