Shake Launcher v1.8.5 MOD APK (Paid Unlocked)

Last Updated on Feb 12, 2024
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Feb 12, 2024
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Shake Launcher MOD APK (Paid Unlocked)

Download The Latest APK Version of Shake Launcher MOD APK. An Android Tools App this MOD comes with Paid Unlocked Available download Yours Now.

For those wearied by the incessant need to activate their mobile devices merely to glimpse temporal data, meteorological forecasts, and current events, Shake Launcher emerges as a beacon of convenience. Engage in a mere flick of your wristwatch to summon an array of cherished applications and functionalities, accessible even amidst slumber.

A mere oscillation of your timepiece breathes life into it, unveiling the application repository and allowing for an immediate perusal of notifications. Shake Launcher simplifies staying abreast with emergent news, athletic outcomes, and climatic conditions.

With the advent of Android 7.0 Nougat, a novel paradigm for application initiation has been unveiled. Where previously, a double tap on the watch face sufficed, now, a simple gyration of the wrist propels app activation.

Wear OS, the lifeblood of intelligent timepieces such as the Apple Watch and Samsung Gear S3 has been engineered for seamless integration with a multitude of applications and services.

This innovative method of app engagement represents a cornerstone of the Wear OS experience, facilitating instantaneous app access on one’s smartwatch.

This feature eliminates the cumbersome need to disengage the watch from one’s wrist, offering a streamlined conduit to one’s mobile device. With this functionality, launching applications becomes an exercise in convenience.

Shake Launcher, a quintessential tasker tool, empowers users to easily automate their existence. Craft bespoke tasks for your Android Wear watch and set them in motion with a straightforward wrist flick.

Construct bespoke operations to be executed upon detecting a wrist tremor. Envision repetitive tasks that recur or initiate actions upon entering specific vicinities.

Included within Shake Launcher is an assortment of pre-configured tasks designed to streamline your daily routine. Envisage a task that powers down your phone nocturnally or captures a screenshot upon receipt of a particular SMS.

In essence, Shake Launcher ushers in an era of enhanced automation for your life, rendering daily tasks effortlessly manageable.

Features of Shake Launcher MOD APK

Create tasks from actions or apps

Craft tasks effortlessly with Shake Launcher, drawing from a repertoire of actions or applications supported by your wristwatch. The selection process is straightforward: peruse the list populated by compatible actions/apps, then initiate any application or action directly. Should you aspire to trigger an action within a distinct app, crafting a task is your pathway.

Shake Launcher operates on the identical API as Tasker, yet its ambition lies in simplifying the task construction process for your timepiece. This approach offers a user-friendly interface to harness the power of automation directly from your wrist, making task execution a seamless part of your digital routine.

Launch apps, launch websites, launch your phone, and launch Google Assistant

Shake Launcher revolutionizes the way you access your preferred applications, digital domains, and even your telecommunications device. Opt for a dual or triple wrist flick, or simply press a button to seamlessly navigate to your chosen apps. Websites are equally accessible through a shake or a direct button press, ushering you into your desired online space. Moreover, initiating a call on your phone is as simple as employing the same gestures or button interactions.

Beyond these innovative functionalities, Shake Launcher integrates with Google Assistant, enhancing your ability to orchestrate music, films, and more with mere voice commands.

The essence of convenience is embodied in Shake Launcher, transforming your smartwatch into a central hub for app activation, website browsing, phone operations, and engaging with Google Assistant. A mere gesture is all it takes to spring into action.

Upon installing Shake Launcher, you’re greeted with an extensive roster of applications, websites, and contact numbers, all primed for activation through a simple shake. This list is not static; you have the freedom to enrich it with any app or website of your choosing.

Initiate your digital journey with a flick of your wrist, and let Shake Launcher be the key to unlocking a world where your apps, websites, or phone are but a shake away.

Add actions for common actions like taking a picture, playing music, and more

Wear OS serves as a solid foundation for crafting smartwatch applications, yet the potential for innovation remains vast. Enter “Shake Launcher,” a tool designed to expand the utility of your wearable device by introducing customizable actions for everyday tasks such as capturing photographs, streaming music, and beyond. With minimal effort, users can set up tasks, summon Google Assistant, or initiate other applications.

The flexibility of Shake Launcher allows for the addition of an unlimited array of actions, each tailored to personal preferences. Imagine configuring a sequence where a single gesture could disable Wi-Fi, while another could directly open Gmail or Facebook, among others.

This capability transforms the way we interact with our smart devices, making technology more intuitive and integrated into our daily lives. Shake Launcher not only enhances the functionality of Wear OS but also opens up a realm of possibilities for personalizing how we engage with our smartwatches.

Share tasks with others using any app, message, or phone call

Shake Launcher elevates the concept of task sharing to new heights, offering unparalleled flexibility in disseminating your customized tasks across various platforms. Whether you wish to share a task through apps, messaging services, or even during a phone call, Shake Launcher facilitates this with ease, enabling you to distribute a link to your task to anyone.

When the moment arises to share a crafted task, Shake Launcher streamlines the process, allowing you to select an app for sharing directly. If you intend to message a friend, the Messages app stands ready for your use. Alternatively, sharing can be accomplished through a phone call.

Moreover, Shake Launcher integrates with Bixby, Samsung’s intelligent assistant, providing the convenience of voice commands to share your tasks. Simply utter, “Share my task with [recipient’s name],” and Bixby takes care of the rest, ensuring your task reaches its intended recipient effortlessly.

This feature not only enhances the functionality of Shake Launcher but also enriches the connectivity and collaboration among users, making it a versatile tool for both personal and professional use.

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What's new

If you don't understand coding, this update will make no sense and you can ignore it. If you do understand coding, I added broadcast receivers to turn Shake Launcher on or off. The actions that Shake Launcher is listening for are "com.shake.launcher.ON" and "com.shake.launcher.OFF" without the quotation marks.

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