Wobble Up MOD APK 1.31 (Unlocked Skins)

Last Updated on Apr 21, 2023
Wobble Up is an action-adventure game that simulates a challenging excursion of a cute little monster. The journey with countless obstacles, twisty roads, and diverse and equally thrilling maps. Try to collect items to increase strength, and help a little cutie reach the destination safely!
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Apr 21, 2023
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Wobble Up MOD APK (Unlocked Skins)

Download The Latest APK Version of Wobble Up MOD APK. An Android Adventure Game this MOD comes with Unlocked Skins Available download Yours Now.

The Wobble Journey is a game where the player plays a character who goes on a journey. This journey will start from Wobble Island and reach the end of the world.

The player will have to collect the crystals and help the characters who are trapped in the dark castle to escape. The game is very simple, but at the same time very exciting. Wobble Up MOD APK is a game that you can not wait to play.

You can travel with your character and meet a lot of interesting characters and places. It is a very interesting experience that no other game can offer.

The Wobble Journey is a game that is always changing, and you will never get bored. So if you want to make friends in the game, you need to keep playing.

Wobble Up MOD APK is divided into many chapters. Each chapter has a different theme, and you will enjoy each chapter.

You can unlock new chapters by collecting special items. As long as you keep playing, you will get new adventures to experience.

You will be able to save your progress and continue your game later. If you want to continue your journey, you can download Wobble Up MOD APK in the future and continue the game from where you left off.

The graphics are very good. The environment is full of fantasy and colorful. You will find many different types of monsters. The player will also have the chance to experience the story with different characters.

Many levels are provided. They will take you to different worlds. Different situations will come up in the game. You will have to do your best to get out of the dungeon. You will see a beautiful story and meet many interesting people.

Features of Wobble Journey MOD AP

Collect coins and gain experience points

In Wobble Up MOD APK, you will be able to collect coins and gain experience points. By collecting the coins, you can upgrade your own strength, speed, and health. Every time you collect coins, the game will reward you with a point.

The game offers you various routes to travel along the way. Each route has a number of obstacles that you need to overcome before reaching the destination. Collect the coins and collect the experience points as you encounter obstacles.

Different types of monsters, each with unique abilities

Wobble Up MOD APK is a platformer game that will let you feel like a real adventurer. There are different types of monsters in this game, each with its own characteristics and abilities.

You’ll be able to collect items that boost your character’s strength and use them to fight against the monsters.

Wobble Up is a game that simulates a challenging excursion of a cute little monster. The journey with countless obstacles, twisty roads, and diverse and equally thrilling maps. Try to collect items to increase strength, and help a little cutie reach the destination safely!

Earn badges for every completed level

In addition to the gameplay, Wobble Up MOD APK features an interesting storyline with lots of items and various characters. Collect items to earn more power and unlock new features.

Each level has a different goal, but the way to reach it is the same. So try to avoid the obstacles and enemies along the way, and collect all the badges along the way.

Discover the secrets of the labyrinth and unlock new levels

Wobble Up MOD APK is a challenging game that takes place in a 3D labyrinth. There are multiple stages and different difficulties. The game is easy to play but hard to master.

Collect items to increase strength and help a little cutie reach the destination safely. Unlock new levels and discover the secrets of the labyrinth.


Wobble Up MOD APK is a fun and exciting game for everyone. It’s the perfect game for children and adults too! It’s a great game for all ages, and it’s easy to play. There is no need to get special equipment.

In Wobble Up, you control a small creature called Wobble Up. Your goal is to find all the items needed to rescue a cute little monster named Wobble.

The main character is very simple, so the whole game consists of collecting items, avoiding obstacles, and getting to the end of the level. To move forward, you need to press A, and to jump, you need to press B.

Every level has a number of obstacles, which need to be overcome. In order to overcome these obstacles, you need to collect different objects, such as blocks, coins, stars, and power-ups. Powerups include a rocket, a shield, a parachute, or a super jump.

With each collected object, the player gains points, and the higher the score, the more difficult the next level will be.

In addition, there are various mini-games. In the first one, you need to throw balls to reach the target. In the second one, you need to keep track of how many balls are left. In the third one, you need to avoid enemies and try to catch the balloons.

Finally, the last mini-game is about collecting the items and avoiding the obstacles, but in the right order.

If you get stuck, you can always press the help button, which will show you the current score and how many coins, powerups, and balls you have.

The game has various levels, and each one has its own theme. For example, in the first level, you need to avoid obstacles in a forest, and in the second level, you need to avoid obstacles in a mine. The game also has a leaderboard, where you can compare your score with the other players.

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