SuperBeam v5.0.8 MOD APK (Pro Unlocked)

Last Updated on Mar 01, 2024
SuperBeam 5.0 is the easiest, fastest and most secure way to share large files between your devices using WiFi direct. Devices can be paired using QR codes (with the included QR code scanner) , NFC or manual sharing key.
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Mar 01, 2024
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SuperBeam MOD APK (Pro Unlocked)

Download The Latest APK Version of SuperBeam MOD APK. An Android Communication App this MOD comes with Pro Unlocked Available download Yours Now.

SuperBeam emerges as an avant-garde instrument facilitating the exchange of cybernetic connectivity across a duo of mobile telephones. This exchange is orchestrated by SuperBeam, requiring the devices to dwell in proximity whilst harmonizing on the identical wireless fidelity network. Upon successful linkage, the cyber conduit is shared between the pair, offering a cost-free mechanism for this digital symbiosis.

Within its repertoire, SuperBeam boasts the capacity to bridge and disseminate a Wi-Fi lattice to affiliates in the vicinity. Through the deployment of this app, the wireless network becomes a communal resource, accessible to a collective of users.

SuperBeam distinguishes itself as a beacon, enabling the dispersion of your Wi-Fi sanctum to acquaintances near and far. This application stands as a bastion for Wi-Fi communion, permitting the initiation into Wi-Fi sanctuaries and the sharing thereof. It beckons to those within your orbit, offering passage to your wireless haven.

An Android-centric application, SuperBeam stands as a herald for effortless Wi-Fi network sharing. It grants the power to extend your digital domain to others, making the connection process seamless for kin and kin. Its user-friendly interface ensures a swift and uncomplicated setup, liberating users from the necessity of acquiring routers or other costly paraphernalia. SuperBeam’s compatibility spans across all router varietals, accommodating even the most recent iterations with ease. Its simplicity in operation democratizes its use, making it accessible to all aspirants of digital connection.

Features of SuperBeam MOD APK

Quickly share large files using NFC, QR code, or manually

In the contemporary era, Near Field Communication (NFC) technology has surged in ubiquity, heralding a swift and facile method for the transference of files and data between two apparatuses. To initiate a file transfer, merely graze the NFC tag of one device against another, prompting an automatic linkage and subsequent data exchange.

For individuals unfamiliar with the operation of QR codes, SuperBeam presents a solution, that enables users to scan a QR code, thereby instantaneously commencing the sharing of documents, imagery, contacts, melodies, and more.

This functionality seamlessly integrates with devices endowed with Bluetooth and NFC capabilities. Moreover, the QR code scanner proves invaluable for those desiring to synchronize multiple devices, enhancing the ease and efficiency of digital interactions.

Connect devices even if they don’t support WiFi direct

SuperBeam MD APK revolutionizes the process of transferring substantial files between devices, epitomizing the convenience and speed expected in the modern era, particularly as we navigate through the year 2020. With the advent of SuperBeam 5.0, the ability to connect devices has transcended the limitations of WiFi direct compatibility.

This innovation signifies that there is no prerequisite for devices to be tethered to a WiFi network for data exchange. SuperBeam ingeniously engineers a private WiFi direct conduit, facilitating a direct connection between two devices, thereby streamlining the transfer process.

Get notifications when files are shared

SuperBeam takes pride in its status as an open-source endeavor, allowing us to offer a complimentary version of our application with great enthusiasm.

The latest iteration of SuperBeam introduces a sophisticated notification system designed to alert users upon the receipt of shared files. When files are shared with you, SuperBeam promptly dispatches a notification to your device, providing you with the discretion to either accept or decline the file transfer.

Should you opt to decline the file transfer, rest assured that you will not be pestered with further notifications regarding this specific transfer? Conversely, acceptance of the file transfer not only allows the current transaction but also sets a precedent for receiving notifications on subsequent transfers of the same file. Nevertheless, this consent is not irrevocable; you retain the liberty to rescind your acceptance at any juncture by navigating to the application’s settings and disabling the notification feature.

SuperBeam works with all major cloud storage platforms

SuperBeam stands as a versatile tool compatible with all predominant cloud storage services. Whether you intend to share a video, a photo, or a document, SuperBeam facilitates this process with remarkable speed and simplicity. Emphasizing its commitment to accessibility, SuperBeam is offered free of charge, a policy that is pledged to continue indefinitely. For those exploring additional digital tools, our compilation of top VPN applications is available for consultation.

SuperBeam’s compatibility extends to an extensive array of cloud storage platforms, including but not limited to Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, iCloud, and Box, supporting both local and cloud-based storage solutions.

For users inclined towards utilizing SuperBeam for accessing local storage, the process is straightforward: activate File Transfer Mode and engage the “Local Network Mode.” Conversely, for those wishing to connect to cloud storage, simply switch on the “Cloud Mode.” Adjusting the local network mode is as easy as tapping the diminutive switch located in the screen’s bottom right corner, allowing for seamless toggling between functionalities.

Automatically switches to the best connection quality based on the situation

SuperBeam 5.0 adeptly modulates its connectivity to the zenith of signal quality contingent upon the prevailing circumstances. Imagine, if you will, traversing through space, with an imperative to disseminate files to a companion; SuperBeam astutely gravitates towards the most robust linkage, concurrently optimizing its energy consumption for the transmission of data.

This adaptability is reciprocal; ensconced within the embrace of your Wi-Fi sanctuary, SuperBeam judiciously transitions to the supreme connection, thereby conserving the life force of your device’s battery. SuperBeam’s prowess is not confined to a single direction; it is versed in both the art of dispatching and receiving digital parcels. Furthermore, it bridges disparate worlds, facilitating the seamless exchange of files from your Android vessel to the realms of Mac or Windows PC with SuperBeam as your guide.

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What's new

A fresh version of SuperBeam, with a new design and an entirely new sharing experience which focuses on security. All transfers are encrypted by default, and the sending device credentials will be verified.

Version 5.0.8 Fixes receiving from legacy devices and receiving files on Android 9.0+

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