Unbroken Soul MOD APK 1.3.1 (Paid Unlocked)

Last Updated on Jun 01, 2023
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Unbroken Soul is a retro-style action platformer game. Run, jump and slash your way through the huge world of Alaron!
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Jun 01, 2023
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Unbroken Soul MOD APK (Paid Unlocked)

Download The Latest APK Version of  Unbroken Soul MOD APK. An Android Action Game this game comes with Paid Unlocked Feature Download Yours Now.

Unbroken Soul MOD APK is a 3D action game. It was developed by the developer “Froglabs”, and published by “Froglabs”.

The gameplay is similar to the famous game “God of War”. Players need to complete missions in order to progress further. The game contains more than 30 missions. Each mission is a bit different.

They can be played in single-player mode or in multiplayer mode. In the single-player mode, the player controls the character with the help of a keyboard and mouse. The game is also available on Facebook.

Unbroken Soul MOD APK is a third-person action game. The player is required to control the character in a 3D environment. The player controls the character with the help of a keyboard and mouse.

The game uses an auto-scrolling system, so the player can enjoy the gameplay without a problem. The game provides different kinds of weapons for the player to use. Each weapon has its own function and features. The player can customize the appearance of the character by changing the skin color.

Unbroken Soul MOD APK is a classic game for fans of puzzle games. This game is a mix of two genres: the action puzzle game and the RPG game.

In the game, the player must solve puzzles by choosing one of the three characters: the girl, the boy, and the robot. By solving puzzles, the player can get different powers.

With the power, the player will fight against enemies. The player can choose to fight alone or together with other characters.

This game has many features, such as various levels, various enemies, and different characters. The character has unique skills, which will be helpful to the player in the game.

The graphics of this game are quite good. Although it is an arcade game, the quality of the graphics is very good. The character models are also very realistic. The background of the game is very colorful, with many details.

The game is very easy to play, but it is not an easy game. The player has to pay attention to the time. If the player fails to solve the puzzles in time, they will die.

Features of Unbroken Soul MOD APK

Discover new areas and fight even more enemies

Unbroken Soul MOD APK offers a vast world to discover, filled with new environments, secrets, and enemies.

Explore the world of Alaron, fight new enemies, and get stronger to defeat Elaniof. In the end, you must stop him before it’s too late. The game includes multiple game modes: Survival, Adventure, and Endless.

Fight against different enemies and bosses

Unbroken Soul MOD APK offers a huge world, numerous secrets, and challenging boss fights. The player will be challenged to fight with different enemies and bosses throughout the journey.

The player will have to fight against the minions of the necromancer Elaniof. The player must defeat Elaniof to save the world of Alaron.

Collect special items to upgrade your weapons and magic

You start with a basic sword and shield. You will need to collect special items to upgrade your weapons and magic. You will be able to unlock new weapons and spells as you progress through the game.

In Unbroken Soul MOD APK There are many types of weapons and magic. Each weapon has its own properties. Each spell has its own effects. As you progress through the game, you will be able to obtain more powerful weapons and spells.

Over 30 levels to complete

Unbroken Soul MOD APK offers 30 challenging levels to complete. Collect as many stars as you can and reach the highest score possible to unlock new areas. Unbroken Soul also features amazing 2D graphics and an addictive soundtrack.

Unbroken Soul is a retro-style action platformer game. Run, jump, and slash your way through the huge world of Alaron! The evil necromancer Elaniof has terrific plans for humanity.


Unbroken Soul MOD APK is an arcade-style action game, which is a combination of classic platform games and role-playing games.

The gameplay is pretty simple. You control a character named Tyrion, and you can move left and right with the D-Pad.

Jump and slash with the Left Analog Stick. Press the L2 and R2 buttons to perform a special attack. You can also pick up weapons and items by pressing A and B.

Tyrion can collect power-ups, which can help him fight against his enemies. The powerups include the Health Up, which helps Tyrion restore his health; the Speed Up, which speeds up the character’s movement; the Special Attack Up, which boosts the damage of Tyrion’s special attacks; and the Magic Up, which increases the damage of Tyrion’s magic attacks.

In Unbroken Soul, there are many different kinds of enemies and bosses, which you can defeat by attacking them with your sword.

You can also find some items to help you in the game, such as the Shield Up, which protects you from enemy attacks, and the Armor Up, which improves your defense.

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