XSCamera v3.0.3 MOD APK (Patch Unlocked)

Last Updated on Feb 10, 2024
Looking for a powerful and discreet background video recorder app? XSCamera is the perfect solution for you! With XSCamera, you can easily record videos in the background without any preview, even when your screen is locked.
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Feb 10, 2024
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XSCamera MOD APK (Patch Unlocked)

Download The Latest APK Version of XSCamera MOD APK. An Android Tools App this MOD comes with Patch Unlocked Available download Yours Now.

In the era of escalating demand for smartphones and various mobile contrivances, individuals are increasingly capturing a plethora of photographs through their handheld devices. Yet, the quandary arises when the focus of the lens pivots toward you a concern of substantial magnitude for numerous users.

However, with the advent of the application, one can rest assured that clandestine photographs remain beyond the purview of prying eyes. This software harbors a distinctive attribute, affording users the ability to capture images discreetly.

Upon snapping a photograph, it securely lodges itself within your gallery, eschewing storage on the device or any cloud-based services. Consequently, your visual archives remain impervious to external scrutiny. Even the deletion of images proves ineffectual in preserving their existence.

The application proffers an unequivocal assurance of privacy, alleviating concerns that might otherwise encroach upon one’s tranquility. Download and indulge in the application to revel in life unburdened by apprehensions.

This utility functions as a clandestine recorder, facilitating the covert documentation of events transpiring in both public arenas and the sanctum of one’s domicile.

It meticulously captures the transpiring events before you, affording the luxury of subsequent playback. An ideal mechanism for immortalizing momentous occasions, ranging from birthdays and weddings to various other commemorations.

XSCamera stands as a diminutive and uncomplicated application user-friendly and accessible to individuals of all proficiencies. Boasting a straightforward interface and operational mode, it obviates the need for protracted installations and updates.

Initiating the recording process is as facile as pressing a button, with a notification heralding the conclusion of the recording. This tool epitomizes convenience, furnishing users with an array of functionalities, encompassing a timer, voice recording, and video capturing, among other features.

An abundance of attributes renders this tool eminently user-friendly, and tailor-made for documenting discreet occurrences in the lives of its users.

Features of XSCamera MOD APK

Record video even when the screen is locked

In the realm of this application’s capabilities, you possess the ability to capture video seamlessly even when the device’s screen is securely locked. The flexibility extends further as you can tailor the resolution of the recorded videos to your preferences. Moreover, you wield the power to precisely define the temporal parameters, specifying both the commencement and conclusion of your recorded visual narratives.

Upon the juncture of saving your video, you are granted the authority to stipulate the quality of the recorded content. This transcends mere quality control, as you also dictate the temporal dimensions, ensuring that the duration aligns seamlessly with your creative intent. The canvas expands, offering the option to select the dimensions of the visual tableau you wish to encapsulate.

Enter XSCamera, not merely a recording instrument but a clandestine observer in its essence. It stands as the quintessential tool for covert, private documentation, rendering it the epitome of a stealth camera.

Configure the settings of the app

Within the confines of this application’s capabilities, a plethora of configurations await your discerning touch. Navigate through an array of settings encompassing video recording, temporal parameters, video resolution, audio recording quality, and the interlude between successive video recordings.

To embark upon the journey of configuring these settings, direct your course toward the Settings page embedded within the app’s interface. Initiating this voyage is as simple as tapping the inconspicuous three-dot icon nestled in the apex of the Settings page.

Subsequently, unfurl the Video tab, where the tapestry of customization awaits. Revel in the power to set the recording duration, the visual resolution, and the temporal hiatus between consecutive video recordings. The default values, etched into the fabric of this realm, stand at a duration of 30 seconds, a resolution of 640×480, and an interlude of one minute between each cinematic endeavor.

Record video with multiple audio channels

Embark on a multimedia odyssey with the capability to record video featuring multiple audio channels concurrently. This application empowers you not only to alter the audio channel within the recorded video but also to augment the auditory experience with the inclusion of subtitles. The creative arena further expands as you gain mastery over the post-recording editing of the video’s audio track, allowing for a nuanced and customized audiovisual creation.

Record videos privately without a preview

Unveiling a discreet feature, this functionality allows you to clandestinely capture videos sans a preview screen. The intrinsic value lies in its unparalleled utility, particularly when the need arises to surreptitiously record without the cumbersome task of opening the app and initiating the recording process.

The conventional approach not only proves inconvenient but necessitates the presence of a preview screen within the app, thus impinging on the covert nature of the recording. Hence, our innovative design empowers the app to clandestinely record videos without the prerequisite of app activation and the subsequent initiation of the recording sequence.

The applications of this feature are manifold, spanning from inconspicuously documenting your surroundings while driving to capturing candid moments of your children’s activities. The versatile nature of this tool extends to recording anything you wish to shield from prying eyes, cementing its status as an indispensable asset in the realm of discreet video documentation.

Record videos in the background

Harnessing the capabilities of this application, you can seamlessly capture videos in the background, devoid of any preview screen. A mere click initiates the recording process, eliminating the need to open XSCamera on every occasion you wish to document something.

As an additional perk, the app intelligently pauses video recording during periods of inactivity, a strategic maneuver to conserve battery life. Experience the convenience of effortless, background video recording with a single click, a hallmark feature that sets XSCamera apart.

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