Tacape v1.0.9 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Last Updated on Jan 05, 2024
Tacape is a deck-builder card game with roguelite elements for those who love a tactical challenge. Take part in a series of combats, build your strategy, upgrade your cards and face folkloric creatures along the way!
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Jan 05, 2024
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Tacape MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Download The Latest APK Version of Tacape MOD APK. An Android Card Game this MOD comes with Unlimited Money Unlocked Available download Yours Now.

Embark on the captivating realm of Tacape, a card game that intertwines the intricacies of deck-building with the unpredictable twists of roguelike elements. This dynamic fusion transforms the gaming experience into an action-packed odyssey where tactical prowess takes center stage. Prepare to navigate a labyrinth of combats, each presenting a unique challenge, as an extensive array of cards unveils itself, offering a spectrum of choices tailored to your distinctive playstyle.

The battleground materializes on a strategic tableau, setting the stage for confrontations that span multiple engrossing rounds. At the onset of each round, your fate rests in the cards you draw, tasking you with the pivotal decision of selecting the ones that will shape your imminent strategies.

Within your grasp lies an arsenal of cards, each a weapon to assail your adversaries. As the round concludes, the spoils of experience points await, a currency to acquire new cards and fortify your tactical arsenal.

But the richness of victory transcends mere points, as your play style and the adversaries’ stature weave a tapestry of bonus points. The echelons of power expand further with the introduction of “Rare” cards, each possessing unique attributes to augment your dominance in the crucible of battle.

Journeying forward, Tacape unfolds its layers of challenge, escalating difficulty, and heightened card potency. The roadmap to triumph lies in unraveling the game’s rules, cultivating a profound understanding of your adversaries, and crafting decisions that echo strategic brilliance.

Tacape emerges not just as a game but as an ode to strategy and skill, seamlessly weaving the conventions of a card game with the unpredictability of roguelike elements. The battlefield becomes a canvas where players orchestrate their decks, aiming not just to conquer but to obliterate the opponent’s deck.

The menagerie of adversaries introduces a tapestry of diversity, each entity wielding special abilities that players can deftly employ to gain the upper hand. Comprising five cards, each deck mirrors a symphony of strategy: two cards laden with statistics, one wielding a unique ability, and a duo of “fuse” cards. Fusion, the arcane art, empowers players to meld and birth new cards, adding to their arsenal for future battles.

Success hinges on a strategic dance, where players must fathom the enemies’ abilities and sculpt their strategies accordingly. Tacape is a whirlwind, demanding constant agility, yet paradoxically, it extends an invitation for a leisurely exploration of its game world. In the intersection of speed and contemplation, Tacape weaves an exhilarating gaming experience, inviting players to navigate its realms with both urgency and poise.

Features of Tacape MOD APK

Unlock new characters

In the realm of Tacape, a realm replete with a myriad of possibilities, there exists a compendium comprising 12 distinctive entities, each belonging to one of four distinct races. These entities, endowed with unique capabilities and specialties, offer players a cornucopia of choices. Each persona wields a curated set of 5 cards, a repertoire that evolves and elevates in prowess as the gameplay unfolds. Noteworthy is the malleability of the game’s complexity, seamlessly adjustable to harmonize with the adeptness of the player.

Diversity flourishes within the pantheon of characters, generously available for unfettered exploration. Each character, an entity unto itself, introduces an idiosyncratic facet to the tapestry of the game. The allure lies not only in the assortment but also in the distinct contributions each entity brings to the proverbial table. The acquisition of novel cards, an integral facet of the gaming experience, can be facilitated through in-game transactions, providing enthusiasts with avenues to augment their repertoire.

Choose from a variety of classes

Entwined within the tapestry of Tacape lies a unique facet: each character is bestowed with an exclusive array of cards, further augmented by the versatility of equipping distinct items. Within the intricate hierarchy of classes, a symphony of strengths and vulnerabilities orchestrates a kaleidoscope of gaming experiences, each class promising a narrative distinct from its counterparts.

