Thief Troll solve steal puzzle v1.84 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Last Updated on Jan 11, 2024
Get ready for the ultimate heist experience with Thief Troll: Solve Steal Puzzle! This addictively fun thief simulator game combines the excitement of stealing with mind-bending, brainsbreaker puzzles, making it the perfect choice for fans of cool math games and brain-teasing challenges. Break in attempts with stretch guy, pass troll robber. Naughty games brain test.
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Jan 11, 2024
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Thief Troll solve steal puzzle MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Download The Latest APK Version of Thief Troll Solve Steal Puzzle MOD APK. An Android Puzzle Game this MOD comes with Unlimited Money Unlocked Available download Yours Now.

In the realm of enigmatic challenges, behold a captivating conundrum! Engage your cognitive prowess and unravel intricate enigmas with finesse.

The allure of this captivating diversion lies in the artful mastery of puzzle-solving, an endeavor that promises unabated satisfaction for protracted periods. Immerse yourself in the spellbinding world of the Thief Troll Steal Puzzle, situated in a fantastical domain where a formidable, cunning creature, the Thief Troll, navigates treacherous terrain with audacious thievery, purloining coveted treasures with unparalleled acumen.

This extraordinary creature, the Thief Troll, possesses a distinctive set of skills, facilitating the deciphering of diverse puzzles in the pursuit of pilfered treasures. Alas, every silver lining casts its shadow; the Thief Troll’s resilience falters in the face of vulnerability, as its corporeal form, crafted from a delicate substance, shatters upon impact.

Ease of gameplay belies the underlying requirement for patience and meticulous comprehension of the intricate rules governing this immersive experience. As you surmount each puzzle, a crescendo of excitement reverberates within, catering to a diverse audience spanning all age groups.

Distinguishable by its intellectual demands, this is no child’s play. Ponderous contemplation is imperative, navigating through an expansive array of levels that pose challenges demanding mental fortitude. Each level is intricately interwoven with an assortment of perplexing puzzles, tasking players to employ the cunning Thief Troll in orchestrating key thefts.

Embark on a riveting journey, where the onus lies on collecting the possessions of the elusive Thief Troll. The endeavor extends beyond the mere acquisition of the creature; one must also procure assorted items requisite for unlocking the intricate puzzles.

Venture into the hallowed halls of the museum, a bastion of acquisitions, where swiftness in puzzle completion is duly rewarded, bestowing due recognition upon the adept player.

Features of Thief Troll solve steal puzzle MOD APK

Over 100 Game Levels

In this application, a plethora of gaming stages, numbering well beyond a century, await your engagement. Diverse themes, including the realms of Superheroes, Korean Dramas, and the eerie Poppy Blue Monster Horror, add a rich tapestry to this digital arena.

The gameplay, though ostensibly facile, conceals a formidable challenge. Triumphing over this virtual labyrinth necessitates not only acumen but also temporal dexterity. The accolade of completion is reserved solely for those adept enough to navigate this complex maze most expeditiously. The augmentation of gaming levels and avatars becomes an attainable feat through the judicious deployment of in-game currency.

Stretching arm to steal things

Meet Bob, a larcenous virtuoso endowed with the extraordinary ability to elongate his arm, deftly pilfering anything within reach. To ascend to the echelons of master thievery, exercise caution, deftly maneuvering to avoid contact with potential stumbling blocks—be it a vigilant dog, an alert crab, the watchful eyes of law enforcement, an enchanting damsel, or an ominous monster!

Within this application, immerse yourself in a plethora of captivating themes, spanning the realms of superheroes, Korean drama, and the spine-chilling Poppy Blue Monster Horror games. Assert your dominance as the preeminent thief, capable of filching anything with unparalleled finesse.

Bob’s modus operandi involves the extension of his arm, facilitating the larceny of all he desires. However, the onus is on you to thwart his advances by strategically deploying your extended arm. A brush with any obstacle results in its obliteration, and Bob’s inevitable apprehension.

Not content with mere defense, you can actively pilfer items from Bob’s grasp. To accomplish this act of thievery, position your hand over Bob’s, tapping the screen with finesse to seize the coveted object. The battle for larcenous supremacy awaits your deft touch and strategic prowess.

High-quality sound effects

The auditory ambiance of this application is nothing short of extraordinary. Engaging with it elicits a cinematic experience, transporting you into a realm akin to watching a compelling movie. The craftsmanship behind this game lies in the integration of top-tier sound effects, ensuring an immersive audio encounter of the highest quality.

Thief Troll, the protagonist of this auditory adventure, is accompanied by a wealth of opulent sound effects. Embark on a journey through a labyrinth of more than a hundred game levels, each meticulously crafted with diverse themes.

Brace yourself for a formidable challenge, as every level is intricately designed to captivate and prevent monotony. The allure of Thief Troll extends further with its inherent capability to introduce novel themes, perpetually injecting freshness into the gaming experience.

Touch screen controls

Facilitating an effortless gaming experience, this application boasts user-friendly touchscreen controls. Mere swipes guide the thief seamlessly through the virtual terrain dragging him to strategic points, whether it be sidestepping an obstacle or reaching the coveted goal to pilfer the desired item.

Thief Troll, too, embraces the intuitive realm of touchscreen controls. A simple tap on the screen orchestrates the myriad actions of the cunning thief, ensuring a responsive and engaging interaction. Beyond the primary gameplay, a mere tap unveils crucial information, including your score and other pertinent details.

Navigating through the game becomes a tactile delight with touchscreen controls, eliminating the need for intricate finger maneuvers. A tap governs Bob’s movements, while a swift drag is all it takes to liberate coveted possessions, adding an extra layer of convenience to your larcenous endeavors.


In the clandestine realm of larceny, Bob emerges as a clandestine virtuoso. His adeptness lies in the extraordinary ability to elongate his appendage, deftly snatching coveted treasures. To ascend to the echelons of master thievery, one must exercise prudence, evading detection while navigating an array of impediments, ranging from vigilant canines and crustaceans to law enforcement, enchanting damsels, and formidable mythical beings!

Within this application, a myriad of gameplays unfolds, encompassing the domains of superhero escapades, Supermarket intrigues, and harrowing escapades in the Poppy Blue Monster horror universe. These thematic odysseys promise a confluence of vicissitudes and trials.

Bob boasts an expansive arsenal comprising implements such as a mallet, lock-selecting apparatus, and a grappling contraption. The acquisition of additional tools transpires through the accumulation of coins or pecuniary transactions.

Furthermore, Bob possesses an array of stratagems to unravel intricate enigmas. For instance, the utilization of Bob’s prodigious prowess permits gravity-defying ascents onto ceilings, thereby facilitating access to loftier strata.

Alternatively, doors succumb to the prowess of Bob’s implements, unraveling pathways. Yet, vigilance is imperative, for certain portals remain impervious and necessitate Bob’s expertise in the domain of lock-picking.

In the grand tapestry of Thief Troll’s conundrums, a plethora of engaging facets unveils itself. Bob undertakes the accumulation of monetary units to procure novel accouterments, rendering the game devoid of pecuniary encumbrances and intrusive advertisements, thus ensuring unbridled enjoyment at any juncture.

The pursuit of Thief Troll is bestowed upon the denizens gratis. Compatible with diverse electronic platforms, be it handheld communicative devices, tablets, or computational machines, the entirety of the game’s stages extends an invitation for exploration, unrestricted by fiscal constraints. A dalliance with it beckons forthwith!

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