Spooky Squashers MOD APK 1.0.3 (Unlock Rackets)

A quirky, fast paced and unique squash arcade game. Escape the spooky castle built on an old chef graveyard and beat the evil chef ghost and his minions.
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Raviv Elon
Apr 26, 2023
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Spooky Squashers MOD APK (Unlock Rackets)

Download The Latest APK Version of Spooky Squashers MOD APK. An Android Arcade Game this MOD comes with Unlock Rackets/Difficulty Available download Yours Now.

Spooky Squashers MOD APK is a platform arcade game. The player controls a hero who is on a journey to rescue his girlfriend from a spooky haunted house.

This spooky house has lots of ghosts and ghouls, and the player needs to save his girlfriend by avoiding them.

There are a lot of levels in this game, and the player has to collect a lot of gold coins to purchase upgrades for his character. The game is similar to the old-school platformers, but there are a lot of new features.

The player controls a hero who can jump and grab things. There are various obstacles that the player has to avoid, such as spikes and deadly traps. The player has to avoid the ghosts and collect the gold coins to unlock new levels and characters.

The game is not only fun to play, but also to watch, as it contains a lot of blood and gore. You will see the ghosts and ghouls getting hurt by the hero, and then you will see the blood and guts flying around.

Spooky Squashers is a good game for kids and adults, and you can enjoy the game with your family and friends.

Spooky Squashers MOD APK is a 3D platformer. It’s a game where you are going to rescue your friend from a spooky monster. I

n Spooky Squashers, you will encounter spooky creatures that want to eat you. And you are the only person who can stop them. You will need to use your wits to avoid being eaten.

You will have to use your wits to jump from platform to platform and avoid the monsters. You will need to jump over enemies and find a way to reach the goal.

You are going to have to jump over enemies and find a way to reach the goal. In Spooky Squashers MOD APK You are going to have to jump over enemies and find a way to reach the goal.

Features of Spooky Squashers MOD APK

A variety of levels

Spooky Squashers MOD APK offers various levels to play through. Some levels are more difficult than others. You can choose the difficulty level at any time.

In addition to that, the game offers various items to use. Players can get some powerful items to help them escape the castle.

The gameplay is completely free from in-app purchases. It offers a great number of levels in various levels of difficulty.

It is a classic arcade game where players have to play the game using their fingers and swipe to make the character run away from the ghost and collect food items.

Awesome graphics and sound effects

The graphics and sound effects are absolutely stunning. The castle is very detailed, and the enemies and ghosts are really scary. Spooky Squashers MOD APK is an action arcade game that is completely different from other similar games.

The game offers high-quality graphics and cool sound effects to keep the game engaging and exciting. The game also allows you to customize your gameplay experience by choosing your favorite weapons, characters, and settings.

Collect all the coins in each level

In Spooky Squashers MOD APK, you will have to collect all the coins in each level and clear the road to the exit. Avoid the attacks of enemies. Collect the coins and clear the road to escape.

A pineapple arcade game that requires you to collect all the coins in each level, with unique and challenging gameplay.

You can choose your favorite character from three chefs and try to escape the castle as fast as you can. The difficulty increases as you progress through the levels, so make sure you have the best pineapple chef on your team!

Collect the fruits to buy upgrades and get special abilities

Spooky Squashers MOD APK is a fun and fast-paced arcade game with challenging, yet rewarding gameplay. Your goal is to escape from the evil fighter ghost, and his minions, while collecting the fruits, to buy upgrades and get special abilities.

Play the game and collect the fruits to buy upgrades and get special abilities. The player can also unlock new characters and other upgrades.


In Spooky Squashers MOD APK You’ll find yourself in a classic pineapple arcade game! Run through the haunted maze of the castle, and smash the evil ghost and his minions as they come after you. Collect stars as you go.

Your goal is to escape from the castle while defeating all of the ghosts and their minions. The ghosts come after you in waves, and you need to destroy them all before they kill you.

The ghosts are easy to defeat. You can just grab them and toss them away. They won’t get up again. But beware, they’ll try to follow you around, so you’ll need to be on your guard.

As you continue on your journey, you’ll find new items to collect and use in your battle against the ghosts.

There are three different types of ghosts, and each has a different weapon to use against you. You’ll need to master the power of the ghosts’ weapons to complete your mission.

There’s plenty of strategy in Spooky Squashers. You’ll need to use your brain as well as your reflexes to survive.

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