Wheel Launcher Full customizable sidebar v1.452 MOD APK (Pro Unlocked)

Last Updated on Jan 24, 2024
Tired of sidebars and edge screens? Get yourself a wheel!
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Jan 24, 2024
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Wheel Launcher Full customizable sidebar MOD APK (Pro Unlocked)

Download The Latest APK Version of Wheel Launcher Full customizable sidebar MOD APK. An Android Personalization App this MOD comes with Pro Unlocked Available download Yours Now.

Within the application’s realm, users harness the capabilities of the Wheel Launcher’s fully customizable sidebar to inaugurate a novel home screen, replete with the power to personalize the application. Functioning as a shortcut launcher, it encompasses folders, applications, and files. Empowered by a bespoke theme, users can alter the launcher’s color scheme and bestow a distinctive identity upon the wallpaper. Should the desire arise to incorporate a folder icon, a simple drag-and-drop maneuver suffices.

Unquestionably, this application boasts advantages over myriad other launchers. Sporting a straightforward interface, it seamlessly combines user-friendliness with limitless customization possibilities. The option to configure a shortcut for direct application access further enhances its appeal. An ideal choice for enthusiasts dedicated to the perpetual refinement of their launchers.

The Wheel Launcher’s fully customizable sidebar emerges as an uncomplicated conduit for swift transitions between home screens. Granting users the latitude to overhaul their home screen layout, ensures effortless access to apps and widgets, sparing them the temporal rigmarole of exploration. The wheel launcher, a gateway to favored widgets and applications, allows for the creation of personalized layouts. This uncomplicated, user-friendly, and instinctive app beckons users to embark on the journey of personalization. Let’s infuse your distinct style into the Wheel Launcher and truly make it your own.

Features of Wheel Launcher Full customizable sidebar MOD APK

A quick and easy way to launch apps, contacts, settings, and shortcuts

In the expeditious realm of launching applications, contacting individuals, configuring settings, and accessing shortcuts on your mobile device, all achieved seamlessly without departing from the home screen, an innovative solution presents itself. Behold the Wheel Launcher, complete with a fully customizable sidebar, offering a swift avenue to your preferred applications and contacts through a mere swipe or click.

The Wheel Launcher introduces a streamlined method for initiating applications, reaching out to contacts, configuring settings, and activating shortcuts. Effortlessly maneuver the icon to the periphery of your screen, followed by a button press to unveil the chosen application, contact, setting, or shortcut. Witness the icon gracefully gliding in from the edge, granting you instant access to your desired application, contacts, settings, or shortcuts. Should the need arise to conceal the panel, elegantly slide the icon off-screen.

Add any app, contact, setting, or shortcut from your home screen

The seamless integration of applications, contacts, settings, and shortcuts into the Wheel Launcher is effortlessly at your fingertips, simplifying direct access from the edge. A straightforward process of dragging and dropping from your home screen to the edge panel facilitates the addition of any app, contact, setting, or shortcut.

Enriching the user experience, Wheel Launcher permits the inclusion of diverse shortcuts provided by your applications. Engage in direct dialing to your contacts or swiftly access essential settings such as battery, sound, Wi-Fi, and more. The process is as uncomplicated as dragging the desired icon to the edge of your screen and releasing it. Simplicity at its finest.

Quick access to frequently used items

The Wheel Launcher, with its fully customizable sidebar, stands as a remarkable enhancement to your home screen. This feature offers expeditious access to your frequently utilized applications, contacts, tools, and settings. The beauty of this launcher lies in its adaptability, allowing you to tailor it with any desired shortcut.

The flexibility doesn’t end there – you have the liberty to incorporate as many shortcuts as you desire, and their order holds no significance. Icons are arranged in the sequence of their addition to the Wheel Launcher, ensuring a personalized layout.

For those inclined to navigate their screen using preferred applications, the option to set their favorite app as the default launcher is available. A truly versatile and user-centric addition to streamline your mobile experience.

Hide the edge panel with a simple swipe

Should the persistent presence of sidebars and edge screens on your phone become wearisome, Wheel Launcher emerges as the solution you’ve been yearning for! Bid farewell to the bothersome edge panels that encroach upon valuable space on your home screen – a mere swipe of your finger, and the panel gracefully slides off-screen!

The Wheel Launcher Full customizable sidebar stands as a superior edge panel, reigning supreme over everything on your device. Remarkably, it operates without encroaching on your main launcher while offering a rapid route to your favored apps, shortcuts, contacts, tools, toggles, and settings – simply pull the icon to the edge of your screen. Concealing the edge panel is as effortless as dragging the icon off-screen. Notably, Wheel Launcher’s fully customizable sidebar empowers you to integrate any shortcut provided by your apps, from direct dialing to contacts to essential settings shortcuts like battery, sound, Wi-Fi, and more.

For those grappling with sidebar and edge screen fatigue, Wheel Launcher is a beacon of respite, allowing you to reclaim your home screen real estate. Embrace the freedom to effortlessly whisk away the intrusive edge panels, rendering your mobile experience more spacious and user-friendly. Wheel Launcher’s Fully customizable sidebar proudly stands as the most comprehensive edge screen available on Google Play.

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What's new

Bug fixes

New utility - Contacts (browse all the contacts)

Wheel Launcher shortcuts - show trigger and show wheel
Option to show scrollbar in folders and on the main wheel
Option to align items to center, instead of spreading
Blacklist is now using the Accessibility service - should work better.

Improved wheel animation

Website shortcuts

Volume buttons in Audio controls
Cut/Paste items from/into folders (Full version)

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