Tantal MOD APK 0.35 (Unlimited Money)

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Mohammed Al Hamid
Nov 26, 2022
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Tantal MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Download The Latest APK Version of Tantal MOD APK. An Android Action Games this MOD comes with Unlimited Money Available download Yours Now.

The Mesopotamian Marshes, the watery landscape, the reeds, the tall grasses, the floating islands, the sandbanks, the islands, the strange creatures, the creatures who have been created by God and the creatures created by man. All these things, the mysterious world of the Mesopotamian Marshes. The place where the legend began and the myth still continues.

The story begins with a young boy called Tantal MOD APK who lives in the city of Eridu in the land of Sumer, in the time of the early Sumerians. He is an excellent swimmer, he loves swimming and fishing, he is very fond of his father and mother. But suddenly his parents disappear and he must find them. His father was a great hunter and his mother was a skilled fisherman.

They had no children. One day, he discovers that the reeds are moving. He takes a look and sees a huge creature, half man, half fish. He does not have much time. He rushes to the shore and tries to save his parents, but the creature is too strong. Suddenly, the boy’s parents appear and tell him about the existence of the monster.

They say that the creature is a giant fish who was created by the god Ea. The fish is very intelligent and has a big brain, and it has a soul. When the boy finds out that his parents are captured by the monster, he tries to escape, but it catches him.

The monster drags the boy to the depths of the water, and there, the boy meets the creature’s family. It is a monstrous fish and its children are half-fish, half-human. The family lives in the marshes and they eat human flesh.

When the boy escapes from the hands of the monster, he comes to the shore, but the monster catches him again. At this moment, a goddess named Inanna appears and tells the boy that the monster is a demon and that it is not allowed to harm humans.

Inanna is a goddess of love, fertility, war, and the hunt. She is also the goddess of the sea. She tells the boy that the monster is a god and that it is a demon, and that it should be killed.

When the boy is freed, he returns to the city of Eridu. The city of Eridu is the city of the gods. The boy’s father was a great hunter, and the people of Eridu are very fond of the boy.

The boy becomes famous and is given a great honor. People call him the savior of the city of Eridu. He is also given a sacred boat, and he travels the rivers and the lakes of Sumer.

One day, the boy receives a message from the goddess In

Features of Tantal MOD APK

Simple and easy gameplay

With a simple and easy gameplay, Tantal MOD APK is a thrilling arcade game with breathtaking 3D graphics and awesome gameplays.

In Tantal game, you will have to drive a boat through the Mesopotamian marshes.

While driving through the marsh, avoid being attacked by creatures called “tantal”.

Try to escape from the creature “tantal” using the different obstacles present in the game such as reed houses, statues and barriers.

Cute and adorable characters

Cute and adorable characters will bring you a lot of enjoyment. With a little bit of help from the cute and adorable characters, you can have a fun time and escape from the creature “Tantal”.

In addition to that, the cute and adorable characters will bring you a lot of fun with them.

Enjoy your free time with a little bit of help from the cute and adorable characters.

The characters in Tantal are cute and adorable. You will play the role of a boat driver who must escape from the creatures of the water in order to survive. The creatures include turtles, crocodiles, and other dangerous beasts.

The boat is equipped with a laser cannon, a harpoon gun, and other useful weapons. You will have to avoid obstacles and defeat the creatures of the water to escape.

Tantal is a game where you will have to drive your boat in order to escape from the creatures of the water.

Continue earning even when you are offline

If you like playing games while you are offline, then you should try this game. In this game you have to drive a boat in the marshes of the Mesopotamian region.

There are many creatures that attack you, so you need to drive the boat carefully. If you are attacked by one of the creatures, it will cause damage to your boat and you will lose the amount of money that you had.

In order to survive you have to avoid the barriers and the reed houses and the statues of the Sumerians.

Earn daily rewards

Tantal game is a simple and exciting game that you can play while you’re waiting for something else to happen. You are a boatman and you must avoid creatures that appear under the water to attack you.

Tantal game is very simple, but it still manages to provide a lot of enjoyment. You can earn points by doing various tasks, such as driving a boat, avoiding obstacles, avoiding creatures, etc.

In addition, Tantal game has a beautiful graphic, which is one of its main strengths.

Easy controls

In Tantal game, you are the captain of the boat and you need to navigate through the dangerous waters of the Mesopotamian marshes. As you go on your journey, you will be attacked by an invisible monster named “Tantal”.

It is the main task of your to avoid it and escape from the monster. The more you go on your journey, the more dangerous it will become. Be careful not to hit the barriers and the reed houses and the Sumerian statues. The more you move on, the more powerful the monster becomes.


You are a boatman in the marshes. The goal of the game is to avoid the creatures, “Tantal”, from attacking you. There are barriers, and the reed houses, and the Sumerian statues in the water, and you have to avoid them. You have a limited amount of time and energy, and you need to spend it wisely.

When you are in the water, you can see the creatures, and you can move the cursor to point to it and click to hit it. You can use your boat to get over the obstacles, and when you are close to the creatures, you can shoot the arrows at it.

You can use your boat to jump over the barriers and the reed houses.

The reed houses are the first obstacle, and the Sumerian statues are the second obstacle. You can’t get over the Sumerian statues if you don’t have enough time, but you can break them with the arrows.

You can buy items at the shops.

The shopkeeper will give you three different types of arrows: normal, fire, and ice. You can use the arrows to break the Sumerian statues.

You can also buy a reed house and a barrier. If you don’t have enough time to get over the Sumerian statues, you can use the reed houses to break them. The Sumerian statues are the last obstacle in the game. You can’t get over the Sumerian statues if you don’t have enough time.

You can buy more arrows and reed houses in the shops. You can buy the boat in the shop. You can sell the items you get in the shops to the shopkeeper. You can buy a new boat if you want.

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What's new

* Emojis while playing.
* Performance improvements.
* Improve Cloud data storage.
* Improvement in game graphics.
* Improved gameplay control performance.

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