UC Browser Turbo v1.10.9.900 MOD APK (Ads blocked)

Last Updated on Mar 04, 2024
UC Browser Turbo 2020 is a new app of UC Browser Team. It is a fast, simple, data saving and secure web browser for Android phone.
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UCWeb Singapore Pte. Ltd.
Mar 04, 2024
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UC Browser Turbo MOD APK (Ads blocked)

Download The Latest Version of UC Browser Turbo MOD APK. An Android Communication App comes with Ads Blocked MOD Available to download.

The UCWeb crafted a mobile navigator dubbed UC Browser, heralded as a paramount tool for Android aficionados. Boasting a plethora of functionalities, the UC Browser stands as the quintessential choice for discerning users. The velocity of downloads through the UC Browser transcends mere swiftness, exhibiting an unparalleled celerity.

All data seamlessly lodges within the recesses of your device’s cache, fostering an expedited download experience. Connectivity concerns fade into oblivion as UC Browser gracefully adapts to fluctuating network conditions, effortlessly resuming downloads amid turbulence. Novice users find solace in the intuitive design, navigating through UC Browser’s interface with unparalleled ease.

The interface’s simplicity is a testament to UC Browser’s user-centric ethos. Mirroring its compatibility with Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, UC Browser extends its reach across a myriad of platforms, encompassing iOS, Windows, macOS, and Android, among others.

UC Browser stakes its claim as the paragon of mobile browsing velocity, eclipsing competitors with its unmatched download speeds. Accessing UC Browser incurs no financial burden, as it offers complimentary download privileges, albeit with the option to procure premium enhancements, replete with an array of exclusive features and complimentary updates.

 Feature of UC Browser Turbo MOD APK

Save your data by saving data to the cloud

In the quest for conserving data, opting for cloud storage emerges as paramount. This alternative facilitates the preservation of data in a virtual space, ensuring its accessibility and reusability. Upon disabling the data connection, the archived data seamlessly migrates to the cloud, safeguarding against loss.

The integration of Cloud acceleration imparts a swifter data-saving mechanism to the process. This functionality expedites browsing activities by caching data within the cloud infrastructure. Whether engaging with diverse applications like navigation tools, the cached data residing in the cloud optimizes data transmission velocity.

Furthermore, an inherent attribute lies in the provision of a data economizer. This embedded feature serves a dual purpose of data preservation within the application while concurrently mitigating the expenditure associated with mobile data usage.

Fast video downloading with background playback

Enduring the tediousness of downloading videos is a bygone ordeal with the advent of this application. UC Browser Turbo 2020 emerges as a swift, uncomplicated, data-conserving, and fortified web browser tailored for Android devices.

Within this application’s realm, the swift acquisition of videos to your Android device unfolds effortlessly. Its functionality extends to the concurrent downloading of multiple videos while also enabling background downloads. Complementing this prowess is its data-preserving attribute, effectively alleviating concerns regarding data depletion. The velocity at which videos are downloaded is unparalleled, imbuing the process with rapidity.

Furthermore, the application facilitates seamless video streaming amidst other engagements. UC Browser Turbo seamlessly integrates the facets of rapid video retrieval, ensuring uninterrupted viewing pleasure amidst other tasks.

Mini ads block

UC Turbo 2020 introduces a novel browsing experience, revolutionizing internet navigation. At its core lies a robust ad-blocking functionality, aptly named Mini Ad Blocker, effectively thwarting advertisements across all online platforms.

The hallmark feature, “mini ads block,” offers users the flexibility to disable advertisements sans the need for app removal. Upon launching the application, users are greeted with a discreet banner atop the screen, providing direct access to the ad-blocking toggle. A simple tap on this button unveils a comprehensive roster of installed applications, facilitating effortless ad deactivation for selected or all applications.

Moreover, users possess the autonomy to tailor ad preferences on a per-site basis. While visiting websites hosting advertisements, users are empowered to toggle off ads specific to that site. Conversely, navigating to other online domains allows users to curate ad settings anew by engaging the “Mini Ads” feature.

Minimize data usage by Data Saver

An indispensable feature within UC Browser Turbo 2020 is its Data Saver function, affording users the flexibility to toggle it on or off at their discretion. When activated, Data Saver orchestrates a reduction in data usage, effectively curbing excessive mobile data consumption.

With Data Saver engaged, users benefit from minimized data usage through the automatic cessation of network connectivity between their device and the internet during idle periods. This intelligent mechanism optimizes data utilization by halting superfluous internet traffic during activities such as browsing, video streaming, file downloads, or media sharing.

This functionality proves invaluable to individuals seeking to preserve their mobile data allocation without compromising on their browsing experience. For extended internet sessions or sizable file retrievals, users can seamlessly deactivate Data Saver to mitigate mobile data usage.

Personalize your home page

Crafting a bespoke home page experience is made effortless with UC Browser Turbo 2020’s plethora of customization options. Tailor your home page to reflect your unique taste by selecting from an array of themes, backgrounds, and widgets. Alternatively, unleash your creativity by fashioning a distinct layout using the custom homepage creator tool.

Curate a personalized home page brimming with your favorite applications and content. Whether it’s essential utilities, entertainment hubs, or informative portals, assemble them in a layout that resonates with your preferences. With UC Browser Turbo 2020, your home page becomes a reflection of your digital identity, seamlessly blending functionality with aesthetics.

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What's new

1. Fix bugs that log-in sometimes doesn't work.
2. Several other bug fixes.

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