Yasa Pets School v1.2 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Last Updated on Dec 20, 2023
It’s time for school … Pick a locker and sit next to your friends in class! Win the sports competition and celebrate with a pizza party. Then graduate with a diploma and go to the Prom!
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Dec 20, 2023
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Yasa Pets School MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Download The Latest APK Version of Yasa Pets School MOD APK. An Android Educational Game this MOD comes with Unlimited Money Unlocked Available download Yours Now.

YASA Pets Academy presents a complimentary edifying experience tailored for the juvenile intellect. Nestled within the thematic embrace of fauna, the YASA Pets Academy propounds an educational sojourn where progeny delve into the intricacies of animal comportment. Herein, young minds assimilate erudition on animal conduct, partake in tutelage, engage in recreation, nurture their virtual companions, and undertake the mantle of custodianship over their animated charges. The youthful cohort is not merely entertained but acquires knowledge through the enjoyable interface of YASA Pets Academy a delightful, uncomplicated milieu for their engagement.

This virtual crucible serves as a conduit for the assimilation of animalistic wisdom. Participants, while reveling in play with their animated counterparts, unlock the gateway of tutelage. YASA Pets Academy becomes a conduit for both the merriment of play and the pedagogical nuances of instructing and conditioning. The simplicity of the game interface lends itself to a seamless integration with the cognitive faculties of the younger demographic.

The paradigm of Yasa Pets Academy transcends the commonplace, assuming the guise of a conundrum rooted in the lives of domesticated animals. It emerges as an educational enigma, especially centered on the feline entity named “Romeo” and the canine companion, “Jasper.” In their shared abode, these animated beings coexist harmoniously, surrounded by a bevy of playthings and a camaraderie of friends. Their felicity stems from an adept acumen in maintaining domestic order and an innate intelligence. However, adversity occasionally befalls them in the form of ailment, necessitating intervention from the veterinary. The game metamorphoses into a ludic exploration of animal traits and characteristics, whereby participants partake in diverse games to facilitate the convalescence of Romeo and Jasper.

Delving into the diverse menagerie of Yasa Pets Academy, a myriad of fauna graces the virtual landscape. Among the options, participants can select from three distinct feline personalities and an equal number of canine counterparts. The game unfolds across more than 50 levels, each encapsulating a unique array of challenges. Discerning enthusiasts unravel the distinctive attributes of each virtual creature, with the option to vary their choice for each level.

Navigating this ludic odyssey is a facile endeavor, accommodating solitary pursuit or shared engagement with a confidant. YASA Pets Academy seamlessly merges entertainment with erudition, a testament to its captivating and enlightening essence.

Features of Yasa Pets School MOD APK

Choose from 20 cute puppies and kittens

In the urban domain, the preeminent caretaker of domesticated companions eagerly awaits your presence! Tend to the needs of a score of endearing juvenile canines and felines, shepherding them toward the zenith of pet excellence. Facilitate their cognitive development and furnish them with a superlative education.

Elect your companions from a selection of 20 precocious pups and kittens, each boasting a distinctive demeanor, and administer your care with a delicate touch. Every diurnal cycle unfolds as an uncharted odyssey within the hallowed precincts of Yasa Pets School.

Opt from a myriad of winsome pups and kittens, each an individualist in terms of both disposition and visage. Foster your newfound animal companion and inculcate in them the principles of compliance. Provide nourishment, sanitize their abodes, and engage in recreational activities with them! Additionally, indulge in the adornment of their countenance with accoutrements such as hats, eyewear, neckties, and more

Multiple levels to master

Advanced from fundamental competencies to the intricacies of proficiency, a myriad of tiers awaits mastery. Whether achieving the pinnacle score or triumphing over your comrades, perpetual engagements beckon.

Indulge in recreational interactions with your canine companion within the scholastic chamber or the recreational expanse. Yasa Pets School, a bastion of erudition for pet proprietors, imparts the art of adept pet management in the scholastic milieu. Dabble in a diverse array of activities with your cherished animal companions, spanning various echelons of complexity. The interactive milieu facilitates the acquisition of skills, such as culinary prowess for pet sustenance and the art of maintaining a pristine domicile. Whether in the classroom or the playground, your esteemed pet will dutifully heed your directives.

Earn daily rewards

Yasa Pets School, an unrestrained gaming escapade, replete with enthralling exploits and trials tailored for children across all age brackets. Uncover the mechanics of gameplay, select your preferred companions from the array of available pets. Garner daily gratuities and unveil a plethora of pets and embellishments. Engage in our virtual community on Facebook, contributing your visual chronicles for a collective experience.

Unlock cool outfits for your pet

Yasa Pets School, a recently minted gaming venture allowing you to tailor your companion to your heart’s content. Transform your cherished pet into an erudite mentor, an athletic virtuoso, or even a diligent student. Uncover a cache of novel ensembles and bestow upon your pet a fresh aesthetic. Every individualized pet boasts a distinctive persona, offering you the liberty to cherry pick from an eclectic array in the marketplace. Additionally, partake in the camaraderie by engaging with friends, sharing your curated pets, and engaging in friendly duels.


Yasa Pets School an unrivaled app designed for the intellectual enrichment of children. This app serves as a pedagogical guide, instilling the virtues of rule adherence, financial literacy, and dexterous manual skills. The scholastic ambiance teems with diverse activities.

Within the confines of the classroom, progenies can cultivate literacy through gameplay. The pedagogue elucidates the tenets of Yasa Pets School, fostering the acumen of compliance in the young learners. Upon successful task completion, children accrue coins, unlocking a myriad of exhilarating pursuits.

The educational odyssey extends to sporting arenas within the classroom soccer, volleyball, basketball, and an array of other athletic pursuits await. Mathematical and literary games add an additional layer of erudition, allowing kids to grasp counting, addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

Post the academic exploits, a jovial Pizza Party awaits. Children are presented with a selection of four delectable pizzas, relishing the feast in the company of their peers.

Subsequently, a momentous Graduation Ceremony transpires, wherein the young scholars receive their hard-earned diplomas a testament to their scholastic accomplishments and a source of unbridled joy.

Culminating the academic journey is the Prom, an exuberant dance soirée where kids revel in the culmination of their scholastic endeavors with their cherished companions.

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