Succubus Idle v1.32.03 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Last Updated on Feb 17, 2024
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Feb 17, 2024
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Succubus Idle MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Download The Latest APK Version of Succubus Idle MOD APK. An Android Simulation Game this MOD comes with Unlimited Money Unlocked Available download Yours Now.

In this particular application, assume the role of a succubus in the employ of a demonic overlord. As a succubus, you’ll find yourself endowed with the ability to allure men.

The demon overlord shall furnish you with financial resources, which you can employ to procure items of your preference. However, certain stipulations apply. Primarily, you must engage in intimate relations with the designated individual, a scenario that necessitates complete nudity.

Prudent maintenance of your physique is imperative, as it serves as your calling card. Presenting an aesthetically pleasing visage is essential to captivating the male demographic. You must diligently sculpt your physique, engaging in regular exercise to uphold its fitness.

Your physical form functions as your professional representation. A captivating appearance is pivotal in drawing the attention of men. Neglecting the care of your body will inevitably diminish your allure to potential partners.

This stands as an idle gaming experience accessible online without cost. Participants are tasked with fulfilling daily quests, yielding rewards such as gold, silver, diamonds, and more.

Various categories of formidable creatures populate the gaming landscape. Players may employ their skills to vanquish these adversaries. Remarkably, downloading external software is unnecessary for those desiring to engage in this game. The entirety of content and gameplay is directly accessible through standard web browsers.

Features of Succubus Idle MOD APK

Choose from a variety of skills to customize your character

In the realm of interactive storytelling, behold an enthralling narrative experience, an immersive escapade known as the persona-crafting odyssey. Within this virtual milieu, the adept player assumes the mantle of character architect, weaving the intricate tapestry of their digital alter ego.

Embark upon a labyrinthine journey of choice and consequence, a veritable kaleidoscope of possibilities unfurling before you. The adept wielder of this interactive narrative wand navigates the tumultuous waters of decision-making, selecting from an eclectic array of proficiencies, accouterments, and capabilities to bespoke-tailor the essence of their virtual self.

Behold, this RPG odyssey beckons you into a multidimensional odyssey, a tapestry of sagas and stages, each fraught with challenges and dilemmas demanding deft resolution. Traverse the convoluted crossroads of destiny, where the sinuous path unfurls, beset with adversities to be surmounted, marking the crucible of your character’s evolution.

Receive rewards based on the level you reached

Embark upon an odyssey within this application, where players initiate a quest to reclaim their Familiar Spirits. As the virtual journey unfolds, progressing deeper into the game proves to be a catalyst for reaping rewards.

Rewards are intricately intertwined with the player’s attained levels, crafting a symbiotic relationship between achievement and incentive. This symbiosis serves as a potent motivator, propelling players into the immersive folds of the game.

The game boasts an avant-garde combat paradigm, necessitating players to amass a repertoire of items employed in the restoration of Familiar Spirits. With each successful revival, a cascade of rewards ensues, lavishing the player with gratifications commensurate with their prowess and progress.

Unlock new characters and new dungeons

Within the confines of this application, players harness the arcane might of demons, orchestrating control over both the stage and dungeon. The pivotal acquisition of the Familiar Spirit serves as the linchpin, unlocking access to a plethora of demons. The player, wielding the infernal forces, can employ demon power to unveil a menagerie of characters and unlock hitherto undiscovered dungeons.

A diverse array of characters populates the virtual landscape, ranging from the central protagonist to a male figure, a female persona, an elderly gentleman, a youthful maiden, and more. Each character is imbued with distinctive traits, weaving an enthralling tapestry of narrative intrigue.

The central narrative revolves around a player ensnared in the throes of love with a demon. The player’s quest unfolds as a poignant saga, safeguarding the sanctity of the demon’s Familiar Spirit and venturing into the very heart of the Familiar Spirit’s abode.

Assuming the mantle of the principal character, players must engage in formidable battles against marauding demons intent on pilfering the precious Familiar Spirit. The symbiotic connection with the Familiar Spirit extends to the utilization of special attacks, bestowing upon the player the key to unlocking an array of novel characters and uncharted dungeons.

Collect coins to buy new weapons and armor

Within this application, a realm of opportunity unfolds where the acquisition of wealth intertwines with vanquishing monsters and conquering dungeons. The pursuit of coins manifests through two distinct avenues – the visceral defeat of monsters using weapons or items, and the collection of gold and silver emanating from the fallen adversaries.

As the coffers swell with a bounty of coins, a myriad of possibilities materializes. The discerning player can opt to invest in an armory of new weapons and armor, ushering in a transformative epoch of strength and resilience. Furthermore, the astute adventurer can allocate resources to elevate the potency of existing weaponry and armor, culminating in a more efficient monster-slaying apparatus.

The harmonious integration of coin accumulation, strategic investment in armaments, and meticulous upgrades fortify the player’s arsenal, paving the way for a seamless and prosperous journey through the perilous domains of monsters and dungeons.


Behold a captivating fusion of rhythm and RPG elements encapsulated within a mesmerizing 3D realm. Immerse yourself in the enchanting echoes of Succubus Idle, where the primary objective is to amass a legion of Familiars, culminating in the acquisition of the elusive Familiar Spirit and the triumphant completion of the main quest.

Take command of the Succubus character as it traverses an eclectic array of dungeons, each harboring the promise of new encounters, skills, abilities, and a trove of items and equipment. Succubus Idle unfolds as a dynamic odyssey, wherein the journey unfolds in tandem with the acquisition of allies and the honing of skills.

In the labyrinthine depths of the dungeons, a myriad of monsters and creatures await your arrival. The quest becomes a delicate dance of collecting their Familiars while simultaneously dispatching them. A harmonious synthesis of rhythmic precision and strategic engagement unfolds as you strive to amass this spectral entourage.

Beyond conventional combat maneuvers, Succubus Idle introduces an arsenal of special skills at your disposal. Unleash the incendiary might of “Fire” to hurl fireballs, conjure the scorching “Breath” skill to exhale flames, or deploy the insidious “Poison” skill to afflict adversaries with venomous maladies.

The symphony of skills converges with the rhythmic cadence, transforming each encounter into a spellbinding spectacle within the multifaceted world of Succubus Idle.

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What's new

- Bingo event addition
- Bingo Hammer Package 1, 2 renewal
- Weapon equipment level expanded from 200 to 400
- Theme Dungeon stages expanded to stage 40
- Bingo Hammer filling achievement event added
- Addition of 1 type of pass
- Improved game system
- Bug fixes

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