Super Hero Rope Crime City v1.5.6 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Last Updated on Mar 07, 2024
It is time to be a real super hero. Non-stop web-slinging action as the crime-fighting superhero of the city in the best rope swing hero simulator!
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Mar 07, 2024
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Super Hero Rope Crime City MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Download The Latest APK Version of Super Hero Rope Crime City MOD APK. An Android Action Game this MOD comes with Unlimited Money Available download Yours Now.

In the realm of interactive escapades, immerse yourself in the heart-pounding thrills of a clandestine odyssey. Embark on an extraordinary quest where liberation hinges on the deft manipulation of a singularly specialized tether, an experience that defies the conventional gaming tapestry.

Become an incarcerated malefactor, confined within the formidable walls of a penitentiary for an extended duration. A sudden twist of fate grants your release, accompanied by the bestowal of a unique cordage apparatus, custom-crafted for your daring escape.

Navigate the role of a caped crusader, armed with the extraordinary rope, a tool of liberation that enables audacious swings from prison casements to the outer confines beyond. Yet, this penitentiary is vigilantly patrolled by an array of sentinels, necessitating your ascent over their watchful eyes. Triumph requires adeptly navigating security measures and eluding the vigilant custodians in this unparalleled and perilously exhilarating escapade.

This adrenaline-charged game unfurls a kaleidoscope of exhilarating stages, each escalating in complexity. The melding danger with excitement, the gameplay is meticulously crafted to provide an enthralling and progressively challenging experience, setting a new benchmark for player engagement.

Enter the multiplayer domain with “Super Hero Rope Crime City,” where solitude and camaraderie converge. Opt for solo ventures or enlist comrades for collective endeavors. The team skirmish mode empowers you to cherry-pick your allies, fostering strategic collaborations. Alternatively, partake in the free-for-all mode, engaging in intense skirmishes against fellow players.

This superhero-centric rope odyssey epitomizes a novel gaming paradigm, casting you as a vigilant crusader against criminality. The game pulsates with dynamic actions, elevating the gaming experience to unprecedented heights.

“Superhero Rope Crime City” pivots on the innovative premise of a rope-centric escapade. Tasked with accumulating coins, there exists no ceiling to your potential wealth. Furthermore, an assortment of items awaits your selection, allowing a tailored approach to gameplay. Tailor difficulty levels to your liking, ensuring an immersive and personalized gaming encounter.

Features of Super Hero Rope Crime City MOD APK

Unlock new abilities and upgrade your hero

Amidst the dynamic realm of this riveting superhero gaming experience, one finds themselves unraveling novel prowess and enhancements for their champion, progressing through the intricate tapestry of the virtual universe. Upon attaining a predetermined echelon, the opportunity arises to procure avant-garde capabilities and refinements, augmenting the stature of the virtual protagonist.

Embark on the journey to unveil unprecedented aptitudes and elevate the stature of your hero, adorned with formidable capabilities and accouterments of potency.

Execute the vanquishment of nefarious crime overlords and extend salvation to the beleaguered populace through the adept manipulation of your tether. With an extensive array of missions and challenges, the reservoir of engagements within the gaming expanse remains perpetually brimming, ensuring an inexhaustible fount of activities to undertake.

Face challenging enemies and puzzles

In the unfolding narrative of this gaming odyssey, your mettle will be tested against formidable adversaries and intricate enigmas, presenting formidable obstacles to surmount for triumph. From airborne malefactors to pernicious snares, the panorama is replete with nefarious antagonists and exhilarating quandaries, weaving a tapestry of action-laden exploits.

As your odyssey unfurls, the trajectory of your exploits will grant you access to potent enhancements and accouterments, pivotal in overcoming adversaries of the most formidable caliber. The diverse array of missions and challenges within the Super Hero Rope Crime City promises an immersive engagement, tethering you to its allure for extended periods.

Discover hidden collectibles

Immersed within the cityscape, an abundance of collectibles and clandestine revelations await your discerning gaze. Scattered throughout the urban sprawl, collectibles and coins beckon, extending the prospect of unveiling further facets of the virtual realm. Employ your tether with finesse, gracefully traversing the cityscape to amass the trove of collectibles strewn in your path.

Beyond the visible tapestry lies a realm of clandestine attributes, accessible through the completion of assigned missions. The acquisition of supplementary ropes, purchasable with accrued resources, augments your arsenal, proving invaluable in navigating the labyrinthine journey that unfolds before you in this exhilarating adventure.

Solve various side missions

Within the gaming tapestry, your odyssey extends to the resolution of sundry side missions, a pivotal avenue for accruing wealth, unearthing fresh personas, and adorning them with formidable armaments and accouterments of potency.

Every mission is meticulously crafted with a distinctive complexity, ensuring a perpetual state of alertness. Mastery of the intricacies of your tether becomes imperative, a lifeline crucial to your survival amidst the tumultuous milieu of this eccentric city.


In the realm of expeditious action, Superhero Rope Crime City catapults you into a pulse-pounding escapade through the perilous urban landscape. Adorned with resplendent graphics and an enthralling gameplay experience, this game ensnares your attention for protracted durations.

Embark upon an exploration of an expansive open world, delving into exhilarating missions that promise an adrenaline-inducing experience. The augmentation of your superhero persona unfolds through the acquisition of potent abilities and gear, elevating your prowess.

As a formidable superhero, wielding a reliable rope as your ally, you’ll elegantly traverse the cityscape. Engage in skirmishes with malevolent criminals and execute valiant rescues of the unsuspecting populace.

Exploit the versatility of your rope, seamlessly swinging through the urban labyrinth, deftly evading obstacles, and unleashing lightning-fast attacks upon your adversaries. The spectrum of missions and challenges within Super Hero Rope Crime City ensures a perpetually replenished reservoir of enthralling activities.

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What's new

- Reduced app size
- Grenades now deal damage to player as intended
- Collectibles counter doesn't reset back to zero when leaving gameplay
- Combat adjustments to remove issues with effects
- Background bug fixes to improve overall gameplay

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