Spiral Roll v1.20.3 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Last Updated on Jan 05, 2024
Dig wood to form spirals and use them to destroy obstacles !
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Jan 05, 2024
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Spiral Roll MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Download The Latest APK Version of Spiral Roll MOD APK. An Android Arcade Game this MOD comes with Unlimited Money Available download Yours Now.

In the realm of gaming, behold Spiral Roll, an innovative arcade creation meticulously crafted by the German entity, Kairosoft. Drawing inspiration from the venerable board game, it propels players into an immersive odyssey akin to the unpredictable roll of a die, beckoning them toward uncharted territories.

The narrative unfurls like a timeless saga, narrating the chronicle of a lad yearning for a tranquil existence. Stricken by malady, his fate takes an unforeseen twist upon encountering an enchanting damsel, forever altering the trajectory of his life. Together, they stumble upon a mystical spiral, unraveling the threads of a fantastical escapade.

This gaming marvel proves to be an irresistible indulgence, a decision one won’t rue. The visual aesthetics are a symphony of allure, each stage boasting its unique thematic allure, promising a journey replete with delightful surprises.

Hailing from the illustrious game development powerhouse, KONAMI, this creation pledges an exhilarating and addictively gratifying gaming sojourn. A perpetual source of engagement, its apparent simplicity belies the challenging undertones that captivate the player. Employing the mouse, one orchestrates the directional dance of the spiral sphere.

A lateral movement of the mouse propels the ball leftward, while a rightward sweep does the converse. Ascendancy in mouse positioning imparts upward momentum, whereas descent is achieved by guiding the mouse downwards. Diverse ball variants await your selection, adding a layer of customization. The game’s objective revolves around navigating the ball along the spiraling trajectory, culminating in its descent to the nadir.

Spiral Roll introduces a gamut of modes Practice, Endless, and Time Attack, affording players the latitude to tailor their experience. The commencement allows for the selection of the preferred difficulty level, an indispensable choice shaping the gaming crucible.

Further, players wield control over the ball’s velocity through intuitive clicks within the options menu. The spectrum of difficulty spans Easy, Medium, and Hard, each tier endowed with Speed 1, Speed 2, and Speed 3 configurations.

In this digital realm of spiral dynamics, embark on an expedition where the arcane meets the captivating, and the labyrinthine allure of Spiral Roll awaits your adept navigation.

Features of Spiral Roll MOD APK

Collect coins and buy upgrades

Immerse yourself in the clutches of an enthralling arcade experience with Spiral Roll, a compelling game that beckons you to delve deep into the earth, fashioning wooden spirals as your tools to vanquish obstacles with unparalleled finesse.

Navigate the subterranean expanse, unearthing coins that serve as the currency for your ascent. Acquire strategic upgrades, such as reinforcing your spiral with resilient wood or wielding a magnetic force that irresistibly draws coins into your possession.

Spiral Roll encapsulates the essence of an arcade odyssey where the crux lies in propelling the spiral on a quest to obliterate hindrances. A cascade of coins awaits as your reward for dismantling these impediments.

Caution must be exercised, for the hurdles vary in resilience. Some prove more formidable to disintegrate than others. Engage in a coin-gathering spree, augment your character’s capabilities through judicious upgrades, and emerge triumphant against the diverse array of obstacles that stand in your path.

Embark on this spiral-forged journey, where the rhythmic rotation of the spiral becomes your ally in the relentless pursuit of coin-laden victories.

Solve puzzles and Earn trophies

Embark on an enthralling puzzle odyssey suitable for all ages with Spiral Roll, an irresistible game that challenges your cognitive prowess and reflexes at every turn. Each level unveils a distinctive puzzle, a crucible designed to assess both your skills and agility. Navigate the labyrinth of puzzles, unravel their intricacies, and reap the rewards in gold coins, a currency enabling you to procure an array of new items.

Within this enigmatic realm, diamonds serve as the key to unlocking character enhancements. 

Delve into the art of wood excavation, crafting spirals that double as potent tools for obliterating obstacles strewn across the puzzlescape.

These accolades mark your triumphs, a testament to your mastery over the evolving challenges presented by Spiral Roll’s captivating puzzles.

This puzzle extravaganza awaits your exploration, offering not only mental stimulation but also the gratification of conquering each level’s unique conundrum. Immerse yourself in the world of Spiral Roll, where puzzles reign supreme, and victory unfolds as the reward for your cognitive acumen. Experience the thrill of playing it for free now!

Lots of levels to choose from

Embark on a joyous escapade replete with myriad levels, inviting you to revel in an enticing challenge and vie for supremacy on the leaderboards against your friends. The game unfolds a tapestry of choices, offering an array of levels and challenges for your amusement.

What sets this gaming marvel apart is the customizable experience it offers. Tweak the parameters of your levels by adjusting the count of rocks, trees, and various other obstacles. The power to tailor your gaming environment lies at your fingertips. Engage in the game, amass impressive scores, and share your triumphs with friends.

Within this app, a gamut of options unfolds before you. Take your pick from 10 distinct levels, each posing its own set of challenges. The number of spirals available for excavation varies with each level, adding a layer of complexity to your gameplay. For those seeking an extra dose of intensity, increase the spiral count with a simple tap on the screen, enhancing the depth of your gaming experience.

Embark on this journey of customization and competition, where every level becomes a canvas for your gaming prowess. Choose, play, and share your triumphs the world of Spiral Roll beckons with a tapestry of levels and challenges tailored to satiate your gaming appetite.


The journey commences with a thrilling descent down a ramp, where a spiral materializes automatically before you. The robot’s movement adheres to the spiral’s diameter as you hurtle down the ramp, setting the stage for an adrenaline-fueled adventure.

As you ascend through the levels, the challenges intensify. Brace yourself for an array of formidable obstacles, ranging from platforms and moving blocks to menacing spikes and rival robots. Precision in controlling your speed and positioning becomes paramount to navigating this perilous terrain unscathed.

The game’s mechanics limit your robot’s movement to forward or backward, with no option to halt. A collision with any obstacle results in the loss of a precious life. Should you deplete your life reserves, the game concludes, marking the end of your daring escapade.

Spiral Roll extends its gripping gameplay to Apple devices, allowing iPhone and iPod touch users to partake in the thrill. Additionally, if you own an iPad, the excitement transcends to the big screen, as you can seamlessly play Spiral Roll on your Apple TV.

Embark on this riveting robotic odyssey, where speed, precision, and strategic maneuvering form the pillars of success. Can you navigate the spirals, conquer the obstacles, and emerge victorious in the relentless pursuit of points? Spiral Roll awaits your agile command of the dynamic landscape of mobile gaming.

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