Stick Race v1.0.15 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Last Updated on Jan 05, 2024
Avoid the obstacles and gaps to win the race.
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Jan 05, 2024
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Stick Race MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Download The Latest APK Version of Stick Race MOD APK. An Android Arcade Game this MOD comes with Unlimited Money download Yours Now.

In the realm of arcade entertainment, you find yourself immersed in Stick Race, assuming the role of a stick racer harboring an earnest desire to outpace adversaries and emerge victorious. The primary objective within this digital arena is to navigate a vehicle at breakneck speeds while deftly evading an array of formidable obstacles.

As the game unfolds, you assume a seated position, the interface illuminating before you. Manipulating the car’s trajectory is executed through a stick, yet the game, though straightforward, harbors an escalating complexity. The crux of the challenge lies in the adept evasion of obstacles.

With each successive attempt, the game metamorphoses into an increasingly formidable ordeal. Obstacles hurtle towards you with escalating rapidity, exponentially amplifying the intricacy of control. The Stick Race stands as a crucible of gaming prowess, demanding adaptability and mastery.

This arcade odyssey, labeled the Stick Race, thrusts players into a frenetic contest towards the finish line, each armed with their vehicular steeds. Within this digital crucible, players manipulate acceleration through the depression of the accelerator pedal.

Deceleration, on the contrary, is achieved by applying pressure to the brake pedal. In moments of vehicular velocity, players can employ the gas pedal to execute audacious leaps over impending obstacles. The potency of the engine can be fine-tuned through deft taps on the screen.

Embarking on this digital journey, players are granted the privilege of choosing from an array of car models at the game’s inception. Among these options are the Camaro, Firebird, Porsche, and Corvette, each endowed with unique attributes. The Camaro boasts unparalleled speed, the Firebird exudes formidable power, the Corvette stands feather-light, and the Porsche surpasses both the Camaro and Firebird in swiftness.

Commencing the game, players commence with a modest reservoir of energy, a finite resource replenished through the accumulation of coins throughout gameplay. These coins, serving as a form of in-game currency, wield the transformative power to upgrade the chosen vehicle.

Navigational control over the vehicle is seamlessly executed through tactile screen manipulation and device tilting. Stick Race is meticulously crafted to deliver an enjoyable and accessible gaming experience.

Players traverse an array of tracks and environments, each offering a distinct racing encounter. The game caters to aficionados of driving and racing games, promising an immersive and stimulating digital expedition.

Features of Stick Race MOD APK

Awesome 3D graphics and great controls

Immersed in a high-velocity and formidable gaming experience, your objective transcends mere speed; it demands adeptly navigating the treacherous terrain, steering clear of both obstacles and perilous chasms. Elevating the challenge, the game presents itself adorned with captivating 3D visuals and a control scheme of unparalleled finesse, ensuring an enthralling engagement throughout.

Moreover, the arena extends beyond mere solitary conquests, providing an avenue to gauge your prowess against friends and competitors scattered across the global expanse.

This racing masterpiece unfurls before you, adorned with stellar graphics and an unparalleled control apparatus. Harnessing these exceptional controls, you find yourself behind the wheel, ready to outmaneuver rivals in a gripping race. The game extends beyond the tangible thrill, featuring an expansive selection of tracks and a leaderboard, serving as a perpetual source of motivation.

Earn daily rewards

Enveloped in the realm of arcade exhilaration, this racing game beckons with distinctive gameplay, immersing players in addictive modes that captivate and enthrall. On a daily cadence, a generous bestowal of coins and gold coins graces your virtual coffers, presenting an opportunity to procure an array of sundry items.

These acquisitions extend beyond mere trinkets, serving as catalysts for the evolution of your racing experience be it through the augmentation of your vehicle, the acquisition of novel components, the unveiling of uncharted territories, or the enhancement of your statistical prowess.

Different game modes

Diversifying the racing experience, this gaming marvel unfolds an array of modes, ranging from the liberating Free Play mode to the pulse-pounding Time Trial and the nostalgia-inducing Classic Mode, among others. Immerse yourself in the thrill of customization as the game affords you the liberty to tailor your car according to your whims. Engage in friendly rivalry through the multiplayer mode, pitting your skills against those of your friends.

A treasure trove of gaming modes awaits, ensuring a sustained captivation that spans from the fundamental to the downright exhilarating. Whether navigating the nuances of the basic mode or venturing into the uncharted territories of the extreme mode, the game bestows upon you an inexhaustible array of gaming options.

Should the vast expanse of choices leave you yearning for more, fear not, for the game grants you the ability to tweak and adjust its settings, ensuring a personalized and tailor-made gaming experience that aligns seamlessly with your individual preferences.

Complete achievements and unlock new levels

Embark on a racing odyssey where adept obstacle navigation is the key to seizing victory at the finish line. A symbiotic relationship unfolds the more you engage, the greater the spoils, with the acquisition of new achievements marking your progression.

This gaming masterpiece operates on a free-to-play model, interspersed with enticing in-app purchases for those seeking an enhanced experience. The virtual realm brims with a plethora of achievements, tantalizingly waiting to be unlocked. For those seeking an extra edge, the option to procure items that serve as allies on your journey is also at your disposal.


Welcome to a game of simplicity intertwined with challenge, where your objective is to deftly maneuver the ball past obstacles and guide it to the coveted goal, all while outpacing your adversaries. The impediments, comprising blocks, barriers, openings, and treacherous holes, serve as the dynamic elements in your path. Your sphere of control encompasses the very ball you navigate through this digital maze.

Manipulating the ball is as effortless as a touch; a mere caress of your finger sets the sphere into motion. Navigate its trajectory by tapping any location on the screen, steering clear of obstacles by strategically touching the sides of blocks or barriers.

The more you engage with the screen, the richer your point tally becomes. Crossing perilous holes further augments your score, with victory hinging on your adept navigation across the finish line.

Beyond the primary mode lies an avenue for friendly rivalry challenge your friends, gauge their scores, and ascend the leaderboard to ascertain who stands as the ultimate adept in this digital realm. Should the competitive spirit grip you, strive to surpass your own benchmarks and elevate your prowess.

This app unfolds a labyrinth of over 60 levels, providing an optimal space for honing and enhancing your skills. For the inherently competitive, this game stands as the ultimate arena to showcase and elevate your gaming prowess.

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