Yatse – Kodi remote and cast v10.7.1 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

Last Updated on Feb 29, 2024
Yatse is the only Kodi remote you will ever need to control all your devices.
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Feb 28, 2024
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Yatse – Kodi remote and cast MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

Download The Latest APK Version of Yatse – Kodi remote and cast MOD APK. An Android Video Players & Editors App this MOD comes with Premium Unlocked Available download Yours Now.

In the realm of Kodi control, Yatse – Kodi’s remote and casting maestro, emerges as the brainchild of the Yatse Team. This ingenious application serves as the orchestral baton, allowing aficionados to indulge in a kaleidoscope of entertainment – be it movies, TV sagas, sports, live broadcasts, and more, all orchestrated seamlessly through a Bluetooth-tethered device.

Universal in its compatibility, the Yatse application gracefully dances across the platforms of both Android and iOS devices. Through this virtual maestro, one can command the Kodi symphony – playing and directing media with the flair of a virtuoso. Connect your smartphone to the ensemble, and behold the power to sway your favorite Kodi content. Furthermore, casting the melodious Kodi app from your mobile sonnet to the grand stage of your TV is but a stroke of genius.

Yatse, the unseen conductor in the Kodi amphitheater, is not just a remote control; it’s the maestro’s wand for orchestrating cinematic experiences across distant devices. In its magical command, the playback, cessation, and temporal rewind of cinematic masterpieces unfold with precision. The very essence of subtitled storytelling is at the beck and call of this enchanting application.

Beyond its technical symphony, the interface of Yatse is a canvas for personalization, a tapestry where users can weave in their preferences. Language metamorphosis and thematic evolution are within reach, with an array of skins waiting to don the application’s attire. The diverse skins offer a plethora of choices, akin to a wardrobe reflecting one’s personality. The multifaceted functionality of the application caters to a spectrum of user needs.

Yatse – Kodi’s remote and casting maestro, an ethereal control tapestry, unfurls its artistic prowess, beckoning enthusiasts to cast their cinematic spells from the farthest reaches. Link your device to the domestic network, and watch the content symphony unfold in a distant theater of your choice.

This application, a costless conduit to cinematic enchantment, boasts a user-friendly design, ensuring a harmonious experience. A delightful revelation lies in its harmonious liaison with smartphones, tablets, and the epitome of intelligence – the smart TV. The symphony of entertainment orchestrated through this application graces the TV screen effortlessly. Transform your handheld companion into a remote virtuoso, commanding the television like a puppeteer orchestrating strings. Even the homely audio ensemble succumbs to the remote command, all orchestrated through the silent spells of Yatse.

Features of Yatse Kodi remote and cast MOD APK

Control your local and streaming media

The Yatse – Kodi remote and cast stands as an unparalleled Kodi Remote App, offering comprehensive control over both local and streaming media. This entails the capability to initiate playback, halt, cease, advance, reverse, and even alter channels.

Moreover, the Yatse Remote Control distinguishes itself as the pioneering tool to incorporate the feature of casting your preferred media onto your television screen. Simply opt for the source you wish to stream and press the Cast button to dispatch the video to your TV.

Cast your local media to a big screen

The Yatse – Kodi remote and cast facilitates seamless streaming of your local media onto a larger screen. Simply initiate your media, and designate the device where you wish to showcase it. The remote will autonomously fine-tune the audio and video settings, ensuring an uninterrupted enjoyment of your movies, music, and more.

Remotely control Plex and Emby

With the Yatse – Kodi remote and cast at your disposal, you attain absolute mastery over your Plex and Emby media servers. This endows you with the capability to seamlessly retrieve your media repository from any corner of the globe, relishing unparalleled quality and performance through your remote apparatus.

Furthermore, exercise dominion over the playback of any multimedia content directly on your television, eliminating the necessity to navigate through the conventional remote control. Experience this unmediated control over your viewing experience.

Switch between your local and streaming sources

For optimal seamlessness, Yatse – Kodi remote and cast excels in effortlessly transitioning between your local device and streaming sources with a mere touch. While connected to your local device, Yatse delivers an impeccably precise representation of your ongoing viewing scenario. Conversely, when engaged in streaming from your media center, a comprehensive list of your sources becomes readily accessible, allowing effortless navigation between them.

Browse, select and play your favorite content

Within the realm of Yatse – Kodi remote and cast, you gain entry to the entirety of your remote control functionalities, concurrently having the capability to peruse, choose, and commence playback of your preferred content from all your linked devices. The main screen showcases a comprehensive array of your devices, simplifying the selection process for your desired viewing experience. Whether it’s a file residing on a network drive or a stream originating from a server, you can effortlessly designate your choice. Additionally, the option to pick the device under your command is available, with the full roster of your devices conveniently accessible on the main screen.

Enjoy the latest and greatest features in a clean and intuitive interface

With Yatse – Kodi remote and cast, relish the latest and most advanced features presented within an uncluttered and user-friendly interface. Comprehensive media controls are at your fingertips, facilitating seamless navigation through your media content.

Moreover, customization options abound as you tailor your home screen and craft personalized shortcuts for favored media apps and services. The added perk allows you to directly share content from Yatse – Kodi remote and cast to your social networks and television. Furthermore, casting your content to Chromecast, Firestick, or Roku players becomes a seamless endeavor.

The cherry on top? Yatse arrives with a 30-day free trial, enabling you to explore its offerings entirely risk-free. Dive into the Yatse experience with confidence.

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What's new

Version 11.3.5

• Fix adding host via full urls not always working as intended.
• Fix a few rare crashes. Remember that it's way easier if you contact support when you have crashes than trying to guess from the little data that is sometimes available in Google Play Console.

See: https://yatse.tv/News
If you have any issue please contact us!

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