For the nomadic gamer, the allure extends beyond the mere selection of characters. A prelude to each skirmish unfolds as players meticulously customize their characters, adorning them with a pantheon of items. This personalized touch transforms the impending battle into a canvas of endless possibilities. Tacape, akin to a masterful conductor, ensures that every foray into the gaming realm bequeaths a novel challenge, an unpredictable odyssey awaiting players with every session.

Battle different monsters

Immersed in the labyrinthine realm of Tacape, your journey is punctuated by encounters with an array of creatures and monsters, each a formidable impediment meticulously designed to thwart your progress. The strategic tapestry of the game unfurls as each creature unveils its unique methodology, demanding a discerning analysis of its behaviors. In this intricate dance of adversaries, no two foes are alike, compelling you to delve into the idiosyncrasies of each enemy’s modus operandi.

Behind the veil of uncertainty, each adversary wields its arsenal of attack prowess, with distinct vulnerabilities embedded in their metaphysical anatomy. The battlefield metamorphoses into a canvas of tactical intricacies, beckoning you to discern the opportune moments to thwart an impending enemy onslaught, strategically deploy a specific card, or unleash a counterattack with the card grasped in your virtual grasp. Tacape, a veritable crucible of possibilities, places the onus on you to navigate the multifarious choices, selecting the optimal course of action tailored to the nuances of each distinct situation.

Gain experience points to level up

Subscribed to the roguelike ethos, Tacape unfurls its challenges as an intricate tapestry where the environment becomes your relentless adversary, each encounters a skirmish demanding your mettle. In the crucible of competition, your battles against formidable opponents serve as the crucible for accruing invaluable experience points, the currency to ascend the hierarchical ladder of proficiency.

Beyond the veneer of routine, Tacape transcends the predictable cadence of typical card games. Triumph in one bout merely begets another challenge, a perpetual cycle that unravels new decks and unveils hitherto unseen adversaries. It is not a mere card game; Tacape metamorphoses into an immersive strategic and tactical odyssey, an ever-shifting landscape designed to challenge your intellect and prowess at every juncture.


Tacape emerges as a dynamic, high-speed deck-building experience, reminiscent of renowned titles such as Dominion or Betrayal at House on the Hill. As the game unfolds, you’re bestowed with an initial hand of cards, setting the stage for strategic maneuvers.

Each turn involves the drawing of one card and the execution of one card, accentuating the essence of decision-making. The primary objective entails vanquishing your adversary and seizing control of the board. At the culmination of each round, the option to discard up to three cards adds a layer of tactical contemplation.

The cards themselves are imbued with both cost and distinctive capabilities. Some cards harbor specialized attributes capable of enhancing your statistics under specific circumstances. Conversely, others assume roles in assaulting your adversaries or safeguarding your comrades.

Elevating your hero’s prowess is attainable through the leveling-up mechanism, amplifying their attack, defense, and health attributes. The strategic elevation of allies contributes to fortifying your heroes and providing a shield against encroaching foes. However, an overly expeditious ascent in levels can lead to your hero transforming into a formidable force known as a “Hero.”

Heroes, in their transformed state, wield the ability to assail enemies, inflicting additional damage. Each hero boasts a unique power; for instance, the Hero of Fire possesses the capability to extinguish fires.

In scenarios where multiple heroes coexist, leveraging the abilities of the less potent ones serves to augment the strength of your most formidable ally.

Advancement through the game unravels opportunities to unlock new cards and unravel the intricacies of the game world and its denizens. Some cards introduce specialized features, altering the game board or introducing novel elements to the gameplay.

Tape adheres to the roguelike genre, where succumbing to adversaries results in a forfeiture of accrued progress, relegating you to the starting point at Level 1. This predicament demands adaptive playstyles and the formulation of innovative strategies to surmount foes and achieve triumph in the game.

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What's new

- Language Selection improved;
- Passives icons art improved;
- BGs art adjustments;
- GameOver gametime count fixes;
- Fixed Tutorial excessive showing;
- Fixed some fields showing wrong values on enemies info popup;
- New in game button to show instructions;
- Minor bugfixes;
- Small performance improvements;

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