Yasa Pets Vacation v1.2 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Last Updated on Dec 20, 2023
Time to go on a trip!! Pack a case and head to the airport! Go through security and board the plane after shopping in duty free!! Jump in the swimming pool … Holiday time is here !!
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Dec 20, 2023
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Yasa Pets Vacation MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Download The Latest APK Version of Yasa Pets Vacation MOD APK. An Android Educational Game this MOD comes with Unlimited Money Unlocked Available download Yours Now.

Yasa Pets Vacation marks the inaugural installment within a series geared towards enlightening youngsters about the intricacies of fauna and their respective habitats.

Comprising a total of 100 tiers, each stage within this game is a conglomerate of sub levels. The player’s mission, at each tier, involves the discernment of a clandestine entity concealed within the level’s confines.

This enigmatic entity takes the form of a companionable creature, adept at the art of concealment amidst the level’s intricacies. Once the player successfully unveils this covert companion, accolades in the form of a score are bestowed upon them. The accumulation of accurate identifications determines the unlocking privilege for subsequent levels.

Yasa Pets Vacation caters to a demographic spanning from 4 to 8 years of age, curated to provide familial amusement. Featuring uncomplicated controls and a diverse array of gaming modalities, the game aspires to captivate the entire household.

Beyond family oriented entertainment, the game is meticulously crafted to be accessible and engaging for independent play by children. The menagerie within the game encompasses an array of distinctive creatures, each possessing its idiosyncratic traits. Furthermore, the game’s compatibility with smartphones facilitates gameplay at one’s convenience, unconstrained by spatial limitations.

The recently introduced Yasa Pets Vacation stands as a delightful, endearing, and enlightening gaming experience tailored for the juvenile audience. The game beckons for participation from both progeny and family cohorts alike.

This interactive marvel not only captivates the attention of young minds but also imparts a multitude of cognitive skills. Yasa Pets Vacation transcends traditional gameplay, serving as an engaging platform for children to acquire valuable proficiencies.

Through the medium of play, children cultivate an appreciation for recreation while concurrently nurturing their unique inclinations. Yasa Pets Vacation emerges as an instructional tool, adept at instilling in children the art of camaraderie with the animal kingdom. The game effectively serves as a conduit for the assimilation of compassion and amusement.

Within the Yasa Pets Vacation universe, myriad opportunities for interaction with the virtual fauna abound. Engaging in activities such as nourishment provision, domicile upkeep, and playtime interactions constitute the diverse spectrum of engagements available to young players.

The game endeavors to instill a sense of responsibility in children, urging them to foster an improved existence for their digital companions. Through this immersive experience, children gain insights into animal welfare, establishing their unique methods of nurturing.

Moreover, the game teems with an ensemble of winsome creatures, each exuding affability and charm. This virtual menagerie becomes a conduit for communication, fostering a language of kinship between the players and their digital cohorts. The game serves as an avenue for not only learning the nuances of animal care but also forging bonds with these endearing virtual beings.

Features of Yasa Pets Vacation MOD APK

Pick from a variety of items and accessories

The Yasa Pet Vacation application manifests as a compendium of commodities tailored for your esteemed companion. Within its virtual emporium, one may procure a diverse assortment of requisites, encompassing sustenance for the canine, a receptacle for hydration, the ornate collar, an extensible leash, a recreational toy, and more.

Moreover, the application extends the privilege to conceive a bespoke nomenclature tag for your canine companion. A further indulgence lies in the ability to craft a personalized backpack and a sartorial expression for your four-legged confidante, thereby enhancing the entire canine ensemble.

Collect coins and stars

Yasa Pets Vacation unfolds as an instructive gaming experience tailored for the younger demographic. Enriched with endearing characters, the game serves as a facilitator for imparting fundamental mathematical and linguistic competencies to your progeny.

Immersing in the game, an array of engaging tasks and activities awaits completion. Accomplishing these undertakings not only yields a sense of accomplishment but also accrues coins and stars as tangible rewards. The garnered coins find utility in the acquisition of a virtual pet, while the stars function as the gateway to unlocking a diverse array of novel and captivating companions.

Earn achievements and trophies

A leisurely escapade, tailor made for both you and your canine companion! Venture to the sandy shores, and engage in spirited games, all while tending to the well being of your cherished pets. The quintessence of the experience lies in nourishing them, ensuring their overall welfare, and cultivating a jubilant atmosphere.

As you navigate this canine odyssey, amass achievements and trophies, heralding the onset of a delightful sojourn with Yasa Pets Vacation.

Complete quests

The cadence of your gameplay determines the expansiveness of your sojourn, revealing captivating destinations with each passing moment.

Delve deeper into the game to unravel a tapestry of intriguing locales. As you navigate, a trove of special items awaits discovery, attainable by successfully concluding the quests that punctuate your journey.


Yasa Pets Vacation unfolds as a compendium of lifelike mini games, each artfully crafted to mirror real world scenarios. Revel in the vacation experience either as a familial unit engage in solo play, or share the enjoyment with a friend.

Beginning your journey at the airport, assume the role of a passenger gearing up for a holiday escapade. Engage in the meticulous art of suitcase packing, settle the fare with finesse, and proceed to the departure gate in a seamless progression.

Post flight, find yourself ensconced in the airport hotel, eagerly anticipating the arrival of your luggage. Within this haven, mini games beckon in the lobby, by the swimming pool, and within the confines of your accommodation.

The holiday merriment extends to the companionship of your pet, with the added delight of encountering a myriad of other charming pets throughout your sojourn.

Navigate the gaming landscape either in solitary splendor or alongside a companion. Assume diverse roles, from passenger to pet, and even don the hat of a waiter or taxi driver, ushering your esteemed pet back home.

Two distinct modes offer varied gameplay experiences. In the free mode, indulge in one mini game at a time. Alternatively, immerse yourself in the dynamic multi mini game mode, juggling concurrent activities like a virtuoso.

Picture yourself engaged in a game by the swimming pool while simultaneously indulging in another within the lobby, amplifying the richness of your gaming encounter.

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