Sound Meter Pro v2.6.9 MOD APK (Patch Unlocked)

Last Updated on Feb 25, 2024
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Sound Meter Pro is the 4th set of Smart Tools® collection.
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Feb 25, 2024
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Sound Meter Pro MOD APK (Patch Unlocked)

Download The Latest Version of Sound Meter Pro MOD APK. An Android Tools App comes with Patch Unlocked MOD Available to download.

In the realm of audio scrutiny, Sound Meter Pro emerges as a formidable app, delving into the intricacies of sound analysis. This application seamlessly integrates a sound spectrum analyzer, spectrum exhibition, and frequency manifestation, presenting a comprehensive array of tools for auditory exploration.

Its utility extends to scrutinizing not only the user’s vocal nuances but also those of others, encompassing recorded audio. Furthermore, it extends its prowess to quantifying ambient sound levels, contributing to a holistic auditory understanding.

The sound spectrum analyzer, an instrumental facet of this application, illuminates the intricacies of sound spectrums. It acts as a visual conduit, elucidating the sonic waveform with precision. Users are afforded the capability to perceptually engage with the sound waveform, discerning nuances across the auditory spectrum.

A distinguishing feature lies in the ability to segment and scrutinize individual sound components, enriching the analytical landscape. This multifaceted approach finds relevance in diverse contexts, offering the means to gauge sound volume effectively.

Deploying this app facilitates facile measurement of sound levels within residential abodes, corporate domains, or any conceivable space. The capacity to log sound metrics renders it indispensable for both seasoned practitioners and novices alike.

Concerns regarding ambient noise dissipate, as the application grants fine-tuned sensitivity adjustments. Its versatility positions it as an indispensable tool across varied scenarios, demonstrating efficacy in diverse auditory evaluations.

Features of Sound Meter Pro MOD APK

Measure SPL level

In the realm of acoustic gauging, the SPL meter app emerges not as an independent SPL meter but rather as a referential application. This tool empowers users to assess the sound pressure level (SPL) in their surroundings, encompassing diverse auditory landscapes such as bustling trains, breezy streets, or cacophonous eateries.

Should the ascertained SPL surpass the established norm, the avenue to enhance the sonic milieu becomes apparent. Conversely, if the SPL descends below the prescribed benchmark, users gain insight into steering clear of undesirable acoustic environments. This nuanced application serves as a compass for optimizing auditory experiences, offering the means to refine and avoid soundscapes in alignment with established standards.

Calibrate device mic

Employing your smartphone’s microphone, this application quantifies the volume of ambient noise in decibels while providing a reference point. The SPL meter operates by computing the sound pressure level (SPL) of the surrounding noise, leveraging the capabilities of your device’s microphone.

It’s crucial to note that relying solely on this app for measurements is not recommended due to constraints posed by microphone sensitivity. Instead, consider the SPL meter as a supplementary tool intended for microphone calibration purposes. Its primary function lies in fine-tuning the accuracy of your microphone.

Should you wish to gauge the SPL of noise in your surroundings, the SPL meter app stands as the preferred choice. Additionally, this versatile application extends its utility by offering a feature to calibrate your smartphone’s microphone. Initiating the calibration process involves clicking the designated button on the screen, prompting the SPL meter to assess the noise SPL in your environment.

The calibration outcomes are then presented within the SPL meter window. During this process, the app utilizes the microphone designated as your default choice. This dual functionality transforms the SPL meter into a comprehensive tool, not only for assessing ambient noise but also for refining and optimizing your smartphone’s microphone for accurate measurements.

Show reference level

The SPL meter serves as a guiding point for sound recording endeavors, albeit with occasional inaccuracies. To address this challenge, we present a remedy in the form of a reference level denoted in dB(A), prominently displayed in the upper right corner of the screen.

This reference level is meticulously established by gauging the sound pressure level precisely when the user initiates the measurement process by pressing the designated button. It is imperative to exercise caution upon launching the application, as it immediately commences the sound level assessment. Patience is paramount as you await the presentation of the results.

This nuanced approach ensures that the SPL meter while offering a valuable reference during sound recording sessions, mitigates inaccuracies by providing a dB(A) reference level calibrated at the precise moment of measurement initiation.

Compare two devices

Facilitating a seamless comparison between two devices, the SPL meter unveils the disparity in sound pressure levels, providing a remarkably convenient means of assessment. For a comprehensive analysis of two devices, consider installing both the SPL meter app and its advanced counterpart, SPL meter pro.

By incorporating these applications, you unlock the ability to delve into intricate details, enabling a meticulous examination and juxtaposition of sound pressure levels between the two devices. This tandem installation serves as a powerful tool for those seeking a nuanced comparison of audio-related metrics.

Show dB conversion chart

In tandem with the SPL meter, the Sound Meter Pro introduces a valuable feature in the form of a dB converter chart. This chart seamlessly facilitates the conversion of dB values into their corresponding decibel equivalents.

Navigating this functionality is effortless. By simply clicking the dB icon within the SPL meter, the dB converter chart gracefully unfurls, presenting a user-friendly interface for converting dB values. Should the need arise to convert dB to Decibel, a straightforward click on the dB icon within the converter chart suffices. Conversely, if the aim is to convert Decibel to dB, a click on the dB icon within the SPL meter initiates the conversion process.

This streamlined approach within the Sound Meter Pro enhances user convenience, providing a quick and accessible means to convert between dB and Decibel values as per individual requirements.

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- v2.6.6 : More models are calibrated
- v2.6.5 : Support for Android 12

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