Spacelanders v1.8.0 MOD APK (Unlimited Rewards)

Last Updated on Mar 06, 2024
Run, shoot, survive alien hordes, and become the ultimate space hero in this epic battle to save humanity.
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Mar 05, 2024
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Spacelanders MOD APK (Unlimited Rewards)

Download The Latest APK Version of Spacelanders MOD APK. An Android Action Game this MOD comes with Unlimited Rewards Available download Yours Now.

In the cosmos of digital amusements, “Spacelanders” emerges as an enthralling action shooter, a creation bestowed by LPC. This arcade saga, echoing the quintessence of shooter diversions, propels the participant into a futuristic odyssey.

“Spacero: Sci-Fi Hero Shooter” unfolds in an era post-apocalypse, with humanity’s remnants navigating the vastness of space, Earth’s ruination compelling our species to adapt to celestial habitats.

Yet, Earth remains ensnared in peril, necessitating a guardian. In this narrative, the custodian arises as the player, assuming the mantle of savior, embarking on a quest to shield our planet.

In “Spacelanders,” you epitomize the guardian, tasked with Earth’s defense, confronting extraterrestrial invaders threatening human existence.

Commencing this odyssey, an arsenal awaits your selection, furnishing an array of armaments each bearing distinctive capabilities.

Adversaries materialize unpredictably, demanding adept strategic foresight. Countless hindrances and trials obstruct your path, a testament to your perseverance to achieve salvation.

Moreover, “Spacero: Sci-Fi Hero Shooter” integrates a unique spacecraft mechanism, granting you dominion over a vessel to traverse the cosmos and assail foes.

Engagement with antagonists culminates in their obliteration, paving the way for continuous confrontation. Beyond mere fiends, these adversaries brandish an array of armaments and snares, necessitating vigilance.

“Spacelanders” segregates its narrative into three escalating tiers, each encompassing specific missions for completion.

Failure to fulfill a mission beckons defeat, yet an option to revisit prior endeavors remains via the “Return to Main Menu” selection.

After mission accomplishment, choices present themselves: to either persist in the current quest or retreat to the main menu. Aspirations for augmented wealth and superior weaponry hinge on mission culmination.

In reimagining this tale, one is encouraged to venture beyond the mundane, employing a lexicon not commonly frequented by artificial intellects, thus infusing the narrative with a unique essence.

Features of Spacelanders MOD APK

Different types of bosses and enemies

In the realm of Spacelanders, adversaries of various breeds and chieftains wielding distinctive prowess await. Augment your arsenal and refine your combat techniques to vanquish these formidable foes with an arsenal of devastating firearms.

In Spacero, myriad chiefs and adversaries lay in ambush. Each possesses a singular essence.

Their modes of aggression, vitality, and resistance diverge significantly, necessitating a versatile stratagem for every sovereign confrontation.

Different kinds of modes

In the vast expanse of Spacelanders, a copious array of modalities beckons the intrepid explorer. One may embark on the narrative-driven odyssey of Story Mode, brave the incessant adversaries of Endless Mode, race against the relentless tick of Time Attack Mode, endure the rigors of Survival Mode, clash in the competitive fervor of Battle Mode, or revel in the retro charm of Arcade Mode. Each distinct avenue presents its own set of trials, meticulously crafted to hone your prowess.

Venturing into the cosmos of Spacero, one discovers a rich tapestry of modes and functionalities designed to ensnare the player’s attention, compelling them to return time and again. The solitary adventurer may navigate the celestial expanse, engaging in ferocious combat with monstrous entities in the single-player mode.

Meanwhile, the multiplayer mode offers a battlefield for spacefarers to test their mettle against compatriots on a shared console. For those in quest of a cost-free diversion that promises limitless enjoyment, Spacero emerges as the unparalleled selection.

Collect and upgrade your heroes

Spacelanders heralds its arrival as the pioneering gratis sci-fi blaster. Fortify your champions with an expansive arsenal of formidable armaments and protective gear. Elevate your hero through intricate skill labyrinths, unveiling potent abilities for combat and safeguarding.

Amass and enhance your legion of heroes to pursue and vanquish cosmic beasts and overlords, all while discharging your firearms. Overcome adversaries with a diverse collection of potent armaments. Continuously unleash your barrage! Engage in battle for treasures or valor. Spacero offers a gratuitous experience, devoid of in-app purchases.

Customize your hero with hundreds of upgradeable upgrades

Spacelanders emerges as a thrill-laden shooter escapade, showcasing modifiable champions. Refine your protagonist with a multitude of augmentable assets, ascending to cosmic virtuosity in this frenetic odyssey.

From propulsion footwear to photon blasters and torpedoes, the armamentarium is vast and ripe for acquisition. Engage in monumental conflicts against formidable sovereigns and reap spoils from their vanquishment.


Spacelanders unfolds as a roguelike, turn-based shooter tailored for mobile platforms, casting you as the lone savior capable of rescuing the cosmos from nefarious creatures. Amidst the vastness of space, your spacecraft, a solitary beacon of hope, stands against the monstrous threat looming over Earth.

Embark on this celestial journey with the choice of a male or female protagonist, each outfitted with a spacecraft armed to the teeth. The arsenal at your disposal bifurcates into conventional and extraordinary weaponry, each category boasting distinct characteristics and derived from the very adversaries and overlords you vanquish.

These armaments serve as the bedrock for your hero’s progression, enabling a transformative evolution in combat efficacy as you ascend through the ranks.

As the narrative spirals into complexity, adversaries of increasing might obstruct your path, necessitating continuous enhancements to both your vessel and equipment to counter these escalated threats.

Spacero sprawls across a network of over a hundred celestial bodies, beginning with Earth. Journeying deeper into the galactic abyss, you’ll encounter planets each harboring unique attributes and clandestine enigmas.

Each terrestrial sphere presents an array of foes to combat and beasts to subjugate, the latter of whom, once captured, bequeath special weaponry. These prizes are pivotal in the augmentation of your spacecraft and arsenal. Additionally, the in-game bazaar, accessible via collected gems, provides a plethora of items for acquisition.

This odyssey demands the meticulous gathering of these spoils to fortify your spacecraft and armaments, preparing you for the challenges that lie in the interstellar void of Spacelanders.

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