UniMote v1.6.4 MOD APK (Pro Unlocked)

Last Updated on Feb 20, 2024
Do you want to get most of your TV? We are here to help you with it - that’s why we created UniMote - Universal Remote Control for all TV. Our app will help you to control your TV. Your Android device will become tv remote control for Smart TV, Samsung, LG, Android TV, Google TV, Roku, Fire TV, Sony, etc. You can control both Smart TVs (using Wi-Fi) and Non-Smart TVs (using IR Blaster).
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Feb 20, 2024
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Unicode MOD APK (Pro Unlocked)

Download The Latest APK Version of UniMote MOD APK. This MOD is An Android Tools App with Pro Unlocked Available downloads Yours Now.

UniMote, an ingenious remote control app designed for Android, transforms your viewing experience, allowing you to indulge in your preferred television programs or films from any locale. This app facilitates an effortless linkage to your gadget, streamlining the process of commandeering your television’s functions. It stands as a beacon of convenience and innovation, elevating your entertainment consumption to new heights.

Concerns regarding device compatibility are rendered obsolete, as UniMote possesses the capability to autonomously discern and establish a connection with your apparatus. For those seeking an unparalleled method to access their cherished TV shows or cinematic adventures regardless of their whereabouts, UniMote emerges as the quintessential selection.

Remote controls, the conduits through which we exercise dominion over our electronic devices from afar, are indispensable tools in our technological arsenal. They empower us to manipulate televisions, DVD players, cable boxes, and a plethora of other devices with ease. Amidst the variety of remote controls, universal remotes stand out for their versatility and widespread applicability.

The allure of acquiring a universal remote control lies in its multifaceted advantages. Economically, it obviates the need for purchasing individual remotes for each device, presenting a cost-effective solution. Operationally, it simplifies the user experience, enabling the activation or deactivation of devices with the mere touch of a button. Additionally, its compatibility spans across all devices, eliminating the hassle of juggling multiple remotes.

The popularity of universal remote controls is attributed to their affordability and user-friendly nature. They serve to streamline your living environment, ensuring a seamless interaction with your electronic devices through a singular, intuitive interface.

Should the acquisition of a universal remote control pique your interest, platforms such as Amazon or eBay, along with local electronics retailers, are viable sources. When selecting a remote, prioritize features that align with your needs, such as compatibility with multiple devices, thereby ensuring a remote that can effortlessly transition between controlling various gadgets.

Unicode offers an extensive array of functionalities, empowering you to govern all devices connected to your TV with ease, even amidst the climax of a film. Its adaptability extends to a wide range of devices, from televisions to smart appliances and media centers. Characterized by its user-friendly design and intuitive operation, UniMote simplifies the management of your home entertainment system, enhancing your viewing pleasure manifold.

Features of UniMote MOD APK

Control all TVs, including Smart TVs and Non-Smart TVs

UniMote transforms your Android device into a versatile universal TV remote, granting you command over every television set, spanning from Smart TVs to Non-Smart TVs. The procedure is straightforward: simply link your Android gadget to your TV, launch the app, and voilà, your device morphs into a comprehensive remote control. With UniMote at your disposal, you have the power to alter channels, modulate volume, power down, mute, and much more, directly from your smartphone or tablet.

The application extends its control to all televisions tethered to your Android device, accommodating Smart TVs through Wi-Fi and Non-Smart TVs via an IR Blaster.

UniMote provides mastery over your TV’s full range of functions, including power, volume, input selection, channel surfing, brightness adjustments, and even toggling the TV’s power state or changing its energy mode. This app epitomizes convenience, offering a singular, streamlined interface to manage your television’s many features effortlessly.

Support for IR Blaster

The UniMote app leverages the IR blaster technology, commonly referred to as Infrared Remote Control, enabling your phone to serve as a universal remote for your TV. This innovative feature allows for seamless integration between your smartphone and television, transforming your mobile device into a central command unit for your TV.

To harness this capability, simply install the UniMote app on your smartphone and follow the setup process. Once configured, you can effortlessly control your TV using the IR blaster functionality by tapping the corresponding buttons within the app. This feature is universally compatible, catering to all TV models, encompassing both smart and non-smart variants, thereby offering a versatile solution for television control via your smartphone.

Manage your favorite apps

Unicode stands out as the premier choice for orchestrating your cherished applications. It enables you to initiate your preferred apps directly from the home screen, presenting a compilation of your frequently utilized apps for swift navigation and switching through the app.

Crafted with versatility in mind, UniMote transcends mere TV control, offering comprehensive management of your apps, music, photos, videos, contacts, bookmarks, calendar, and beyond.

Understanding the importance of accessible information, UniMote is enriched with widgets. These compact, convenient, and informative tools provide immediate access to a plethora of data, including weather forecasts, current time, battery status, music player controls, and significantly more, ensuring you’re always well-informed.

Find your TV, set up your favorite channels, and change the channel

UniMote simplifies the process of discovering your TV and customizing your channel preferences. With this app, selecting your favorite channels from an extensive assortment becomes effortless, and you can manage these channels directly through your Android device, utilized as a remote control.

Should the preset channel lineup not meet your preferences, UniMote offers the flexibility to enhance your channel list with personal favorites. Moreover, channels can be filtered based on genre or featured actors, tailoring your viewing experience to your specific tastes.

Furthermore, UniMote allows for the creation of a Favorites list, enabling quick access to your preferred channels for movie or show marathons.

With the convenience of the “Switch TV” function, transitioning between Smart TV and Non-Smart TV modes is seamless. UniMote’s universal compatibility ensures it supports both Smart TVs and Non-Smart TVs, making it a versatile solution for all your TV control needs.

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