WIFI Router Booster v40.8 MOD APK (Pro Unlocked)

Last Updated on Feb 21, 2024
Your WIFI router may receive many interferences from your neighborhood, and these interferences change day by day.
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WIFI Booster Technology
Feb 21, 2024
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WIFI Router Booster MOD APK (Pro Unlocked)

  Download The Latest Version of the WIFI Router Booster MOD APK. An Android Tools App comes with a Pro Unlocked MOD Available to download.

The WIFI Router Booster stands as a complimentary digital tool designed to elevate your router’s efficiency. This software empowers you to augment your network’s velocity, potentially amplifying it to a decuple of its prior capacity. It guides you through configuring your router to harness its optimal potential. This utility proves beneficial for rejuvenating routers that have deteriorated in performance.

Upon engaging with the digital sphere through your handheld device or tablet, you might find the velocity of your Wi-Fi connection constricted. This software endeavors to expedite your Wi-Fi network, facilitating swift and unimpeded access to the internet, thereby abbreviating the duration of your digital sojourns.

Moreover, this application provides a feature to temporarily disable your Wi-Fi signal, an act aimed at conserving energy. This measure not only aids in energy preservation but also contributes to prolonging your router’s lifespan. Additionally, the software is adept at refining your Wi-Fi signal’s quality.

This application caters to a wide array of gadgets, encompassing smartphones, tablets, personal computers, laptops, and routers themselves. It guarantees an enhanced connection for all these devices. Operating as a gratuitous enhancement tool, it demands no specific apparatus and occupies minimal storage on your mobile device. This program vows to ameliorate your connection, rendering it both superior and more rapid. It presents a straightforward avenue to amplify your signal, thereby enriching your digital interaction experience.

Feature of WIFI Router Booster MOD APK

Change the channel of your WIFI router

Your WIFI Router Booster is susceptible to a plethora of disturbances emanating from your vicinity, with these perturbations fluctuating daily. To maintain the zenith of your WIFI Router Booster’s performance, it’s imperative to modify the channel. This application facilitates such adjustments with ease.

The process is straightforward: choose your desired channel, then tap on “Boost”. For optimal functionality, it’s essential to periodically recalibrate your WIFI router. This recalibration might involve altering the channel, amplifying the TX power, or occasionally, enhancing the TX priority.

Engage in this simple yet crucial practice to ensure your WIFI Router Booster operates at its peak, providing you with an uninterrupted and robust connection.

Boost your WIFI router to increase its range and speed

The WIFI Router Booster serves as an instrumental tool designed to augment both the range and velocity of your WIFI router. By utilizing this application, you can enhance your WIFI router’s performance through adjustments in channel, TX (transmit) power, and TX priority. These modifications allow for a significant enhancement in your router’s functionality, enabling a more robust and efficient network experience.

Additionally, this application provides the means to monitor the current status of your WIFI router. It affords you the flexibility to modify the channel, TX power, TX priority, or a combination thereof, thereby optimizing your network according to your specific needs and preferences.

Employing the WIFI Router Booster, you are empowered to elevate your WIFI experience, enjoying a seamlessly efficient and extended network reach.

Keep the same configuration as before

The quintessential aim of this application is to preserve your network’s original configuration, ensuring that the connection speed and security remain unaltered.

Configuring a home network necessitates the appropriate hardware selection, understanding the specifications of your devices is paramount for establishing a secure network environment. Neglecting this could inadvertently expose your network to cyber threats. The initial step involves thorough research to ascertain the necessary devices for your network setup.

In this context, acquiring a WiFi access point becomes essential. Contrary to the common belief that one should connect one device to the internet and another to your network, you require only a single device connected to the internet. This device will act as a server, streamlining your network configuration.

This app simplifies the reconfiguration of your WIFI router’s settings, including Channel, TX Power, TX Priority, and other pertinent parameters. With just a single click, you can manage all these settings effortlessly, eliminating the need to consult the manual for guidance.

Save your time and money to boost your router

Your WIFI router is subject to a myriad of interferences emanating from your surroundings, with the nature of these disturbances evolving daily.

The WIFI Router Booster is meticulously crafted to streamline your experience, saving you both time and financial resources by automating the enhancement of your WIFI router.

Unmatched by any other application, this APP provides unparalleled features and functionalities. To ensure optimal performance, it is occasionally necessary to recalibrate your WIFI Router Booster. This may involve adjustments to the channel, an increase in TX (transmit) power, or an elevation of the TX priority, keeping your connection strong and reliable.

Boost WIFI router automatically

The WIFI Router Booster possesses the capability to enhance your WIFI router’s performance autonomously. This application is engineered to amplify your router’s signal within a mere 10 minutes, negating the need for manual intervention.

Upon detecting interference signals that may compromise your WIFI’s efficiency, the application is adept at identifying these signals and autonomously computing the requisite boost duration. It guarantees an automatic enhancement of your router within 10 minutes, eliminating manual operations.

Following the application’s intervention, it sustains the boosted signal for 5 minutes, after which it incrementally diminishes the boost intensity, preparing for the subsequent enhancement cycle.

Furthermore, the application allows for real-time monitoring of your boost status, offering the flexibility to manually adjust both the timing and intensity of the boost according to your specific requirements.

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Add support for 40MHz WIFI Channel in 2.4GHz band;

Android 8.0/9.0/10.0/11.0 and above requires location permission and location services to perform a WiFi scan;

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