Slice them All 3D v1.68 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

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Mar 04, 2024
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Slice them All 3D MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Download The Latest APK Version of Slice Them All 3D MOD APK. An Android Action Game this MOD comes with Unlimited Money Available download Yours Now.

In the realm of gaming, a dynamic fusion of classic arcade elements and cutting-edge 3D game design unfolds. Meet the eclectic ensemble known as the “Slicing Force,” comprising diverse anthropomorphic creatures.

These characters bear a semblance to the iconic Slice ‘Em Up game protagonists, with players taking command of the tactile Slicing Force persona through seamless touchscreen manipulation.

The game’s user interface, an epitome of simplicity, grants players the prowess to deftly carve through adversaries and interact with the virtual environment.

Upon obliterating foes, a trove of coins and power-ups is bestowed upon the player. Coins, a currency of consequence, become the gateway to acquiring enhancements and power-ups, fostering an intriguing in-game economy. Further riches can be amassed by the virtuoso destruction of adversaries.

Structured into numerous stages, each level commences with an allotment of coins. The player’s strategic acumen comes to the fore, for failure to amass sufficient coins necessitates a return to the game’s genesis.

As adversaries succumb to the player’s prowess, the coffers of coins burgeon. The game’s expanse offers players the liberty to elect either a succinct, breezy encounter or an elongated, more formidable odyssey. Opting for brevity tailors the gameplay to a more accessible challenge.

At its core, this is a leisurely pursuit, intending to imbue players with the exhilaration derived from artfully slicing fruits and vegetables.

Behold “Slice Them All! 3D,” the progeny succeeding Slice Them All! 2. Here, the player metamorphoses into the knife, with the culinary prey being various delectable edibles.

Empowered by the blade, players carve gastronomic delights into tantalizing slices, leading to the gratification of savoring the transformed victuals. Each cut yields an array of ingredients, laying the groundwork for culinary exploits.

The game’s audio-visual tapestry mirrors its predecessor, woven with the threads of cutting-edge technology.

Anticipation crescendos as players encounter unexpected twists, immersing themselves in the euphoria of culinary incisions. A medley of fruits and vegetables beckons the player to curate a bespoke gastronomic journey.

Amidst this culinary adventure, a plethora of challenges emerge. Precision reigns supreme in the act of dissecting comestibles; a lapse in accuracy might spell the demise of the blade. The player is further empowered to tailor the difficulty level, adding a nuanced layer to the gaming experience.

Features of Slice Them All 3D MOD APK

Achievements and leaderboards

In the realm of gaming, accomplishments and scoreboards reign supreme. Flaunt your prowess by conquering the most formidable stages. Exercise caution amidst adversaries, for they disdain defeat.

Furthermore, Dive into the immersive universe of Slice Them All! 3D, adorned with an array of sophisticated features encompassing enhancements, perks, boosts, and more. Within the domain of Slice Them All! 3D, discover an assortment of milestones and scoreboards that shall captivate you within this extraordinary complimentary gaming experience.

Awesome 3D Sensational graphics

Embark on an exhilarating adventure within the confines of an action-packed game, adorned with unparalleled 3D visuals and mesmerizing soundscapes. Immerse yourself in the joyous pursuit of vanquishing adversaries.

Accessible on any contemporary smartphone, this game invites you to engage by manipulating your character’s trajectory through the subtle tilting of your device.

Feel empowered to tailor the pace of movement with the simple press of buttons. Do not overlook the extraordinary 3D gameplay awaiting your participation an experience not to be missed.

Collect bonuses and earn coins

Dive into an array of enticing rewards within this gaming experience. Accumulate wealth by triumphing over adversaries, unveiling a treasury of coins. Embark on a journey of personalization as you unlock novel characters and embellish them to your liking.

Furthermore, unravels a cascade of possibilities by unlocking fresh structures, weaponry, and sundry items. Each singular item possesses the potential to propel you forward in your gaming odyssey. Endeavor to amass all these bonuses, amassing a fortune in coins.

Slice Them All! 3D presents a myriad of distinctive bonuses and extraordinary effects, augmenting your coin and point tally. Additionally, vanquishing specific monsters grants you the privilege of acquiring extra coins, elevating the thrill of your conquest.

Different types of enemies

Encounter a diverse array exceeding 20 enemy archetypes, each wielding unique assaults and intricate patterns. Some adversaries pose a more formidable challenge than their counterparts.

Harness the arrow keys for precise control of your character’s movements and aim. Elevate your gameplay by executing strategic jumps with a mere press of the space bar. Your primary objective entails navigating through levels unscathed by the myriad enemies that lie in wait. Yet, with the acknowledgment of the varied enemy types, exercise caution and skillfully evade their diverse threats.


Immerse yourself in a formidable platformer, where the essence of action converges seamlessly with intuitive controls, crafting an exceedingly enjoyable and compelling experience. This game seamlessly melds the virtues of both 2D and 3D gaming realms, culminating in an irresistibly fun and addictive adventure.

Within the realm of Slice Them All 3D, encounter an assembly of elite SCP units, challenging you to a mission of absolute triumph. The journey entails nimble leaps from one edifice to another, accompanied by the imperative task of slicing through every adversary in your path.

Every successful slice not only dispatches an enemy but rejuvenates your health. However, a perilous demise relinquishes all accrued health, demanding utmost vigilance to avert a premature end to the game.

The arsenal at your disposal boasts an array of weapons from a pistol, shotgun, sword, bow, laser gun, and machine gun. As you progress, the opportunity to upgrade these weapons unfolds, enhancing your combat prowess.

Uncover special weapons within the game, each endowing unique abilities. The sword facilitates swifter slices, the bow amplifies arrow output, and the machine gun accelerates bullet discharge, presenting a diverse set of strategic advantages.

Elevating the overall experience is a captivating soundtrack an auditory delight that is not only catchy and enjoyable but also a stimulus for the intellect. Embark on this exhilarating journey, where every slice and strategic choice shapes your destiny in the game’s universe.

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