Touch Macro Pro v2.8.7 MOD APK (Subscribed Unlocked)

Last Updated on Feb 13, 2024
Touch Macro Pro allows for programming routine tasks, which can then be carried out automatically. It is a flexible piece of software that may perform tasks such as group repetition, comparing photos, and discovering particular data. It can perform complex operations, rapid clicking, and locate and select images displayed on the screen.
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Feb 13, 2024
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Touch Macro Pro MOD APK (Subscribed Unlocked)

Download The Latest APK Version of Touch Macro Pro MOD APK. An Android Tools App this MOD comes with Subscribed Unlocked Available download Yours Now.

The Touch Macro Pro emerges as an avant-garde instrument, simplifying the task of capturing macros – a tableau of shots focused on a singular subject.

These photographic sequences serve myriad purposes. Perhaps you’re inclined to immortalize your cherished pet in a snapshot, or you desire to document the act of your hand, poised with a pen, as it sketches a line. The applications are boundless.

Employing the Touch Macro Pro, one merely needs to target the object and immortalize it in a photo. An alternative exists in the guise of a camera shutter, facilitating swift image capture.

Should the camera shutter not be your tool of choice, a timer offers itself as a substitute. Program it for your desired duration of capture.

Upon the elapse of the set interval, the device automatically records the image. Yet, the capabilities extend further. Personalizing your settings to optimize outcomes is possible, as is engaging the auto-clicker function, allowing for the simultaneous capture of multiple images.

For aficionados of photography, the Touch Macro Pro will prove indispensable, enhancing the quality of your pictorial pursuits.

It transforms your photographic endeavors into more productive and pleasurable experiences. For those passionate about capturing the essence of what they adore, this application stands ready to assist.

Features of Touch Macro Pro MOD APK

Touch and gesture control

Touch Macro Pro champions the automation of monotonous endeavors, enabling the execution of predetermined actions without manual intervention. This software, notable for its adaptability, is capable of executing an array of functions—from the cyclic replication of tasks, scrutinizing imagery for comparisons, to the extraction of specific datasets. It adeptly handles intricate operations, facilitates swift engagements, and adeptly identifies and earmarks visuals on the display for selection.

Its elementary macro editor streamlines the modification of macros, rendering the task less daunting. For the software to fully harness the capabilities of touch and gesture controls, it necessitates the conferral of specific permissions. By leveraging this tool, the functionalities of your touchscreen device can be revolutionized, allowing for a seamless automation experience.

Highlighted, unhighlighted, and selected regions

Utilizing Touch Macro Pro, one can delineate a spectrum of text, numerals, or visuals within a manuscript, subsequently initiating particular maneuvers contingent on their highlighted, unhighlighted, or selected status. Consequently, it is feasible to craft macros that operate by the cursor’s locus or to devise macros tailored to a specific zone of your display.

Highlighted regions can be cleared

This application stands as a formidable instrument that empowers users to forge macros with simplicity, thanks to its user-friendly interface. Crafting a macro becomes a straightforward endeavor, enabling the repetition of actions, and modulation of brightness, among other functionalities. Users are bestowed with the capacity to archive macros for subsequent utilization.

The creation of macros is facilitated through the action of dragging screen regions towards the macro icon, whereupon the software acknowledges the region’s coordinates to concoct a macro specific to that area. Additionally, the drag-and-drop technique further simplifies the macro creation process.

Multiple region selection

Touch Macro Pro empowers users to delineate specific vicinities for automated tapping. By etching out a quadrilateral zone on the display for attention, individuals can then perpetuate taps within this demarcated space to duplicate actions.

This utility bestows upon its users the capability to earmark multiple zones through a tactile glide across the display. This feature proves invaluable for orchestrating recurring tasks or for the translocation of entities within a stipulated area.

Save and load macro configurations

The Touch Macro Pro application furnishes users with the capability to archive and retrieve macro configurations. As delineated by its moniker, this software is crafted to facilitate the automation of monotonous tasks through macro creation. Its user interface is intuitively designed, ensuring effortless navigation.

Boasting an extensive array of functionalities, it enables the concoction of macros, the establishment of shortcuts, and the execution of copy, paste, delete, and amend operations. Moreover, the application permits direct macro activation from the clipboard and integrates an automatic preservation feature. A straightforward search mechanism enhances its utility further.

Additionally, the software presents an assortment of templates to expedite macro formulation. Through the application’s assistance, crafting macros and organizing them into lists or directories, contingent on their operational dynamics becomes a seamless endeavor.

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