World War Polygon v2.28 MOD APK (Unlimited Ammo)

Last Updated on Mar 07, 2024
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Mar 07, 2024
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World War Polygon MOD APK (Unlimited Ammo)

Download The Latest APK Version of World War Polygon MOD APK. An Android Action Game this MOD comes with Unlimited Ammo Available download Yours Now.

In the realm of interactive entertainment, immerse yourself in a riveting first-person shooter, an exhilarating odyssey set against the backdrop of the tumultuous Second World War. Your solemn duty entails safeguarding your homeland against an adversary of formidable prowess. The endeavor is no facile feat, for the adversary’s might is profound. The virtual realm mirrors reality with an awe-inspiring ambiance that captivates.

Embark on this digital expedition donned in the attire of a valiant foot soldier in the German army. Your primary directive: obliterate the adversary. This mandate necessitates the meticulous elimination of the opposing forces.

Engage the adversary on multiple fronts, deploying your arsenal both in the celestial expanse, at ground level, and upon the undulating waves. A myriad of armaments awaits, each demanding mastery for optimal efficacy.

The digital expanse proffers an array of challenges. Beyond routine enemy onslaughts, confrontations with dynamic meteorological conditions await. Adaptability becomes paramount as the capricious weather necessitates strategic modifications. Tedium finds no refuge here, for perpetual vigilance is imperative, given the imminent peril posed by the formidable foe.

Intellectual acumen becomes your lifeline, for sheer brawn proves insufficient. Devising strategies to elude adversaries becomes an indispensable facet of survival.

Adversaries may cunningly conceal themselves amidst arboreal havens, necessitating discernment in devising strategies for annihilation. The labyrinthine task of determining the optimal methodology adds a layer of complexity.

An arsenal, diverse in its composition, awaits at your disposal. The selection is eclectic, ranging from instruments designed for adversary annihilation to those aimed at dismantling their equipment. Beyond the conventional array of firearms, the flamethrower and mortar beckon as instruments of destruction.

The gameplay unfolds across a myriad of topographies. The cartographic diversity is palpable, with expansive landscapes juxtaposed against more confined settings. Each topography boasts its unique merits and demerits. A surfeit of maps beckons for exploration, promising an enriching experience for those seeking amusement.

Features of World War Polygon MOD APK

New weapons, special abilities, and powerups

In the realm of interactive entertainment, it unfolds a breathtaking array of armaments, contraptions, and faculties.

Each armament boasts its individualistic visage and tactile sensation, accompanied by distinctive phenomena upon activation. Throughout gameplay, specialized capabilities materialize, ranging from an incendiary emitter and marksman’s long-range implement to a propulsion apparatus and more.

Every mission bequeaths a bespoke array of extraordinary faculties and an abundance of singular incentives. These resources prove invaluable for surmounting hindrances, eradicating adversaries, or seizing dominion over pivotal locales.

Furthermore, the interactive experience encompasses extraordinary enhancements that can be acquired and implemented. These comprise a cloak of concealment, explosive ordnance, a region densely sown with mines, and a plethora of alternatives.

Different maps with various locations, weather, and time of day

Immersed in the backdrop of World War II, the game presents an opportunity for players to engage in combat across diverse theaters of the conflict. This entails confronting adversarial infantry across a myriad of terrains, enduring varying weather conditions, and navigating the challenges presented by different times of the day.

Moreover, the game boasts an extensive array of armaments and gear, ranging from sidearms to formidable tanks, mortar launchers, bazookas, and anti-aircraft artillery. Players can strategically employ this diverse arsenal to navigate the intricacies of warfare across the expansive landscapes of the global conflict.

Unique characters

Embark on an adrenaline-fueled first-person shooter experience, immersing yourself in the tumultuous landscapes of World War II alongside a diverse cast of characters.

Take on the mantle of a German Soldier, a British Soldier, a Russian Soldier, an American Soldier, a French Soldier, a Soviet Soldier, or a Polish Soldier. Each protagonist is equipped with their distinctive weaponry, honed skills, and unparalleled attributes.

While existing within a shared gaming universe, every character navigates a unique narrative trajectory with deeply personal objectives. Moreover, each protagonist is assigned a set of exclusive tasks pivotal to their journey through the game, adding a layer of complexity and individuality to the overall experience.

Online leaderboards and achievements

Engage in global competition by gauging your scores and triumphs against players worldwide through our seamless online leaderboards. For those with a penchant for daring exploits, seize the opportunity to confront other players and vie for the pinnacle of excellence.

The online leaderboards and accomplishments provide a platform for players to engage in spirited competition and measure their performance against a global community.

To attain coveted achievements, players must successfully navigate a series of in-game tasks. Keep a close eye on your progress on the online leaderboard, enabling you to benchmark your accomplishments against the diverse player base worldwide.


Step into the heart of World War II with a distinctive twist in this first-person shooter devoid of traditional weaponry. Instead, players must adeptly wield an assortment of tools and implements to unravel puzzles, unlock secured doors, and fend off adversaries.

Embark on a riveting single-player campaign, immersing yourself in a central narrative intertwined with various side quests. Assume the role of a valiant soldier navigating the tumultuous landscapes from D-Day in Normandy, through the Battle of Bulge in Ardennes, culminating in the climactic showdown in Berlin.

Combat an array of foes, including Nazis, soldiers, and infantry, while encountering diverse bosses and participating in grandiose battles. Specialized missions add complexity, such as engaging planes with anti-aircraft artillery, fortifying positions with mortar barrages, annihilating tanks and bunkers using a bazooka, and executing precision sniping over expansive distances.

World War Polygon caters to a broad audience, offering an immersive experience suitable for children, teenagers, and adults alike.

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What's new

Version 2.26 is out now!
* Important game engine modernization
* Multiple crashes fixed
* Optimization of the game
* Improvements in game economy
* Balancing of the game difficulty
* Bugfixes

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