Storage Space & Analyzer v1.7 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

Last Updated on Feb 12, 2024
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Running out of memory storage space and want to clear up some space ?
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Feb 12, 2024
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Storage Space & Analyzer MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

Download The Latest APK Version of Storage Space & Analyzer MOD APK. An Android Tools App this MOD comes with Premium Unlocked Available download Yours Now.

Storage Realm & Examination Suite is an avant-garde digital steward, crafted to orchestrate and scrutinize your digital dominion. With ease, one can survey their digital expanses, liberating themselves from the clutches of superfluous data.

Furthermore, it unveils the nature of the repository and the apparatus currently claiming occupancy over this space. Storage Realm & Examination Suite stands as a paradigm of simplicity and user conviviality. It endows you with an exhaustive analysis of your digital territory. This utility is engineered to furnish resolutions to the entire spectrum of your storage quandaries.

Storage Realm & Examination Suite emerges as a quintessential instrument in the governance of your Android device’s storage realm.

Through the meticulous examination of storage data and the eradication of redundant files, one is bestowed with the boon of augmented storage space. It enables the categorization of data under a variety of criteria, thereby facilitating swift retrieval of requisite files. Moreover, it permits the specification of directories for exclusion.

Storage Realm & Examination Suite heralds itself as an indispensable ally in the stewardship of your storage expanse. Its simplicity and gratuitous nature make it an invaluable resource. With this application at your disposal, you are empowered to optimize your storage space, thus paving the way for other applications.

Storage Realm & Examination Suite is your sentry in the realm of data management, a beacon of efficiency in ensuring your phone’s storage is meticulously curated.

It stands as a vigilant guardian, analyzing your data to uncover strategies for space conservation on your smartphone. This tool is your ally, guiding you towards informed decisions to safeguard your precious data.

Features of Storage Space & Analyzer MOD APK

View the total space available on your internal and external storage

Storage Space & Analyzer grants the capability to discern the quantum of unoccupied expanse within both the internal and ancillary repositories, alongside the residual capacity available on these contrivances.

Moreover, it presents a comprehensive overview of the aggregate unoccupied storage volume on your telephone, in addition to the extant space remaining on your apparatus.

The application elucidates the magnitude of free territory you possess in your internal and adjunctive storages. It catalogs your applications along with their dimensions, permitting visibility into the spatial requisites of each application.

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See used space

Should you be in pursuit of a method to ascertain the availability of space for your applications and documents, the investigation of occupied space becomes pertinent. The application furnishes you with comprehensive details on the utilization of your storage capacity, accessible from any location within your device.

Storage Space & Analyzer emerges as a complimentary utility designed to illuminate the extent of storage space at the disposal of your applications and files. In the event of applications consuming excessive space, their removal is facilitated.

Additionally, it allows for the delineation of storage quotas per application, enabling the reallocation of storage to favor the applications of your preference.

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Show the amount of free space available

Amid the predicament of dwindling storage, the complimentary Storage Space Analyzer stands ready to aid in assessing the remaining memory at your disposal.

It enables the visualization of unoccupied space on your mobile device and the capacity yet available for utilization.

The query of how much storage space your phone harbors becomes crucial when operating under constraints. Should the available space be scant, understanding the residual capacity on your device is imperative. Storage Space & Analyzer assists in this evaluation, ensuring you possess adequate room for your applications and data.

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Clear up space from your storage

Storage Space & Analyzer is adept at illuminating the sectors where your digital storage is allocated and identifying opportunities for decluttering. This application delineates the remaining storage capacity, its usage, and the distribution of this usage across your device.

It stands as the optimal solution for gauging the available space on your phone and understanding the spatial demands of your applications.

Upon accessing the application, a roster of your installed applications, along with their respective sizes, is displayed. It allows for an examination of the space occupied by each application and the extent to which this space is utilized.

Engaging with an application within the list unveils further details, such as the specific files it employs and their tenure within your device.

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What's new

New Module
1. Recycle bin
-- Display List of all Empty Folders available in device.
-- Delete selected folders from the list.

2. Duplicates
-- Search for Duplicate Images, Videos, Audios & Documents
-- Delete selected set of duplicates from the list.

3. Unused Apps
-- Displays all apps which not used in past 30 days by user.

- Solved errors and crashes.
- Improved Performance.

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