Smart Charging v1.1.9 MOD APK (Pro Unlocked)

Last Updated on Feb 13, 2024
Smart Charging - Charge Alarm is a powerful application that helps you monitor battery status, charging progress, can alert you when the battery is fully charged or charged to a certain level that you set. The smart charging app shows you real-time battery information such as temperature, voltage, capacity, battery health...
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Feb 13, 2024
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Smart Charging MOD APK (Pro Unlocked)

Download The Latest APK Version of Smart Charging MOD APK. An Android Tools App this MOD comes with Pro Unlocked Available download Yours Now.

Sophisticated charging embodies the pinnacle of mobile power rejuvenation applications, offering unparalleled rapidity in energizing your apparatus’s accumulator. Esteemed as the quintessential power augmenter for both iPhone and iPad, it facilitates the discovery and utilization of your desired charging implement at any juncture. The velocity of energy transfer is astonishingly swift, liberating you from the bonds of concern over the duration spent in replenishment.

Merely connect your apparatus to the implement, and voilà, your device embarks on the swiftest journey to full revitalization. The power conduit provided is of exceptional endurance, promising an extended lifespan of utility. This charger, a paragon of portability, empowers you to harness its capabilities wherever your travels may lead.

Opting for this charger signifies a sage decision in the quest for battery rejuvenation. Should the burden of perpetual cable transport weigh upon you, behold the optimal remedy.

Presenting itself as an ideal benediction for both oneself and companions, it ensures your telecommunications device remains perpetually primed for use. It reigns supreme as the most expedient method for device energization.

Sophisticated charging, a software marvel, facilitates domestic mobile phone energization. This autonomous charger discerns the completion of the battery’s charge cycle, deactivating the charging implement accordingly.

Should the battery’s charge fall short of completion, the implement resumes its function. A solitary interaction with the charger initiates battery revitalization upon connection.

The charger possesses the acumen to determine the charge’s completion, subsequently ceasing its operation. This obviates the necessity for manual battery level verification by the user.

Sophisticated Charging’s design necessitates a specific operational protocol. Installation of the software on one’s mobile phone is imperative.

Upon achieving full charge, the software commands the mobile phone to power down. Conversely, if the charge remains incomplete, the phone reactivates. This application allows the freedom to charge your mobile device in any locale.

Features of Smart Charging MOD APK

View remaining battery capacity

Sophisticated Charging introduces an array of layouts tailored to various devices, enhancing the efficiency of your charging process. The interface adapts to display a layout corresponding to the current battery percentage, allowing for a personalized charging experience tailored to your preferences.

Additionally, the application grants the capability to monitor the battery’s level with a mere press on the notification bar, offering instant insight into your device’s power status.

See battery charging percentage and time

Sophisticated Charging elucidates the quantum of power your device expends, alongside the duration requisite for a complete charge cycle. This utility also manifests the charging status, enabling visibility into whether your device is recharging.

Such features facilitate an expedited assessment of your device’s energy level and the anticipated remaining duration until full replenishment.

Sophisticated Charging emerges as a tool designed to conserve battery reserves and refine the charging timeline, thereby augmenting the longevity of your battery.

It provides a clear depiction of the remaining battery percentage and the estimated time needed to achieve a full charge.

For those in haste to energize their phone, the application offers a strategy: dimming your screen and repurposing your device as a luminary, thereby hastening the charging process.

This application is compatible across a wide spectrum of Android devices, offering versatile utility.

Show your current location

Utilizing Sophisticated Charging not only enables you to monitor your device’s power consumption and charging duration but also integrates a geographical component, displaying your position on a map. With this application installed, it provides real-time insights into your battery’s current level and the forecasted time required to fully charge it.

Moreover, this innovative feature extends to mapping out the remaining charging time directly on the map, along with calculating both the distance and the estimated journey duration to the closest charging station. This functionality ensures that you are always informed about your proximity to power sources and the time it will take to reach them, enhancing your charging strategy and convenience.

Automatically turn off your device when the battery is fully charged

Being aware of your device’s battery level and charging intentions is always beneficial. The app informs you of the residual battery capacity and alerts you regarding the potential charging status based on the existing battery life.

The Smart Charging application diligently oversees your battery’s charging progression and will automatically power down your device upon achieving a full charge.

Furthermore, Smart Charging consistently provides updates on the available battery life, ensuring you’re always informed of your device’s energy status.

Additionally, it offers the flexibility to initiate charging when your battery reaches half its capacity, or to engage the auto-charging feature, optimizing your device’s energy management and extending its battery life.

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