Tracklia v1.16.1 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

Last Updated on Feb 08, 2024
TRACKLIA will make your GPX and KML/KMZ mapping work easier! Plan new trips, edit previous, record new and share with the world!
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Feb 08, 2024
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Tracklia MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

Download The Latest APK Version of Tracklia MOD APK. An Android Tools App this MOD comes with Premium Unlocked Available download Yours Now.

Tracklia, a digital cartographer’s companion, offers precise geolocation capabilities on a virtual atlas. It stands as a beacon for voyagers seeking to delve into the terrains of the world. Tracklia unfurls a tapestry of data, including coordinates, altitudinal measures, temporal intervals, and more, for the intrepid explorer.

Harnessing the power of satellite navigation, one can unearth the specifics of their whereabouts. This technology allows adventurers to navigate the digital representation of our planet, guided by satellite and map symbology.

The digital maps, a mosaic of pathways, edifices, and urban landscapes, beckon explorers to uncover the mysteries of their desired destinations. The essence of a locale, accessible through Tracklia, is deciphered by melding map imagery with satellite data, offering a portal to places both sought and serendipitous.

Tracklia, more than a mere application, is a sentinel for one’s journeying footsteps. It amalgamates global positioning technology to chart the wanderer’s passage across the globe.

This system, precise and efficacious, becomes a custodian of movement, capturing the exactitude of location in real time. The repository of one’s explorations is safeguarded within the app, serving as a chronicle for future introspection.

Embodying the quintessence of a global positioning apparatus, Tracklia empowers its users to document their odyssey, immortalizing their footprints across time and space.

This digital navigator, embraced by globetrotters worldwide, stands as the paramount choice for those yearning to trace their existence across the vast expanse of our world.

Features of Tracklia MOD APK

Track your routes with ease, and share them with friends or family

Embark on a voyage of discovery with Tracklia, your digital compass for navigating the unknown. Before setting forth, sketch the outlines of your journey, allowing Tracklia to transform these into a navigable path. Gone are the days of fruitless searches within the labyrinth of map applications.

Tracklia introduces the flexibility of cartographic improvisation, enabling you to modify your trajectory as the wind changes direction or to punctuate your journey with spontaneous detours.

For those eager to broadcast their wanderlust tales, Tracklia simplifies the act of sharing. With just a few taps, your path becomes a story told across the digital forums of Facebook and other social conduits.

Tracklia emerges as the quintessential ally for adventurers plotting their next escapade, refining their past itineraries, or etching new ones across the globe with the precision of GPS technology or by tracing the journeys of fellow explorers.

This no-cost navigator is adept in all the major cartographic dialects and is brimming with tools designed to assist in the meticulous planning of your path, its documentation, and the sharing of these odysseys with your cohort of explorers.

Edit existing tracks and plan new ones

Embark, adjust, immortalize, and broadcast your explorations with TRACKLIA, your navigator through the complexities of GPX and KML/KMZ cartography. This tool simplifies the task of crafting your personal journey narratives, offering a seamless interface to introduce your pathways, refine those previously trodden, and envisage new ones. Moreover, it provides a platform to share these routes with companions or to store them within our digital repository.

Embrace the art of voyage crafting, revision of bygone paths, inception of future explorations, and the joy of sharing these experiences globally.

TRACKLIA now affords the luxury of manipulating existing tracks (GPX, KML, KMZ) and devising fresh adventures.

The introduction of the Trip Planner mode revolutionizes your planning experience, presenting your envisioned route in a vivid 3D panorama. Here, the creation, alteration, and refinement of your itineraries unfold with ease.

Furthermore, the option to export your meticulously planned routes in either GPX or KML formats enhances the versatility of your travel planning.

TRACKLIA is your digital atelier for the creation and modification of tracks in GPX format, designed to elevate your mapping endeavors to new heights of convenience and enjoyment.

Keep track of your trips and add details to each one

Leverage the prowess of the GPX editor to sculpt personalized trails, enriching each with bespoke details. Your journey begins with pinpointing your destination, followed by the selection of your mode of transit—be it ambling, sprinting, pedaling, or motoring. Integrate or discard waypoints at your discretion, and anchor your expedition in time by setting its date and commencement. Conclude by safeguarding your itinerary on your mobile device or disseminating it amongst peers.

This GPX editor seamlessly dovetails with the KML/KMZ/GPX viewer, enabling you to preview your delineated route atop the canvas of Google Maps. Should the need arise, effortlessly incorporate it into your cartographic collection, ensuring your navigational blueprint is both comprehensive and accessible.

Record routes with ease, and then share them with the world

Navigate your journey effortlessly with TRACKLIA, your companion for seamless route planning and recording. Initiate your adventure by crafting a pathway with the intuitive built-in planner. Once your expedition is charted, TRACKLIA diligently documents your progress, capturing every twist and turn.

Upon the conclusion of your voyage, the world becomes your audience. With ease, dispatch your chronicled journey to companions through e-mail, WhatsApp, and Facebook, or embed it within the realms of Google Maps.

TRACKLIA’s versatility extends to the assimilation of GPX, KML, KMZ, and Google Maps data files, enriching your navigation experience. Additionally, a streamlined route editor is at your disposal, facilitating the fine-tuning of your paths or the seamless import and export of your adventurous tales.

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What's new

- Option to show waypoint name as an icon
- Select all tracks color on import
- UTM coordinates support
- FT was showing instead of YD
- Export only visible tracks and waypoints
- Translation updates and stability improvements

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