Torque Pro v1.12.101 MOD APK (Paid Unlocked)

Last Updated on Mar 17, 2024
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See what your car is doing in realtime, get OBD fault codes, car performance, sensor data and more!
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Nov 02, 2022
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Torque Pro MOD APK (Paid Unlocked)

Download The Latest Version of Torque Pro MOD APK. An Android Communication App comes with a Paid Unlocked MOD Available to download.

Torque Pro emerges as a formidable instrument for engaging with your vehicle. Through this application, seamless and swift integration of your smartphone with your vehicle is facilitated. Transmitting your vehicle’s data to your mobile device becomes effortless. The application boasts a plethora of functionalities at your disposal, ranging from monitoring your vehicle’s performance to managing its configurations. All these capabilities are made feasible thanks to the Torque application. Moreover, utilizing the application is straightforward; following the download, a mere tap on the application establishes the connection with your vehicle.

Initiating from the outset, the application empowers you to harness your phone as a wireless charger for your vehicle, ensuring more efficient battery charging for your device. Furthermore, the application furnishes you with an in-depth analysis of your vehicle’s status, offering insights into your vehicle’s condition. The data is logged within your vehicle’s navigation system, affording visibility into metrics such as fuel consumption, mileage, and engine temperature.

Leveraging the application also grants you the capability to link your vehicle to the internet through its navigation system. Additionally, remote control of your vehicle is attainable via the application, proving invaluable for individuals keen on monitoring their vehicle’s condition.

Features Torque Pro MOD APK

Live dashboard showcasing real-time data

The Torque Pro dashboard is meticulously designed to provide an overview of your vehicle’s well-being and performance. It furnishes a wealth of information encompassing your vehicle’s performance metrics, emissions, as well as diagnostic and maintenance history.

Real-time data such as fuel efficiency, performance metrics, emissions, and battery status are readily accessible. Additionally, current speed, engine RPM, coolant temperature, and various other metrics are displayed!

The data is encapsulated within a widget that can be effortlessly relocated to any screen on your device’s home screen. This seamless accessibility ensures all the necessary data is within reach at all times.

Moreover, you can download and archive your vehicle’s history on your device, enabling you to conveniently review historical data and compare it with current performance metrics.

Access to current and historical data

Torque encompasses all the essential functionalities required to monitor your vehicle’s performance and diagnostic data. It presents a comprehensive overview of your vehicle’s status, encompassing fuel levels, engine RPM, oil pressure, coolant temperature, and battery voltage, among others.

Furthermore, Torque aids in identifying any fault codes and provides detailed insights into their specifics, along with a history of fault codes. Additionally, it offers guidance on resetting fault codes if necessary.

Access comprehensive data including OBD fault codes, vehicle performance metrics, sensor data, and more!

Torque Pro enables access to intricate details concerning your vehicle and engine, including the ability to reset and clear OBD faults.

It provides comprehensive insights into your vehicle’s performance metrics, encompassing RPM, Engine Temperature, Fuel Economy, and Transmission Temperature, among others.

Torque Pro stands as an all-encompassing tool for monitoring your vehicle, conducting maintenance tasks, and accessing detailed information from your vehicle’s onboard computer. It is compatible with vehicles featuring OBD2/OBD3 ports, serving as an OBD2/OBD3 scanner. Through this application, you can view and reset OBD fault codes, assess your vehicle’s current status, access performance, and sensor data, and even utilize GPS functionality to track your vehicle’s location and record its journey history.

Establish Bluetooth connectivity with your vehicle

Torque allows seamless Bluetooth connectivity with your vehicle, providing insights into its operations and detecting potential issues. Information such as engine RPM, coolant temperature, fuel levels, and air intake volume is readily available.

The application even provides details regarding the type of fuel being utilized, offering comprehensive insights into your vehicle’s performance and operational efficiency. Moreover, you can access and decipher your vehicle’s error codes, receiving guidance on resolving identified issues.

Additionally, Torque facilitates the resetting of fault codes, simplifying the troubleshooting process.

Track your vehicle’s whereabouts and route

Torque Pro boasts the capability to track your vehicle’s location and route. It incorporates built-in maps that can be displayed on-screen, allowing for customization of the map view to any location globally.

Setting your vehicle’s home location is achievable by defining the GPS coordinates corresponding to your residence.

Furthermore, Torque Pro serves as a comprehensive tool for monitoring your vehicle’s performance and health. It provides access to all vehicle sensors (including OBDII), comprehensive diagnostic trouble codes, as well as a log of set and cleared codes.

The application enables tracking of your vehicle’s location and route, facilitating sharing capabilities with friends. Torque Pro also offers an array of useful widgets, encompassing a speedometer, odometer, fuel level indicator, battery status monitor, engine temperature gauge, and more. These widgets empower effortless real-time monitoring of your vehicle’s vital data.

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