Torque Burnout MOD APK 3.2.7 (Unlimited Money)

Last Updated on May 17, 2023
Torque Burnout is a 'driving' game which combines parts of every racing game!
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Nov 10, 2022
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Torque Burnout MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Download The Latest APK Version of Torque Burnout MOD APK. An Android Racing Game this MOD comes with Unlimited Money Available download Yours Now.

Torque Wearout (MOD, Unlimited Cash) – Take control of a specially designed sports car and perform amazing controlled skids. You will win the hearts of your audience by collecting a lot of points. You can modify your car’s appearance, change the engine or improve its performance. You’ll gain valuable experience and a lot of fans. It features beautiful graphics and high-quality Physics that are as realistic as possible.

Features of Torque Burnout

Torque Burnout MOD APK

The thrill of racing, the magnetism of the crowd, and the beauty of the cars

Torque Burnout does not qualify as an AAA game. The game’s graphics are not as high-resolution as Asphalt and Need For Speed. To see the unique point in the graphics design, you only need to play the game a few times. It is compatible with the gameplay, bringing excitement to its users.

First, cars will have a very detailed and sharp design. It is also very well designed to serve a deeper purpose. You will also spend a lot time on separate gameplay. These cars are very smooth and easy to control when you enter the game. You can also increase your attractiveness by racing. They will be cheering on the competitors and standing around at the track. Playing a game? Then turn on your phone to feel the heat of the race.

Burn your tires

What is Torque Burnout? Perform well and don’t be afraid to blow your tires while drifting. Your tire time will determine how many points you earn. This tactic is dangerous for the vehicle as it could explode and end your show. The scoring system is based on other techniques, such as 360°, 180°, donuts… Please give your best performance!

These activities can be practiced and participated in in many ways

Torque Burnout is a racing game that has many obstacles that you will need to overcome. This is the first lesson you should learn when playing the game. Programmed bots will present players with an average level of difficulty. These races are not for the faint of heart. However, obstacles are designed to create challenges for players.

There are two online modes in the game. This is where you can prove your worth. The Online multiplayer mode is the first. This track is free and allows you to race with other riders around the globe. These races can be won and you will get some rewards. When players are required to compete in long races online, it is a different story. Each stage will present new challenges and players will need to find ways to overcome them. You will be rewarded for your achievements in the tournament if you reach the top rankings.

Your account will be unlocked once you upgrade

You cannot use Torque Burnout’s default taxi to become a champion. You will get a bonus every time you win a match. You can use that money to buy a car. There are many options to upgrade your car in the game. Upgrades can be made to the engine, brake, tires and even the paint color. Tires are essential for drifting. Good tires are essential for drifting. They can’t last long and are very easy to damage. Torque Burnout also owns many cars from big brands like Mercedes, McLaren and McLaren.

Demonstrate ingenuity when controlling cars

The challenge of the game is different from a regular car race. You will often have to travel a lot and do your best to beat your opponent. Torque Burnout is another obstacle that will test your creativity. This type of gameplay can actually help you show off your driving skills.

The screen will be simplified but not as complex and cumbersome than what you are used to. The control keys on the left-hand side of the screen allow you to turn left or right. On the right, the brake and accelerator pedals are located. You don’t need to spend too long learning how to control your car. The screen’s upper portion shows you indicators like your score and how much time is left before you can take on the challenge.


Let’s talk a bit about the controls. Torque Burnout uses a different control system to other racing games. Two arrow keys are located to the left of your screen. These can be used to control the vehicle’s direction. The rear brake is located at the bottom. The throttle key and back key are located to the left of your screen. Torque Burnout adds additional controls, such as tilting and using the steering wheel. The steering wheel, which is a realistic option, but can be a little difficult to control, is something you should consider.

New Torque Burnout exciting side activities

You can use your imagination to build the car of your dreams, in addition to the thrilling races. You can use the money earned from racing to purchase new cars. If you’re not happy with the cars you have purchased, you can always go to the shop to purchase customizations. You can increase the engine’s power to make your car more powerful. You can change the color of your vehicle by unlocking the different colors and unique drawings.

Graphics of Torque Burnout

The physics of the game is impressive, it’s obvious. Every time your tires hit the asphalt, you can feel the reality and smoothness. Everything about the engine, tires, and smoke effects, is extremely real. You can see wheel tracks on the road every time you drift.

How to play

Torque Burnout, unlike other racing games isn’t about speed. It’s about driving technique. You will be able to drive in front of thousands of viewers and become a driver. You will need to demonstrate all driving skills in a short time to earn the highest score. To get a feel for how the car works, you can play the tutorial. You may have difficulty driving straight when you first play the game. The car will then move on the rotating roads. This requires you to be a super driver.

PRO Tips to play Torque Burnout APK

You’ll need to have some tips and tricks to help you play any game properly the first time. These are our top tips to play Torque Burnout APK.

  • Don’t worry about the little things:For beginners, the controls can be difficult to use. There are four brake buttons and the accelerator and turning buttons. In the beginning stages of the game, it’s best to ignore the small buttons and focus on the big guns. As you become more proficient at driving the car, you can introduce new controls.
  • Avoid obstacles You will need to ensure that you have enough space for a good burnout. Do not do this in cramped areas. No one wants to see your car crash into a lamppost.
  • You can either go full-time or you can go home. Tires aren’t invincible. They’ll eventually wear down from all the spinning on the asphalt. You should make sure you do your best moves as soon as possible to ensure your tires are still capable of handling it. Also, invest in higher-quality tires to ensure your car is capable of pulling off more maneuvers before it gets worn down.

The gameplay of torque Burnout

Although Torque Burnout is a racing game, your goal will be different than any other. Torque Burnout doesn’t care about speed. It focuses solely on the driving skills of professional racers. You’re likely to have seen part 3 of Fast and Furious. If so, you probably know drift. Grease Monkey Games’ racing game can teach you these techniques in as little as 5 minutes.

You can become DK (Drift King) by playing this game. Your driving skills will impress your fans. Torque Burnout is an artist competition. To score as many points possible, you will need to perform every technique you can within 60 seconds. To get used to the controls of the game before you start, you can watch the tutorial. You will soon realize that even something simple like going straight is difficult. You must control the car and use high-class techniques to keep it from moving in a circular motion.

Don’t worried. Torque Burnout is not for you alone. By winning points and noble medals, you can beat other players in the drift contest. Although you won’t be participating in the traditional race, each competition can be very stressful and will require you to be focused and skilled to steer the car in the right direction.

Feature Of Torque Burnout Mod Apk

  • Unlimited Money
  • All Premium Features Unlocked
  • Unlimited Coins
  • All Cars Unlocked
  • All Unlocked
  • Mop Lock
  • Cars skin unlock
  • Enhance Graphics
  • There are many cars to choose from, each with its own handling and customization.
  • You will feel chills from the thundering engine sounds.

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COMPACT comes sliding into Torque Burnout!

COMPACT with its Supercharged Small Block Chev absolutely screams on the burnout pad!

- New real world driver car, COMPACT!
- Fixes issues with Online Multiplayer and Tournaments.
- Various performance improvements.

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