Swift Dark Substratum Theme v320 MOD APK (Patch Unlocked)

Last Updated on Feb 02, 2024
Swift Dark is a Substratum theme with 200+ handcrafted overlays, using a selected shade of dark gray for the backgrounds and preserving the apps original accent and primary colors wherever possible. It supports the following systems:
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Nishith Khanna
Jan 02, 2024
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Swift Dark Substratum Theme MOD APK (Patch Unlocked)

Download The Latest APK Version of Swift Dark Substratum Theme MOD APK. An Android Personalization App this MOD comes with Patch Unlocked Available download Yours Now.

The Swift Dark Substratum Theme emerges as a veritable engine of personalization for Android users, providing a pathway to tailor one’s digital interface with unparalleled ease. Esteemed as the zenith of customization tools, Substratum unleashes the potential for a swift and potent enhancement of one’s Android device. With an assortment of over 20,000 themes, it offers an unrivaled user experience. Amongst this vast array, Swift distinguishes itself as a particularly sought-after theme, promising an aesthetic overhaul that transforms the mundane into the magnificent. It beckons with the allure of an enriched and captivating interface, presenting a panoply of choices to achieve the desired visual flair.

Delving into the capabilities of the Swift Dark Substratum Theme, one discovers the flexibility to modify icons, display hues, backdrops, typefaces, and more, thereby sculpting a unique digital environment. The theme supports alterations across more than 30,000 applications, further permitting the acquisition of apps and games via the Google Play Store, thus broadening the scope of customization. It invites users to enliven their home screen with a kaleidoscope of colors, adding a dimension of vibrancy and enjoyment.

Furthermore, the theme enables a tailored experience right from the moment of device activation, allowing the selection of preferred applications for immediate access. The customization extends to the status bar and the incorporation of widgets, enhancing functionality and convenience. For those in pursuit of a novel digital aesthetic, the Swift Dark Substratum Theme stands as an indispensable ally, offering a gateway to a reimagined Android experience.

Features of Swift Dark Substratum Theme MOD APK

200+ handcrafted overlays

The Swift Dark Substratum Theme unfurls with an assembly of over 200 artisanally forged overlays, each showcasing a distinct accentuation hue adorning the app designation, navigational aid, and symbol glyphs.

This thematic masterpiece introduces a trinity of accentuation hues for the symbol glyphs, each meticulously matched to the app’s foundational tint.

In its creation, meticulous attention was devoted to maintaining the authentic accentuation and foundational tints of the applications, ensuring their original chromatic essence is preserved wherever feasible.

Shades of gray for backgrounds

Engaging in a chromatic metamorphosis, a dusky shade permeates the app’s background, delicately preserving the original accent and primary colors of the applications. This strategic implementation ensures that the pervasive presence of the dark gray hue remains subtly woven into the app’s fabric, avoiding undue prominence.

Swift Dark, an embodiment of Substratum’s artistic prowess, boasts an extensive repertoire of 200+ meticulously crafted overlays. Employing a discerningly chosen tint of dark gray for backgrounds, the theme meticulously safeguards the authentic accent tones and primary color palette of the applications. This constitutes a thorough reimagining of the default Android 7.1 system color scheme, adopting a more nuanced strategy. The focus shifts towards the intricacies of app design, crafting a somber counterpoint to the vivid primary colors.

The original accent tones and primary colors endure, yet a deeper shade of gray takes residence in the background and extends its influence to the status bar.

Maintaining its previous stature, the status bar undergoes a subtle transformation, featuring a more subdued gradient that renders the status icons effortlessly distinguishable.

Remarkably streamlined, the status bar now narrows to a mere 1-pixel width, a departure from its former 2-pixel breadth, harmonizing seamlessly with the broader UI design paradigm.

Respect the accent and primary colors of the original apps

At the core objective of Swift Dark lies an unwavering commitment: to honor and uphold the accent and primary hues inherent to the original applications, assuaging any concerns regarding unwarranted alterations to their color palette.

Swift Dark, a manifestation of Substratum’s creative finesse, unfolds as a thematic masterpiece adorned with over 200 meticulously crafted overlays. Employing a carefully chosen tint of dark gray for backgrounds, this theme orchestrates a meticulous dance, ensuring the perpetuation of the authentic accent tones and primary color spectrum of the applications. This dedication constitutes a resolute stance, a comprehensive redefinition of the Android 7.1 system color scheme. The emphasis tilts towards a sophisticated approach, focusing intently on the intrinsic design of the applications, all while safeguarding a harmonious coexistence with the vibrant primary colors.

In essence, the overarching mission of Swift Dark is to navigate the delicate balance, where the original accent tones and primary colors endure, undisturbed, amidst a backdrop adorned with a carefully selected shade of dark gray.

High contrast ratio

The Swift Dark Substratum Theme introduces itself with a notable high contrast ratio, employing a backdrop of dark gray while diligently conserving the original accent and primary hues of applications whenever feasible.

This distinctive feature implies that Swift Dark serves as a versatile dark mode for your cherished applications, enhancing the overall user experience and contributing to a more gratifying interaction.

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What's new

Notable changes:

• Update theme to support latest version of apps and other fixes

• Full changelog: https://kutt.it/swiftsubschangelog
• Documentation: https://kutt.it/swift

Fully read the Documentation and Play Store description before usage

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