Spheroid Icon v2.7.8 MOD APK (Patch Unlocked)

Last Updated on Feb 04, 2024
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Spheroid Icon MOD APK (Patch Unlocked)

Download The Latest APK Version of Spheroid Icon MOD APK. An Android Personalization App this MOD comes with Patch Unlocked Available download Yours Now.

Spheroid Icon presents an icon pack meticulously crafted to bestow a rejuvenating appearance upon your device. This application encompasses a repertoire of icons fashioned by seasoned designers, offering a diverse selection to cater to your preferences. With an array of styles at your disposal, you can effortlessly choose one that resonates with your taste, complemented by various sizes to suit your device’s needs. The acquisition of this icon pack comes at no cost, eliminating the necessity to spend money for its procurement. The icons, characterized by simplicity and cleanliness, assure ease of use. Infused with a broad spectrum of colors and diverse shapes, you gain the ability to personalize your own thematic experience.

Spheroid Icon serves as a transformative icon pack, enhancing the allure of your Android device. It enables you to revamp your phone’s appearance with a distinctive and elegant flair. The simplicity of use is emphasized – a seamless installation process results in an instantaneous makeover, eliminating any waiting period. The app supports multiple languages, further enriching its accessibility. Additionally, it facilitates the addition of icons to your home screen, optimizing user-friendliness.

This aesthetically pleasing icon pack, available in a plethora of languages, extends its functionality to include the incorporation of icons onto your home screen. The optimization of these icon packs ensures a more user-friendly experience for your device.

Spheroid Icon stands as an appealing icon pack, providing you the means to transform the visual landscape of your Android device. Whether crafting a personalized theme or selecting from an assortment of pre-designed themes, the collection of icons within the app guarantees a high-quality, beautifully designed enhancement. Furthermore, the icons are freely available for use and download, alleviating concerns about installation and updates. Embrace the freedom to redefine your Android device’s appearance with Spheroid Icon.

Features of Spheroid Icon MOD APK

Customize your theme

Spheroid Icon proves to be an enticing icon pack poised to elevate the visual appeal of your Android device. With this pack, you gain the capability to impart a distinctive and elegant aesthetic to your phone, transforming its appearance effortlessly. The simplicity of utilizing these icon packs shines through – a straightforward installation process grants an instant new look without any unnecessary delays. Delight in the diverse array of icons without the need for prolonged waiting times during installation; the application ensures a seamless and enjoyable experience from the moment you install it on your device.

Unlimited icons to choose from

The Icon packs are meticulously crafted to provide your Android device with a rejuvenated appearance. Displayed in a simple and clean form, these icons offer a range of sizes and styles, allowing you to choose the ones that resonate with your individual style preferences. The variety in sizes and styles ensures that you can find an icon that perfectly aligns with your specific needs. The best part – you can acquire these icons without spending a penny, as they are available for free.

With an extensive palette of colors and diverse shapes, these icons empower you to personalize your theme. This customization feature enables you to impart a unique and elegant look to your Android device, allowing for a visually captivating and personalized user experience.

Wide variety of colors

In this expansive icon pack, a plethora of colors awaits, providing you with an extensive palette to match your unique tastes and preferences. This diverse range of colors allows you to transform the style of your phone entirely. Take charge of the customization process by selecting the colors that resonate with you the most. Whether you prefer a serene blue, a vibrant pink, a lush green, or any other hue, the options are abundant.

This icon pack empowers you to customize not only the icons but also the background color of your phone. With the flexibility to choose from a wide variety of colors, you can curate a visually stunning and personalized aesthetic for your device. Tailor the color of the text and buttons to your liking, ensuring every detail aligns seamlessly with your style preferences.

Various shapes and sizes

The user-friendly nature of these icon packs enhances your experience, making them effortlessly accessible. With a diverse array of colors and shapes integrated into the design, customization becomes a breeze. Change the color of the icons seamlessly, adding a dynamic and vibrant touch to your device. The extensive collection of icons ensures a continuous source of visual interest, preventing any monotony.

The adaptability of these icons extends to different screen resolutions, catering to both tablet and smartphone users. Regardless of your device, the application promises a seamless and enjoyable experience without encountering any issues.

Various color schemes to suit your needs

A plethora of color schemes await you within the application, providing an array of options to align with your taste and style. The diverse selection of colors allows you to effortlessly customize your phone’s appearance, tailoring it to match your current mood. Transform your device into a more aesthetically pleasing one by simply changing the icons.

Spheroid Icon pack simplifies the process of applying themes to your device. Choose a color scheme that resonates with your taste and style from the numerous options available in the application. This flexibility ensures that your device reflects your personal preferences seamlessly.

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What's new

Version 2.7.8
- Added and redesigned 148 icons
Version 2.7.7
- Added and redesigned 115 icons
- Fixed some activities
- Update dashboard

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