Vidogram v3.0.5 MOD APK (Ads Free)

Last Updated on Mar 01, 2024
Vidogram is an UNOFFICIAL Telegram client.
 Vidogram uses Telegram API to give you a secure and fast messaging experience.
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Vidogram Messenger
Mar 01, 2024
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Vidogram MOD APK (Ads Free)

Download The Latest Version of Videogram MOD APK. An Android Communication App comes with Ads Free MOD is Available to download.

In the realm of digital communication, behold a video messaging application seamlessly fusing the realms of visual and vocal interaction. This sophisticated platform empowers users to narrate the tapestry of their existence to kith, kin, and professional comrades, infusing a personalized touch.

The gamut of media-sharing options spans from photographs to videos and even expressive emojis, unbounded by any arbitrary constraints. The security infrastructure embedded within this application stands as a paragon, diligently safeguarding the sanctity of your data. Its multifarious capabilities extend beyond the mere exchange of words, encompassing calls, textual dispatches, and the exchange of multimedia.

This avant-garde marvel stands as a testament to video communion, catering to the interpersonal connectivity of a duo. Within its interface, the user is bestowed with the ability to encapsulate their sentiments within a recorded video dispatch, affording meticulous control over audio and visual parameters before commencement.

The operational simplicity of this application renders it navigable even to the technologically uninitiated. Convey your messages succinctly to the intended recipient through concise video snippets of impeccable quality. Every conceivable facet of audio and video fidelity remains subject to bespoke adjustments, providing a nuanced videography experience that aligns with your preferences.

A quintessential conduit for transmitting missives to acquaintances and familial confidants, this application facilitates the unbridled expression of thoughts and sentiments. Its user-friendly interface simplifies communication, allowing an effervescent exchange of limitless messages and videos.

A gratuity to the user community, this application, emancipated from monetary shackles, sanctions the unrestricted dissemination of textual, vocal, and visual expressions. Whether the dispatch takes the form of written communication, aural articulation, or visual chronicles, this application furnishes the means to communicate without impediment.

Feature of Vidogram MOD APK

Change the chat background

Have you ever pondered the artistry of altering your Telegram chat background? The enigma is unveiled effortlessly with the aid of this application. Vidogram presents an uncomplicated avenue to reshape your chat ambiance.

Dive deeper into the realm of customization, where the hues of your chat background can harmonize with the symphony of your emotions. A plethora of thematic options awaits, offering a palette from which you can curate an immersive visual experience. The repository of themes, conveniently sourced from the theme emporium, allows you to peruse, download, and seamlessly embed them into the fabric of your conversational interfaces.

Change the theme

Functioning as a Telegram client, Vidogram extends the capability to metamorphose your chat ambiance through theme customization. The process unfolds in two distinct avenues, offering you the reins to orchestrate the thematic essence of your chats and groups.

Primarily, the thematic metamorphosis occurs through the dedicated “Themes” menu. Alternatively, a second pathway beckons, wherein the thematic shift is at your fingertips. By merely clicking the “Themes” button within a chat, a spectrum of themes unveils itself, awaiting your selection. This versatility extends beyond individual chats to encompass your contacts and groups, all navigable through the comprehensive “Themes” menu.

The thematic spectrum proffers two distinctive choices, one cloaked in darkness, while the other radiates a luminous aura. The seamless transition between these thematic dichotomies stands at your disposal, empowering you to tailor your visual experience at your whim.

Secure video and voice calls

The advent of video calling has effectively shrunk the global expanse, fostering a desire for interconnectedness in sharing our daily narratives. Video calling, a conduit for such shared experiences, unveils myriad possibilities for engagement. This transformative technology not only facilitates secure video calls but also extends its embrace to encompass impervious voice conversations with your close-knit circle.

Embark on a journey of free, top-tier, and safeguarded video calls, connecting you seamlessly with individuals across the globe. This transcendental experience is not confined to mere visual interactions; Videogram allows you to share your screen, elevating the communicative exchange to new heights. Worries about privacy dissipate as Vidogram stands as a guardian, ensuring the sanctity of your personal space throughout your virtual rendezvous.

Receive notifications when new messages are added to your chats

To ensure you never miss a beat in the world of messages, consider integrating the Vidogram app into your digital arsenal. This dynamic application seamlessly interfaces with both Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp, acting as a vigilant messenger for your communication channels. Its functionality extends to alerting you whenever your profile picture or username is invoked in conversation.

Expect real-time notifications for any incoming messages across your chat spectrum. Regardless of your current engagement or geographical location, Vidogram guarantees you stay abreast of the latest developments within your chat domains.

This innovative feature not only keeps you in the loop regarding new messages but also ensures you receive timely notifications when your username or profile image becomes a focal point in the conversational landscape. Stay connected and informed, regardless of your digital wanderings, with Vidogram’s astute notification system.

Multiple accounts support

Recognizing the diverse needs of our users, we’ve heeded your feedback and seamlessly incorporated a multi-account feature. This functionality empowers you to effortlessly toggle between multiple accounts with a single click, streamlining your experience.

Being a global Telegram client, Vidogram stands as a proponent of multiple accounts, facilitating a swift transition between them at your convenience. The simplicity of a one-click switch ensures seamless maneuvering through your various accounts.

Sign-up options are equally versatile, allowing you to utilize either your phone number or email address to access Vidogram. Additionally, you have the flexibility to import contacts directly from your phonebook or opt for the convenience of utilizing your Google account. Embrace the ease of managing your diverse accounts with Vidogram’s intuitive and internationally attuned features.

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What's new

• Upgraded to Telegram v9.3.3
• Create Telegram accounts with +888 anonymous numbers
• The Storage Usage page is redesigned and files can be filtered by type
• Now you can change your contacts' avatar and suggest them the new one
• New privacy settings
• New interactive emojis
• Bug fixes

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