XGallery v1.6.9 MOD APK (Pro Unlocked)

Last Updated on Feb 20, 2024
This app is an easy-to-use offline photo gallery that helps you organize and manage photos and videos.
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Feb 20, 2024
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XGallery MOD APK (Pro Unlocked)

Download The Latest APK Version of XGallery MOD APK. This MOD is An Android Tools App with Pro Unlocked Available downloads Yours Now.

XGallery emerges as an intuitive platform for curating a digital photo anthology. Within its domain, one may capture imagery, orchestrate photo compilations, and disseminate these visual narratives among acquaintances. It facilitates the aggregation of photographic and videographic memories into shared collections. Embellishing these visuals with textual inscriptions and filtrations augments their allure, while the integration of unique visual manipulations enhances their appeal. The application offers a suite for refining these digital mementos before their circulation.

Moreover, the embellishment of snapshots and motion pictures with decals, borders, and distinctive visual manipulations further elevates their attractiveness. The inclusion of these artistic elements into videos, accompanied by the capability to apply varied filters, enriches their aesthetic value. XGallery stands as a bastion for photo sharing, enabling the adornment of visuals with stickers, frameworks, and enchanting effects, alongside the option to fine-tune both photos and videos for communal enjoyment.

Functioning as a custodian of your visual treasures, XGallery affords the convenience of album creation and organization, allowing for the chronological arrangement of memories. It proffers the tools to modify the chromatic essence of your photographs through filters, and the application of frames introduces an additional layer of elegance. This ensemble of features coalesces within XGallery, presenting an all-encompassing solution for photo and video management.

Features of XGallery MOD APK

Customize your gallery

XGallery empowers you to tailor your digital photo collection to your taste. This versatile platform offers an array of themes, alongside the capability to adorn your images with various effects and filters. A standout feature is the integrated image editor, providing a robust toolkit for photo modification, including rotation, cropping, and the adjustment of brightness, saturation, and contrast to finesse your photographs.

This gallery is designed for personalization, allowing you to infuse it with your unique aesthetic. Importing photos is a breeze, with options to drag them from different applications or capture new moments directly through your device’s camera. Customization extends to altering the backdrop hue, photo dimensions, format, and positioning to your preference. Moreover, the Photo Filter feature stands ready to transform your images with captivating effects, and you even have the flexibility to rotate your captures for that perfect orientation.

Quick access to your photos

XGallery offers unparalleled flexibility in how you peruse your photographic memories. This application allows for a myriad of viewing options, enabling you to organize your photos chronologically by year, month, day, or week, and even alphabetically for ease of navigation.

Moreover, the app provides the functionality to tailor the sequence in which your photos are displayed, with the ability to sort them either in ascending or descending order according to your preference.

Beyond mere viewing, XGallery facilitates the creation of albums, allowing you to categorize your photos into distinct collections for streamlined access, with each album conveniently presented as a list.

The application also extends into multimedia presentation, offering the capability to craft slideshows from your photos or videos. Within this feature, you possess the control to adjust the sequence of your visuals and enrich the experience by incorporating music, transforming your memories into a dynamic and personalized narrative.

Full-featured photo gallery

Leveraging the capabilities of this exemplary photo gallery, you’re equipped to orchestrate your photo collection with remarkable efficiency. Initiate by designating your preferred folder for photo storage, and watch as the gallery methodically categorizes your images.

This gallery is brimming with features designed to amplify your photo management experience. Enrich each photograph with textual or auditory annotations for a personal touch. Moreover, the ease of sharing your captured moments via email, Facebook, Instagram, and various other social platforms is at your fingertips, with the option to designate your photos as private or public according to your discretion.

The gallery’s versatility extends into photo editing, offering the tools to excise undesired elements or embellish your images with stickers for added flair. The photo editor is your ally in refining your images, equipped with functionalities to crop, rotate, resize, and fine-tune the brightness, saturation, and contrast, ensuring your photos are showcased at their absolute best.

Gallery app includes photo editing features

The XGallery App is enriched with an extensive suite of photo editing capabilities, enabling users to meticulously refine their images. Among these tools are functionalities for cropping, rotating, applying auto adjustments, HDR enhancement, stitching together panoramic views, performing touch-ups, and flipping images for a new perspective.

Beyond these fundamental adjustments, the app offers advanced photo editing tools designed to alter the luminosity, contrast, saturation, and white balance, facilitating precise color correction and enhancement. Additionally, users have the creative freedom to craft custom backgrounds, lending a unique ambiance to their photos. A plethora of special effects are available at your fingertips, allowing for the transformation of ordinary photos into captivating visual artistry.

Photo recovery features

XGallery stands as a beacon of hope for retrieving accidentally deleted photos and videos, offering recovery options for both internal memory and SD cards. Should you find yourself in the unfortunate situation of having erased a cherished photo or video, XGallery provides a pathway for restoration from either storage medium. To aid in the identification of the deleted item, the app offers multiple display modes, including grid view, list view, and thumbnail view, ensuring you can navigate through your files with ease to locate what you seek.

Moreover, XGallery boasts functionality as an offline photo gallery, allowing you to access and enjoy your photo collection without the necessity of an internet connection. This feature ensures your memories are always within reach, regardless of your connectivity status, making it an invaluable tool for photo management and enjoyment in any setting.

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