Yasa Pets Hotel v1.5 MOD APK (Unlimited Stars)

Last Updated on Dec 20, 2023
It’s time for a vacation … take a trip to a world of holiday fun! Check in to the Yasa Pets Hotel and eat everything in the minibar. Then float in the pool with an ice-cream, play tennis and visit a secret tropical island!
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Dec 20, 2023
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Yasa Pets Hotel MOD APK (Unlimited Stars)

Download The Latest APK Version of Yasa Pets Hotel MOD APK. An Android  Educational Game this MOD comes with Unlimited Stars Unlocked Available download Yours Now.

Yasa Pets Hotel emerges as an educational conduit, enlightening youngsters about the intricate tapestry of the animal kingdom and its multifarious denizens. This digital haven unfolds in two distinct segments, commencing with the inaugural sojourn into the pet emporium, where the player on the acquisition of a novel, sentient companion.

The subsequent phase unveils the hotel domain, a haven where the player meticulously tends to the physiological and emotional needs of their newfound companion.

An expansive menagerie awaits, ranging from piscine creatures to canine companions, feline friends, avian associates, lagomorph luminaries, and diminutive rodent residents, each harboring their distinctive traits.

Within this digital microcosm, players engage in the acquisition and nurturing of various creatures, a pursuit that promises gratifying incentives. Each creature, with its unique idiosyncrasies encompassing dietary predilections, somnolent proclivities, and beyond, provides an avenue for the establishment of camaraderie with fellow inhabitants of this virtual menagerie.

The creative latitude extends further with the option for players to embellish their abodes with an assortment of furnishings. The expansive repertoire includes beds for repose, tables for camaraderie, and luminous fixtures illuminating the virtual expanse.

The entire domiciliary landscape becomes a canvas for the player’s aesthetic expression, adorned with diverse furniture configurations.

Yasa Pets Hotel boasts an amalgamation of features that renders it an all-encompassing entertainment venture catering to both juvenile and mature audiences. The high fidelity animation resonates with a resplendent cartoon panache, rendering it easily assimilable.

The experience is enriched with a plethora of endearing and comical animations, ensuring protracted enjoyment for the players.

Diverse avenues for accruing in game currency abound, encompassing the peddling of sustenance and ornamental embellishments. The completion of multifarious missions provides an additional conduit for augmenting one’s virtual coffers.

These missions encompass a gamut of activities, spanning from frolicking with a cherished companion to ensuring their nutritional satiety, among myriad other tasks. Yasa Pets Hotel encapsulates the essence of role-playing, casting the player in the role of a fastidious caretaker striving to cultivate the epitome of a pet haven.

Upon the acquisition of a novel pet, the player on a pivotal sequence of responsibilities, ranging from nomenclature bestowal to the holistic well-being of their newfound compatriot.

As the pet attains contentment, it reciprocates by assuming the mantle of a domestic aide, partaking in the upkeep of the abode, proffering sustenance, and ensuring hydration.

Yasa Pets Hotel, an interactive odyssey where players embody the stewardship of virtual companions, unfolds as a captivating venture that melds education and entertainment in a seamless symphony.

Features of Yasa Pets Hotel MOD APK

More than 100 cute pets with different personalities

Concomitantly, the creative endeavor necessitates an adept navigation of the hotel corridors inhabited by Yasa Pets. This endearing digital escapade, crafted for both the young and the mature audience, emerges as a sublime conduit for leisurely pursuits interwoven with zoological enlightenment.

Within the virtual expanse of Yasa Pets Hotel, a plethora exceeding 100 distinct fauna awaits encounters of anthropomorphic cognizance. Each animal, a sentient guest within this whimsical hostelry, brandishes an idiosyncratic persona. The onus to discern a favored companion rests squarely upon your discerning faculties.

The hotel lobby, a virtual agora teeming with animated entities, proffers an intimate acquaintance with these fascinating creatures. The conduit to deeper familiarity manifests through a repertoire of mini-games and interactive activities, elucidating the nuances of their habits, skills, and gastronomic predilections.

In the crucible of rivalry, several mini games beckon participation, where denizens vie for supremacy. Should the proclivity to sojourn within the confines of this digital inn beckon, the issuance of a virtual key via your handheld electronic device is the sanctioned means of ingress.

Such is the kaleidoscopic vista that Yasa Pets Hotel unfolds a cavalcade of sentient beings, each harboring a narrative waiting to be unraveled. Engross yourself in this tapestry of digital fauna, where leisure converges with edification, crafting an odyssey that transcends the banalities of conventional pastimes.

Dress up your hotel room with a variety of furniture

Entwined within the confines of the Yasa Pets Hotel is a myriad of entertaining chambers awaiting embellishment, replete with a diverse array of furnishings.

The canvas of creativity extends to the alteration of wall hues, the metamorphosis of furniture pigments, and the selection of the somnolent repose apparatus. Moreover, the latitude to personalize the Yasa Pets Hotel extends to the incorporation of sundry themes and artifacts, ensuring a bespoke ambiance tailored to your aesthetic proclivities.

Collect coins and use them to unlock new pets and furniture

Within the tapestry of Yasa Pets Hotel, the overarching objective unfurls as a pursuit to amass a pecuniary reservoir substantial enough to offset the expenses incurred by the hotel abode and procure an eclectic array of amenities. The conduits to fiscal augmentation materialize through the acquisition of coins.

Upon accruing a sufficient trove of coins, the portal to acquisition swings open, permitting the procurement of sundry pets and furnishings adorning the hotel’s expanse.

It is noteworthy that a subset of these coveted items is designated exclusively for the denizens of the hotel, while another subset caters exclusively to the embellishment of the ambient interiors, delineating a dichotomy of exclusivity between the animate and the inanimate.

Unique gameplay that requires quick reactions

 Navigate the labyrinthine corridors of the hotel, adeptly unraveling puzzles strewn along your path.

Enrich your journey by amassing a coterie of pets, each harboring unique proficiencies that await discovery. Additionally, imbue your abode with an aura of comfort through the eclectic assortment of decor at your disposal.

Aside from the captivating challenges within, the hotel boasts a mini bar teeming with delectable libations and snacks, attainable through the triumphant subjugation of diverse adversaries.

Furthermore, the Yasa Pets Hotel extends beyond the confines of mere accommodation, unveiling amenities such as a swimming pool, tennis court, and a clandestine tropical isle harboring an enigmatic surprise of monumental proportions.


Yasa Pets Hotel is an engaging game that revolves around the captivating nexus of animals, pets, and luxurious accommodations. Revel in the company of your preferred fauna, be it a mischievous monkey, majestic lion, winsome rabbit, or colossal elephant.

The expanse of gameplay extends to frolics within the opulent hotel room, replete with a refreshing pool, an entertainment hub with a television, and a tastefully stocked minibar.

At Yasa Pets Hotel, the tapestry of interactions unfolds with the chance to encounter a diverse array of animals, fostering delightful playtime engagements. The repertoire of enjoyment expands further as you unlock novel games and accomplishments, adding layers of excitement and achievement to your immersive experience.

Within the confines of the hotel, the menagerie of activities involves playful interactions with various animals, featuring the animated antics of a monkey, the regal presence of a lion, the endearing companionship of a rabbit, and the majestic aura of an elephant.

Additionally, the allure of gameplay extends to the well-appointed hotel room, boasting amenities like a refreshing pool, an entertainment focal point complete with a television, and a thoughtfully curated minibar for your indulgence.

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